Traffic Ivy Review


When it comes to driving real quality traffic to your website, the Traffic Ivy system promises to deliver the best.

The whole essence of digital marketing is about getting traffic and converting visitors and viewers into loyal customers. Paid traffic isn’t cheap.

What if you have a system which is able to send tons of real quality traffic to your website for free after subscription? Yes, guaranteed real traffic with track-able clicks is on offer for subscribers to the Traffic Ivy system.

Traffic Ivy Overview

Product Name: Traffic Ivy
Skill: All Levels
Price: $19.97
Niche: All Niches
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30 days Money Back Guarantee

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What is Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy is a brand new system that offers subscribers traffic anytime they choose to. It is a type of collaborative community system with a huge number of network of sites and social media profiles providing the service. To give users maximum benefits, creating an account provides additional bonuses. These include eight surprise bonuses. A breakdown of these shows it has:

  • Weekly Internet-based training workshops that are presented live
  • Software as well as training that helps users turn their traffic into income
  • Six extremely valuable mystery bonuses

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Traffic Ivy also:

  • Offers effective traffic from their huge growing 22 categories networks of blogs all across the globe
  • It is newbie friendly – offers new users real results without the need for any expertise or risk with paid traffic techniques
  • Helps to post content on thousands of active accounts on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Offers community motivated rating system that guarantee only the highest quality and nothing less
  • Helps publications go viral with many people sharing the content on various social media profiles within the huge network in the platform.

How does Traffic Ivy work?

To start enjoying huge tons of traffic from Traffic Ivy is nothing difficult. No rocket science is involved and you don’t need to be tech savvy to do this. You can get started anytime you want even now. It takes just two basic steps that anyone can do and you’re done.

Step 1:

Register an account with Traffic Ivy. Select your traffic point package. That does it and you’re set to go.

Step 2:

Log in and let the administrators know where you want the traffic sent to. Use your traffic points and make a traffic campaign. Do this with the content you want to share.

And just in a few moments, your articles or contents get distributed almost instantly. They’ll have it displayed on their Internet marketplace.

If it happens that you run out of campaign points, the system offers you totally free traffic points. You only need to take a few steps that are extremely simple:

  • Link your sites and social media profile
  • Collect points to share community content or articles
  • Use points you have on targeted traffic to your offers and content



Who is it for?

Traffic Ivy is designed for all who use the Internet for business. It is suitable for bloggers, affiliate marketers, e-commerce business owners, SEO freelancers, local marketers, site owners, newbie digital marketers and many others who need a lot of traffic to run their businesses.

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How much does Traffic Ivy cost?

The cost of Traffic Ivy is available in three different subscription packages:

  • The basic package with 2,000 traffic points costs $19.97
  • The second package with 5,000 traffic points goes for $47
  • The third package with 10,000 traffic points sells for $97

Can Refunds be made?

Yes, a refund can be made. In fact, the company promises a 30-day guarantee for subscribers. If you’re not fully satisfied with what you’re getting from the subscription within 30 days of creating an account, you are free to request a refund.

A 100% refund is on the offer. Customer protection is very important in any transaction and any company that offers such is seen to be genuine.


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Key Features

Traffic Ivy offers many valuable features to give customers good user-experience. Here are some of the key features:

  • A simple newbie-friendly campaign originator
  • Authentic shares that give 100% genuine targeted traffic
  • Major search engine/organic traffic gain
  • Trackable traffic
  • Blogging benefits you’ll get without having a blog
  • 1 click connection
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Complete transparency
  • Community-propelled rating system
  • Featured content to help your campaigns

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Is Traffic Ivy a scam?

Traffic Ivy appears to be an ethical way of driving traffic to a website. It is an innovative method of getting traffic to visit your website.

Since the creators give customers some form of protection in their purchase, the word scam may not be connected with this system and the originators.

It is quite encouraging to see many marketers who have benefited from the system tell their good stories on quality traffic generation.

Traffic Ivy final verdict & conclusion

A good thing about using Traffic Ivy is the quality of the traffic. Unlike the many unethical traffic practices, the technique adopted by Traffic Ivy is comparable to an ethical one where real sources are used. Traffic is driven by real sites and social media profile. The search engines don’t seem to have problems with the type of traffic coming from the system.


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