Top 10 Dropshipping Suppliers


Ecommerce has proven itself lucrative a long time ago. And for that reason, many have tried to join the industry but not as many have found the quick and successful way to do it. Mainly because most people fail at finding the right products to sell.

Ever since the concept of dropshipping was introduced, things have changed dramatically. It is the one business model for e-commerce that does not require you to hold an inventory of products.

And if you want to avoid that or to simply expand your product lists to attract more customers, then dropshipping is where you have to concentrate.

What is Dropshipping in a few words?

Dropshipping as a concept requires you to partner with a wholesaler or a supplier. They are the ones who provide the products and store them in their warehouses until an order has been made.

They are also the ones who organize packaging and shipping directly to your customers.

The best about dropshipping
In this industry, the actual product never passes through you, and you don’t have to bother with logistics.

But there are risks and difficulties you might face when becoming an owner of a dropshipping business, and they are mainly related to finding reputable, reliable, and trustworthy dropshipping suppliers.

From defining your niche to finding suppliers

If you’ve braved the difficulties of defining your niche and positioning yourself on the market, the challenges are not over. You will have to find reliable partners in order to achieve something.

The right dropshipping suppliers can be really hard to find for many reasons:

  • many small vendors are hard to discover due to lack of promotion;
  • many are just scam suppliers that cannot guarantee stock availability;
  • many simply won’t provide the right products for your niche;
  • many will have problems with shipping times or fees;
  • many will try to get out of you a huge fee in exchange for zero results.

But there are those that have been verified as reliable and is safe to turn to them. Some are independent vendors, others are big marketplaces with verified suppliers. You can find both general dropshipping companies, as well as niche ones.

I’ve put together a guide for you to explore in order to easily discover the partners that will best suit your business model and goals.

Best Dropshipping Suppliers

E-commerce like every business has its advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for the dropshipping suppliers you can partner with, but the best among them have made the effort to offer versatile services.

If you make your due diligence, you will most certainly find the solutions that will be right for you. The ones that will spare you the guesswork and a lot of time while putting vendors on trial-and-error tests.

1. SaleHoo Dropshipping

SaleHoo is a vendor directory where you can easily filter and find wholesale suppliers to partner with. Since 2005, it has been one of the most popular communities where dropshippers and wholesalers can meet.


Visit Official SaleHoo Website

It is one of the most versatile research tools and directories you can use to lift your business off the ground. It requires an annual fee of $67 and provides you with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, if you’re unhappy with the services.

To learn more about the features and capabilities of SaleHoo, simply read the full review here

2. Oberlo Shopify App

If you’ve already decided on using Shopify as you online store builder, then your safest bet is using the features and capabilities of the Oberlo App. As a customer of Shopify, you can choose between three options, depending on how big of an enterprise you have at the current moment:

  • Use it for free – if yours is a small enterprise with no more than 50 orders per month and a list of 500 products.
  • $29.90/month – if you are expanding your business and want to be able to automate the execution of up to 5,000 orders on a list of 10,000 products;
  • $79.90/month – for huge enterprises, this plan can support unlimited orders and a product list of 30,000 products.


Visit Official Oberlo Website

Go on and read the full Oberlo review here to learn more important facts and figures about it.

3. AliDropship Plugin

If you’re going to use the WordPress platform optimized through WooCommerce, then AliDropship is the plugin you’re going to want to explore. It is one of the most versatile and powerful solutions for automating your dropshipping business. You can use it to find niche vendors, filter through millions of products shipped from China, and automate order fulfillment.


Visit Official AliDropship Website

You can choose to get only the plugin or contact the team of AliDropship and commission them to build a store for you from scratch, packed with products and ready to launch:

  • Just the Plugin – costs a one-time payment of $89, just install it on your store;
  • A Custom Store – costs a one-time payment of $299 and can grow, depending on your requirements and preferences for additional features.

There’s also a 30-day Money Back Guarantee set in place for your safety and confidence.

To learn all there is of importance to know about the plugin, just read the AliDropship review here for more insights.

4. DropshipMe Plugin

The DropshipMe plugin is a careful selection of more than 50,000 products expanded daily that gives you access to several advantages.

