Zilis Review – Useful MLM Program Or Not? [The Bare Facts Uncovered!]

Zilis Natural Hemp Wellness Products is a multi-level marketing opportunity which has been available to everyone on the Internet since the middle of 2015.

But is the hype just a marketing tactic or can the direct sales program really make good profits? I did a hell lot of digging and I managed to come across some rather intriguing details …

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What Is Zilis? – Hemp Products MLM Opportunity

The online business solution seeks to capitalize on the latest trends that follow the legalization of the herb in a number of countries in the northern hemisphere.

Zilis Organic Hemp Products was launched by husband and wife team Steven and Angie Thompson somewhere in the middle of 2015 in Texas. This is the exact point in time when most of the states decided to make marijuana regulations go up in smoke. The couple has vast experience in direct sales, even though some of their endeavors were not as successful as the current MLM program.

Steven Thompson’s professional biography includes the positions of Director of Marketing and Vice President of Sales at several major international companies. He is said to have been the formal leader of over 40,000 employees that were located across 40 different countries. This being said, he was an official direct sales affiliate for Cyberwize which was later re-branded as LiveSmart 360.

The said managed to survive until October 30th, 2015. Thompson had already started the Zilis natural hemp products line by this point. So far, it has been doing fairly well in both marketing- and affiliate-wise.

Most Zilis reviews confirm this fact, stating that the people who are into direct MLM campaigns have managed to profit productively. There is no data indicating that the company is in any way associated with established pyramid schemes. It is as trustworthy as it gets.

CBD Hemp Oil Wellness Products Fact:

Many people still think one-sidedly about hemp-derived goods. The truth is that the infamous plant features two main substances – THC and CBD. While the former (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the one that can give you the munchies, the latter has many beneficial effects. Some of them are anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antiemetic, anxiolytic, and antipsychotic. It is also quite rich in antioxidants. The herb has been known to be used to treat the symptoms of cancer patients, as well as those that suffer from epilepsy, compulsive anxiety, frequent vomiting, nausea, neuroinflammation, and oxidative injury.

Zilis Hemp Oil Products – Are They Worth It?

This MLM solution self-describes itself as being the ‘Amazon of CBD-Based Health & Wellness Products’. This means that it is not the manufacturer of the goods that it markets to the online public, only the platform that launches them. It sells third-party hemp oil products.

Creator and CEO Steven Thompson has stated in an interview that it all occurred to him while he was wondering what he did wrong in his first direct sales business endeavors. He says that he had been doing things backward in the past.

Instead of marketing first-rate products, he focused solely on their online and face-to-face advertising campaigns. Thompson and his wife Angie want to do things right this time and that is why they have chosen the most high-quality natural products that they could find.

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Some of the wellness products that their affiliate marketing program offers are:

  • Zen: Body-shaping goods that give users an electromagnetic energy charge.
  • Vera Life: Same type of wellness products but in liquid form.
  • Common Sense: Figure-sculpting solutions from top manufacturers.
  • 7 Help CBD Oil: Natural hemp-based essential oils that can be applied for skin rejuvenation and refreshment.
  • Clean Machine: Organic goods for people who work out.
  • Wright Family Organic Skin Care: Natural skin care products.
  • Elemental Essential Oils: Directly extracted out of organic plants and herbs.
  • Safe4U Cleaning: Household sanitizing and cleaning products that do no damage to the human body and skin.
  • Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil: This hemp-derived essential oil is one of the main products that the business opportunity markets. It improves the condition of the skin and is intended for direct application.
  • Aleris Skin Care & Cosmetics: Organic skin care goods for people who have a sensitive and allergic upper epidermal layer.
  • Cutting Edge Health & Wellness: Natural wellness products.
  • Ultimate Life Styles Travel: Exotic vacations at discounted prices.

Quick Facts That Users Didn’t Know About The MLM Solution:

1. Steven Thompson got the idea of reselling wellness goods after learning about child malnutrition and economic hardship of the average Jane & Joe.

2. The main CBD oil hemp products offered by the company have so many beneficial substances that they can eradicate child malnutrition.

3. Users can become either a Zilis Ambassador or a Partner.

4. Partners can purchase a $19.99 30-Days Nutritional Pack and sponsor a hungry child for one month.

5. A portion of every dime earned by the company is donated to charity.

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What Does It Take to Become a Zilis Ambassador?

The compensation plans for this multi-level marketing opportunity are quite good if one is willing to contribute to the greater good of society and properly feed the hungry. Available strategies for online money-making are divided into three different earning streams. There are also four wellness packages that affiliates can purchase but their details and prices remain confidential.

More details about them can be acquired by writing to the Affiliate Program support. They happily welcome new members on a daily basis. As we already mentioned, one can also become a Zilis Partner by purchasing the 30-Days Nutritional Pack and give a child proper nutrition for the duration of a single month.

Business opportunity programs allow one to become an Area Ambassadors, Regional Ambassadors, and National Ambassadors. There have been close to no complaints about the way Zilis compensates its representatives.

The money-making streams can be defined as being the following:

  • Retail Commissions: This is the usual MLM opportunity presented to online affiliates. They get paid the difference between the wholesome and the retail prices.
  • MLM Commissions: Such rewards are given to Zilis Ambassadors that can reach a PV (Personal Volume) of 90 every month or purchase a total CBD oil products worth of 60 PV.
  • Direct Recruitment Commissions: It can be said that this is the most lucrative side to being a member of the MLM opportunity. Recruitments can be made for any of the following levels – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Zilis Jeep Bonus:

One of the current promotional offers allows users to win a 4×4 jeep. More information about how one can get a hold of the prize are available on request by writing to the support staff of the organic hemp oil products of the wellness goods distributor.

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Is Zilis a Scam or Legit Online Business Opportunity?

This MLM solution has proven to be quite lucrative and rewarding to anyone who is willing to invest his or her time into it. The hemp oil and organic wellness products that are available for reselling and marketing all stand the test. They are all high-quality goods.

The main problem with the Zilis affiliate program is that it truly does require the full attention of anyone that gets involved with it. First-rate skin care goods are not advertised and sold as easily as their cheaper counterparts. There is a specific niche of clients that are interested in them.

Drawing the line on this digital money-making solution, I have to say that it truly is legit and authentic. The problem is that it may not be a spoon for even cup. It involves a great deal of traveling, getting to know new people, and convincing them to either become a Zilis Ambassador or purchase one of the offered packages.

Steven and Angie Thompson are people who not only want to profit but they wish to help the people and children that are in need. Their company is heavily involved in a lot of charity work and sponsors a ton of programs.

But you can always purchase one of their hemp oil skin care products or an entire package and still do something in this direction.

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My Zilis Hemp Oil Conclusion

The truth is that this online money-making solution is good only for a certain type of people.

If you are my kind of person who doesn’t like to travel for business and prefers to work a couple of hours a day from the comfort of his or her very own home, then I have only one thing to say.

The Internet has a lot more to offer.

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