Vantel Pearls Review – Discover the Pearly Opportunity

It is only natural that you will be looking for Vantel Pearls reviews like this one since the scam controversies around.

Find out what you can gain from this Multi-Level Marketing opportunity below.

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Vantel Pearls – In The Oyster of Wealth or Not?

The business was established back in the 90s by Joan Hartel Cabral – a real oyster enthusiast that understood the potential of pearls and what a good business opportunity they are. After opening two small shops, the initiative eventually grew to what we see today.

The pearls are said to be genuine. It is understandable that you might ask yourself where do Vantel Pearls come from and whether they are real or fake? They are freshwater, coming from oysters cultivated by farmers with years of traditions in the field.

Oyster Openings

Cabral has turned her fondness of pearls into a show. Oyster openings are often held either online or at home parties, where the cultivated pearls are revealed. The company cultivates 7 colors of pearls, each bearing its own meaning.

Of course, this is still a money-making initiative that generates solid income for its owner. That is why they can afford to donate $2 of each purchase to one of three charitable causes:

  • Breast Cancer Research
  • Cancer Research
  • Domestic Violence Support

This nobleness can attest to the fact that the business opportunity is quite lucrative. But does that apply to everyone who partners with them or is it valid only for the owner? Let’s proceed further, to see what their business revolves around.

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How Does Vantel Pearls Work?

You can join the community by becoming their consultant. You will be then tasked with the job to seek out potential clients, introduce them to the magic of authentic oyster pearls, and sell them one of the products in the product line of Vantel Pearls.

There is a variety that can be enjoyed with this provider of pearl jewelry. You will be the one promoting the options, so you need to know them well:

1. Traditional Ready-Made Jewelry – earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and many more accessories with authentic pearls can be offered to potential clients.

2. Starter Discovery Kit for the Experience – these kits come with a canned personal oyster, a jewel of choice, and a simple instruction on how to open the oyster and how to put it into the jewel.

Compensation Plan & Earnings

When you join the MLM initiative of Vantel Pearls, you effectively become their affiliate. There are several ways in which you will be able to receive commissions and additional payments. The bonuses are performance-based and depend on your personal abilities to sell their products.

There is also a traditional ranking system, typical for every Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity. Vantel Pearls makes no difference. Climbing through the ranks is possible by increasing the quality and quantity exemplified by your performance.

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Here’s what your affiliate journey with them will look like put in the simplest of terms:

1. Qualify for Commissions – there is a rule set in place that in order to start earning commissions from sales of their products, you need to generate $500 minimum in sales during the span of 2 consecutive months.

2. Retail Commissions – you will get a flat commission of $25 for each $100 worth of sales. The rate will vary according to your rank in the ranking system of Vantel Pearls, going as much as 41% per sale.

3. Residual Commissions – these commissions differ from the retail ones by that they are distributed through a unilevel payment system and depend entirely on your rank in the affiliate program, not so much on your performance.

It is very important that qualifying for commissions is a process that cannot be corrupted. Only sales you have made to third parties will count, your own personal purchases are not included in that minimum of $500.

How Can I Become An Affiliate of Vantel Pearls?

In order to join their consultants and earn commissions from direct sales, you need to enroll. You will be personally selected according to your previous experience, motivation, and determination to become part of the team.

Upon initiating a business relationship with the company you will need to purchase a starter pack. Its cost is $99 and will give you the foundation on which to build. In it you will find:

  • Oysters with genuine peals;
  • Authentic jewelry;
  • Business materials to help you get started.

After that, everything will be in your hands. How you can distribute, inform and market the products, it all depends on your commitment, the time you invest and the skills you have in the field of direct sells.

Vantel Pearls Will Pamper You

Having someone as an affiliate does not end with offering them commissions. The people of the company know that and they have found a way to motivate their partners. As part of their consulting team, you will be able to attend unforgettable getaway trips to exotic and luxurious locations, up to 40% discounts on your own purchases, and additional gifts and bonuses depending on your performance.

The Vantel Pearls Scam Claims

There have been a lot of debates on whether or not the company’s products are authentic. But it has managed to build a good reputation for itself thanks to the solid compensation plan and the opportunities their consultants receive.

On the other hand, partners of the company might have a hard time following their terms and conditions. You need to consider carefully whether you are willing to host parties and demonstrations because some of the members are obliged to. Of course, this comes with additional benefits but not many people can afford to host.

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Cracking Wealth Like Cracking Oysters – Is It Worth It?

This is, in fact, a good opportunity to develop your direct-sales skills and entrepreneurial spirit. If you have the determination to dedicate a big portion of your free time and attention to this business opportunity.

I would not say this is a scam but it sure might lead to some complications for the participants. Especially if you fail to meet the qualifications, you will be virtually wasting your time.

Before we part…

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