Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards – Is There Any Truth To His Ideas?

Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence is a modern theory about the future of the USD and finances in general.

The online money-making program seeks to provide useful information to ordinary people and how they can manage a future crisis.

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Is Jim Rickards For Real? [The Truth Uncovered!]

He is one of the most famous people in the USA today. He is a whole multitude of things. A virtual Jack of all trades. Enter lawyer, public speaker, gold speculator, media spokesperson, author, financial expert Jim Rickards. The strategic investor is most famous for his monthly newsletter ‘Strategic Intelligence’.

The most basic concept of the money-making solution is to serve as both a warning and a comprehensive account of everything that goes on in the global financial and political picture. One of the main ideas around which it revolves is the concept that every big empire has a rise and a fall. His main focus falls on his native country.

Jim considers that the socio-economical structure that has been ruling the world for the last hundred years is about to collapse. People have to be prepared for this event and counter the negative reactions that are yet to happen. Among the great danger that lure around is the fact that the global puppet masters are planning on replacing the USD as a global currency.

This will most likely result in a financial country that will span over several continents. Governments have applied it as a standard for the conduct of trade and exchanges and it has remained stable up until the current moment. When the Financial Monetary Fund decides that it is time to change the status quo and the big banking institutions start emptying their reserves from the currency, disruptions are bound to follow.

What Is The Advice That Jim Rickards Gives In His Newsletter?

The main recommendation that the financial expert gives to his followers is to turn everything into gold. Precious metals are prone to have ups and downs when it comes to value shifts but they are also highly-regarded for their stability. His reasoning for suggesting gold is that every time a major currency collapses, its price starts plummeting. People should start preparing for this impending crisis right now as they will not have time to counteract at the exact moment it happens.

Who Is Jim Rickards? – A Short Review

There are many people who view Jim Rickards as a scam but the reality is that he is quite the real person. Even if his theories so sound far-fetched at times, this does not disqualify the man from pointing out troublesome issues in our society and suggesting how to tackle them. The USD might not collapse overnight but it is prone to devaluation with banks constantly printing new banknotes.

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The man has worked on Wall Street for 35 years. He has a B.A.’s degree with honors from Johns Hopkins University and an M.A. from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in international economics. These are not his only accomplishments in terms of higher education. Jim has a Juris Doctoris from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and an LL.M from New York University School of Law in taxation.

Some skeptics consider the Jim Rickards email newsletters to be a scam. This is not true, even though his strategies and theories might be a bit over-the-top at times. He also has four published books – Currency Wars in 2011, The Death of Money in 2014, The New Case for Gold in 2016, and The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis in 2016.

Main Principles Of Strategic Intelligence:

There are three main postulates to which clients must comply if they wish to keep their finances safe and secure in the event of a future financial crisis. Below follows a short summary of them:

1. Invest at least 10% of all of their capital in gold.

2. Avoid placing your money in shares that might damage your portfolio if you keep them.

3. Members are invited to invest in his IMF currency which is supposed to become the new world standard.

Strategic Intelligence Pros & Cons

Many people consider that there is absolutely no credibility in this man but this is not true. Of course, negative Jim Rickards reviews do have their point as he prompts people to invest in his money-making solution IMF which is supposed to become the new currency that the world is going to embrace.

This sounds just absurd but does not suggest that all of his ideas are bad or ill-founded. The man is simply trying to get regular people to think more about where they are placing their finances. There is nothing shameful in this.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Strategic Intelligence!


  • Users Can Subscribe For A Free Trial Subscription To See If They Like It;
  • The Three Steps To Safeguarding Your Personal funds Are Clear & Simple;
  • Jim Rickards Has More Than 35 Years Of Experience On Wall Street;
  • The Money-Making Program Is Readily Available To Anyone With Internet;
  • The Strategic Intelligence App Is User-Friendly & Easy To Navigate Through;
  • The Annual Subscription Fee Is Quite Low – $80;


  • Make Money From Home Program Is Useless To People Who Do Not Know What Capital Investments Are;
  • Some Of The Supposedly Exclusive Info Is Available For Free On The Web;

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Is Jim Rickards’ Strategic Investment A Scam?

From the information available online about this money-making solution, I can safely assume that it is legit. The man is a prominent and well-respected figure in real life, despite that fact that many people disagree with a smaller or greater portion of his ideas. His advice truly does have the power to help those who wish to secure their personal earnings.

Be it as it may but his theories are not a spoon for every mouth. There are many who totally disagree with his ideas. There are also those who do not wish to invest in IMF. There are those who just like to earn a stable primary or secondary income while sitting in front of the computer. I suggest that all of them Go & Take a Look at My #1 Money-Making Recommendation Here!

Final Thoughts About The Money-Making Program

Jim Rickards and his ‘Strategic Investment’ newsletter campaign are truly authentic and genuine. This is a man that is truly concerned about the financial future of his peers.

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