Store Coach Review

Store Coach was developed by a group of brothers, famously called the Hermansen Brothers. The course is aimed at sharing all the basic details about dropshipping, sharing tips on how to navigate the murky online world. Here, we take a look at what the course entails and whether or not you should buy it.

Store Coach is designed to be used both by advanced entrepreneurs and beginners. If you already have a lot of experience working as a drop shipper, you do not necessarily have to start out with the first videos. However, the challenge is determining the exact place to begin given that the course creators do not clearly give guidance on that. For the beginners, you have no choice than to start out with the very first videos.

The course is designed to literally cover everything. Whether you want to learn about niche determination or tricks to performing effective market research, all that is included. Even store building and customization have been discussed as well as promotion. It may feel as though these are a lot of areas that the course covers.

The only challenge is that in a bid to clear up as many areas as possible regarding dropshipping, the Hermansen Brothers ended up discussing each concept in brief, leaving out some valuable pieces of information.

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The course is offered in two account options. You begin with the free option, which I determined that the videos shared under this account can be freely found on YouTube. The only way you can make the most out of the course is to upgrade to Pro Membership. The Pro Membership account has a money-back guarantee of 14 days.

A genuine money-back guarantee typically goes for 30 days. In so doing, you would have a sufficient amount of time to gauge whether or not the course suits you. Unfortunately, Store Coach appears as though there is something they are hiding.

Thus, they have kept the money-back guarantee period to a minimum. And even if you were to ask for the 100% refund as promised, you are more likely to give up long before they come close to returning your hard earned cash.

There are a number of things that the course promises those who have had the courage to sign up. They include:

  • 13 Chapters training course
  • Worksheets
  • Free access to the private Facebook Group
  • Continued addition to videos
  • E-commerce recommendations
  • Business setup guide
  • Email support
  • Niche blueprint at a discount

It is worth noting that as much as there is the promise of email support, the guys lack an effective customer support system. Thus, an issue logged in today could be addressed after what would feel like a decade. Therefore, it makes no sense for Store Coach to include this as a benefit of its ludicrous premium package.

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Store Coach Chapters Explained

Generally, the course is divided into a total of 13 chapters. Each of these chapters covers topics that are a must-understand if you want to be successful in the dropshipping world. Here is what each entails.

Chapter 1: Choosing the niche

This is perhaps the most important skill you need to have as you set out to become a dropshipper. Before you can sell anything online, you must understand what industry you are going to operate in. That is what is meant by the term ‘niche’.

The essence of this chapter is to provide some kind of guidance on how you can go about niche selection. The course creators discuss the 4 factors which ought to be taken into consideration when picking a niche. They are:

  • Marketability of the niche
  • Market niches to keep off
  • Amount of profit per order
  • Tools for measuring success factors of the niche

Chapter 2: Selecting the store model

With the niche already chosen, the course quickly moves to the next chapter where you have to determine the kind of model you want for your store. The three types of stores discussed in this chapter are:

  • Affiliate product stores
  • Dropship ecommerce
  • Stock and ship ecommerce

The section addresses some relevant questions like available options regarding shipping, store model that is likely to give you a better return, and the differences in the three types of stores.

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Chapter 3: Sourcing products

Just having a store is not enough. Determining the niche in which you will operate does not mean all is done either. What matters is whether or not you have the products which have to be sold on your store. This is the big deal with regards to dropshipping. Under this chapter, one is taken through the steps required to identify potential sellers and get products that are more profitable.

The kind of product sold determines profitability. That is what makes this chapter key. Upon its completion, you will have done the first bit of the whole course and will be ready to move to the next part, which entails the acquisition of customers to sell to.

To my disappointment, I found this element of the course significantly lacking in terms of helping you find the best and trustworthy suppliers.


Chapter 4: Pre-build tasks

In this chapter, the Hermansen Brothers take a look at all that you’re required before you begin building your store. A key task under this chapter is the selection of shopping cart platform.

This could be viewed as the CPU of your store. It is what drives the performance of everything else. Starting with the overall appearance of your store to the management of inventory, no one can underestimate the role played by a shopping cart.

This is a chapter that needs one to pay good attention as it forms the backbone of all you do from here onwards, but I find it poorly outlined.

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Chapter 5: Build Tasks

Here, you are guided through the actual steps of building your online store. The creation of a dropshipping store is not just tied to uploading products. It also involves other facets like making sure that it can take various payment options and having a design that earns customers’ respect.

You will not be able to sell anything if your customers have zero trust in your store. Similarly, it will be hard for you to sell to a certain group of customers if they insist on making payments using a method that you are yet to add to your store.

Chapter 6: Launch Tasks

This chapter guides on the very important sequence of events following launching your store. Even the most expertly designed store is of no value if you are the only person who knows about its existence.

The main purpose of this chapter is to offer tips on how to get your name out there so that you can begin to make money.

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Chapter 7: Web Marketing Strategy

In this chapter, you are introduced to the power of Internet marketing. It is focused on making sure that you are able to see the big picture. Among the things taught here, they touch upon how to market your website and also attract visitors.

Chapter 8: Paid Traffic

The concept of paid advertising is discussed in this chapter. As much getting visitors through organic content is recommended, it reaches a point where you have to advertise to increase the depth of your coverage. PPC advertising is a must-know concept for any drop shipper. That is explained in this chapter.

Chapter 9: Organic Traffic

As stated above, getting organic traffic is one of the best things that can ever happen to your online store. The kind of customers obtained via this method are bound to become loyal as long as you continue meeting their needs to the utmost satisfaction.

Chapter 10: Direct Traffic

Who does not love free stuff? Chapter 10 teaches how you can get free direct traffic to your ecommerce website. This is a kind of traffic which complements what paid and organic traffic have accomplished.


Chapter 11: Maximize Profits

Once you have the store up and running, and that it is bringing home the much-needed traffic, you need to make the most profit possible. Under Chapter 11, you will be taught the 2 factors to keep in mind for maximum profit. The chapter tackles profit per order and conversion rate.

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Chapter 12: Store operations

You need to have a better grasp of the day-to-day operations of your store. That is taken care of in Chapter 12. The chapter explains some of the common mistakes made by business owners and shares tips on how they can be avoided.

Chapter 13: Sell your store?

In this final bit of the course, it is assumed that you have everything in place. Your store looks amazing and is able to drive in traffic. Now, a bigger question emerges – should you or should you not sell the store? This and many more questions are answered.


This is a course not worth buying. Yes, it has so many chapters and you may have developed an interest because it appears to cover many details. However, that is far away from the truth.

The reality of the matter is that these many chapters are shallow and have little to not so helpful information. They would have been better of just combining the whole thing into some 5 to 6 chapters.

I have been in the ecommerce world for a long time and this course does not stand out to be some of the best I have come across. You can actually get a better course at a better price elsewhere.

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