Yoonla Review – Digital Affiliate Program At Its Best? [The Truth About It!]

Yoonla Digital Lifestyle Program is a CPA-based affiliate program which aims at providing users with legit and reliable ways for them to achieve profits from the sweet comfort of home.

It was launched in September 2016 to a hyped launch campaign. Lots of people have been asking me whether or not they should sign-up for it. As per usual, I started digging around and the following review reflects what I found out.

Before I Start…

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What Is Yoonla? – An Affiliate Marketing Program Overview

Yoonla CPA Affiliate Program was launched by Reno van Boven in September 2016, a little after his previous MLM program – Affiliate App System went out of business. He is also the founder of Auto Affiliate X. Now, the New Zealand based entrepreneur is providing regular people with something he calls the best Digital Lifestyle Platform on the market. The interest in it is significant, therefore, there are many people who want to read some authentic Yoonla reviews. And my goal is to provide you with such.

Yoonla is a free training system that is able to help users learn the basics of CPA (cost per action) and affiliate marketing. It basically uses a capture page and email marketing approach to making money online. Also, it promotes various affiliate products. The main idea of how the system works is that as soon as you sign up for it as a free member, the person who referred you to the program would have earned a commission of between $2 to $5. And this is the commission for CPA that is paid out by Yoonla to the user who has referred you to it.

Finally, you should know that you will need to complete a few easy and simple steps in order to start getting CPA commissions by the business opportunity. Within it, there are 5 steps that you have to go through in order to make the system work.

Let’s Further Explore Yoonla!

So, there are 5 steps that you need to follow in order to get the digital lifestyle platform work at full capacity.

  • Preparation
  • Install Software
  • Digital Setup
  • Automation
  • Traffic Profit Formula

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So, in order for the users of the system to start making money, they will need to have some basic tools. These include: a website domain and hosting, an email autoresponder and landing page software. All these things you can get and set up in the Preparation step.

Here, you will also receive access to a detailed training that will help you set your online tools up. You just need to set them to work together. Basically, for all the following steps you will get assistance so that you will easily complete them. As a result, you will have an advanced fully automated sales funnel with a great potential of generating satisfying profits on autopilot.

The only requirement for you is that you should sign-up for these tools using the Yoonla affiliate links. I need to mention here that the online tools that you have to purchase are not expensive at all. In addition, you will need to have them anyway for this type of online marketing. Finally, signing up with a specific affiliate link will not affect the final cost.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work in Yoonla?

I want to provide users who are not sure what affiliate marketing is or what affiliate links are with some information. This is actually a commonly used method that people apply in order to start earning money only by recommending products and services. And the way that Reno has set up Yoonla is exactly how affiliate marketing should be done. While using this platform, you won’t be spammed with numerous affiliate links but with something that will offer you some real value for free.

You will be given the chance to create a website of your own and to generate users’ information for which you will get paid. The best part is, that the process is absolutely automated thanks to the advanced tools and guidance offered by this platform. The CPA is the other way that will help you increase your profits on a regular basis.

Making Money With Yoonla

The main idea for the people who are working with this platform is to earn affiliate commissions and passive income from the automated funnel that they will have the chance to build. In addition to this, you can also capitalize on the CPA marketing. In other words, you can earn money when someone signs up for Yoonla’s free membership even if they don’t purchase a single thing.

Also, it has to be clear for all the users that what Yoonla is actually paying for are leads, and depending on their quality they will pay you between $2 – $4 per sign-up.

Your website (created and linked to your get responder through the 5 step set-up procedure that you will be walked through) will be the front to capture email subscribers’ information, and your autoresponder will keep track of this information and send a set of email sequence to the subscriber.

Yoonla will provide you with a few templates of emails where you can copy and paste it to your autoresponder. For this activity, you will receive income on autopilot.

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How Much Does It All Cost?

To start with, signing up for Yoonla is 100% free of charge. You don’t need to pay a single thing in order to start using the platform.

As soon as you add everything up, you’re looking at roughly a $50/month investment for the tools (Get Response, Domain and Hosting, and Lead Pages).

Remember, the goal is to earn your money back as quickly as possible so you’re making money, not spending it.

Is Yoonla Legit or a Scam? My Final Verdict!

To tell you the truth, my experience with the online business opportunities has taught me that the market is full of scam programs that are dangerous and misleading. Yoonla is definitely not a scam and this is the good news I have for all my followers.

The greatest advantage of the digital lifestyle platform is that it offers free access. Also, with the guidance and the tools that you can take advantage of, it won’t be difficult for you to start earning consistent profits on a regular basis. Of course, you will need to invest in order to get, but this is absolutely normal.

You might also be wondering if the affiliate marketing sphere is authentic and trustworthy, and I can tell you that it is. Affiliate marketing is not only legit, but it’s the most common method to make money online. This is why I advise all my readers to check this platform.

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Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

It is definitely not. But I can see why many users are concerned about this. Maybe they seem some similar features and this is absolutely normal considering the fact that the main objective here is to make more people become a part of the system.

So, you should not worry about anything as this online business opportunity has nothing to do with any sort of suspicious and unreliable practices. Of course, you will have to make some serious effort to achieve success as there are many things you need to do. In other words, you should be interested in the online marketing affiliate business in order to be able to easily increase your income. The included trainings and tools will help you become a professional in the field, however, you need to be consistent and motivated, otherwise, you won’t manage to achieve any success.

Summarizing My Observations on Yoonla

To conclude, I would like to say that Yoonla definitely looks like a professional and solid business platform that offers access to many interesting and valuable online market tools. You can easily learn how to use them in order to get some amazing profits.

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