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I received a couple of emails advertising SyndBuddy and decided to find out if it is legit.

Below you will find my honest SyndBuddy review.

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Good content and a great website layout will not be of any value if a website doesn’t rank high in SERPs. This is what the creators of SyndBuddy know.

To begin with, you should make your website discoverable. After which, you need to make sure that it reaches the relevant audience and finally, this should convert into improvement in ranking of your website.

Is there a tool that can assist you and make this process simpler? Is it SyndBuddy?

What is SyndBuddy?

Each year, about 94% of organic traffic comes from Google. So the significance of the ranking of your website on Google needs no introduction. If you wish to work on getting a better rank for your site effectively, SyndBuddy offers its services for the purpose.

Developed by Joshua Zamora, SyndBuddy promises to make content syndication simpler. It is developed to improve social media reach because traffic coming from social media helps you increase the ranking of the website on Google.

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How does SyndBuddy work?

To begin with, understand that this is a straightforward tool. Still, I find it questionable if you do not have an expertise in SEO or content syndication, that you would still be able to use the tool. It is not completely beginner-friendly.

Once you create your account in SyndBuddy, you would be able to customize the type of social interactions that you wish to get with the help of the tool.


Who is it for?

Digital marketing is in such a state that you wake up to a new trend every day. Merely 6% of website clicks reach the second page of the search results in Google.

Getting your website ranked high on the first page should be your focus, and SyndBuddy is a tool offered to people like that.

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How much does SyndBuddy cost?

There are three basic options to choose from:

  • The ‘Fully loaded plan’ is currently offered for a one-time price of $197.
  • The ‘Lite plan’ is offered at $147
  • The ‘Plus Plan’ is available at $167

The monthly fee is waived off for a short period, and these plans can all be availed with a one-time payment. Each of these plans comes with free active URLs, starting credits and the feature to unlock unlimited credits. The credit-based system, though, means there will be recurring payments.


Can refunds be made?

Yes. In case you are not satisfied with the tool you can drop an email to the team and initiate a full refund.

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Promised features of SyndBuddy

  • AGENCY Licensing – Syndbuddy has a white-labeling option for Digital Agencies.
  • Universal Campaigns – It can be used for e-commerce websites as well as to raise the ranks of local and affiliate websites.
  • Constant Support – The users who purchase the product are entitled to attend live Q&A session to clear any doubts.
  • Credit-Based System – It is unclear how you can gain credits and use them to purchase more options in the tool. There are likely additional fees.
  • Engagement – Engagement in social media is said to be achieved by real people and not through bots. So you’re promised there’s no risk of being banned due to robot generated likes and views as with other similar tools.
  • Backlinks – As the engagement is real, the backlinks acquired through this tool are supposed to be strong.


Is SyndBuddy a scam?

No. This is a genuine social engagement tool but I cannot say it is user-friendly or the best choice there is on the market. Carefully research your options before proceeding with a purchase, as the price is not something to take lightly.

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SyndBuddy final verdict

Social media marketing is a game changer if you are looking to strengthen your marketing strategy but only when leveraging efficient tools.

The quick delivery of the difference in ranking is what makes good tools stand out from the masses. SEO experts and marketing professionals have other favorite tools.

Whether you would like to focus only on a few social media channels or all of them, at least you will get to choose the list of interactions.

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