First of all, it is more niche than most directories and marketplaces, given the limited selection of products. Second, it provides you with already optimized products – meaning you can import products to your store’s list with optimized titles and edited photos. Third, you can start for free.


Visit Official DropshipMe Website

That’s right – for free. That is why so many people have chosen the dropshipping supplier for their partner. You can:

  • Import 50 optimized products – for FREE;
  • Import 100 optimized products – for $29 one-time fee;
  • Import 500 optimized products – for $119 one-time fee;
  • Import 1,000 optimized products – for $199 one-time fee.

There are just two drawbacks to consider – the limited product list, which is not necessarily bad, and the lack of refunds, since you can get a lifetime free access to the plugin for 50 products.

5. Dropified App

The app is compatible with a multitude of platforms so you can use it with confidence. The Dropified tool is an automation solution that doesn’t simply help you find reliable wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers.

It gives you access to an extensive list of top-trending products and verified suppliers for which order fulfillment is completely automated and you don’t have to lift a finger once an order is received.


Visit Official Dropified Website

Compared to some other apps that can be used for free with a limited capacity, like DropshipMe and Oberlo, the Dropified app offers a 14-day free trial. Make use of it to see if the solution is right for you. In case you’re happy with the results and capabilities, just upgrade to one of two plans:

  • Builder, $39/month or $468/annually – you can access up to 15,000 products and is a good way to start your enterprise. Up to 1,000 orders per month can be automated.
  • Premier, $97/month or $1,164/anually – you can access up to 50,000 products and use additional optimization and automation features when you decide to expand your enterprise. Up to 100,000 orders can be automated monthly.

To learn how to get refunds and what additional features you can use, read the full Dropified review here

6. WorldWide Brands & Dropshipping

WorldWide Brands is among the most extensive directories for finding dropshipping suppliers and bulk vendors. It gives access to millions of products in every niche. You can also acquire various reports and analyses for competitive products and pricing.


Visit Official WorldWide Brands Website

Their continuously updated list of dropshippers is made with a strict in-house methodology that strives to certify the listed wholesalers and suppliers for reputability and reliability. To start using the huge base of resources they offer, you are required a one-time fee – you can get a discount and sign-up for to $249.

Simply read the full WorldWide Brands review here to get more insights.

7. Wholesale2B & Trending Products

Wholesale2B is an automation and integration system that gives you access to a list of more than 1 million products in different categories. You can use it to integrate products to your store, regardless of the platform you’re going to use for the purpose of dropshipping.


Visit Official Wholesale2B Website

There are dedicated apps for almost all major store platform builders that can help you automate product integration and order fulfillment. The plans for them might vary, but the basic price is of $29.99/month.

You can also sign up for a free account and browse the product list to see if it meets your criteria before you purchase a certain plan.

For more insights and details, simply read the full Wholesale2B review here

8. Inventory Source Suppliers

Inventory Source is a wholesaler integration with a list of 150 suppliers with a great reputation and top-quality trending products. It’s one of the go-to solutions if you have a small enterprise you wish to automate.


Visit Official Inventory Source Website

The software allows for inventory synchronization and product integration. You can do that with any store or e-commerce platform, as well as a marketplace like Amazon and eBay. This is a versatile tool with a user-friendly interface and intuitive application.

Inventory Source offers automation starting from $50/month.

Dropshipping Due Diligence

As per mentioned, you will have to make the choice for yourself and see what solution will suit your business model and goals. But keep in mind that finding the right suppliers and products is the key component for your success.

Making money with dropshipping is not easy. But it doesn’t have to be dishearteningly hard, either. That’s why dropshipping suppliers and directories have become an integral part of anyone’s journey in e-commerce.

Beware of Scams!
You can easily detect when someone’s trying to scam you and doesn’t provide a genuine service. You will notice the poorly made spam website with very limited information, lack of applications to join, and even products that are sold directly to the customer.

Do keep in mind, 1-click integrations, optimized products, trending offers, verified suppliers, and automation of fulfillment processes are only accessible with the help of apps. Do not take them lightly just because you think you can handle all of that yourself. Dropshipping is a bog and such apps can help you swim faster towards success!