Should You Get Freedom Checks?

If you are wondering what are Freedom Checks and are they worth getting, this review is the right place to be. Get your answer on whether Freedom Checks are scam and consider if there isn’t a better way to make money online.

Matt Badiali is at the helm of the Freedom Checks initiative and he introduces them as dividends. Read further to learn more.

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So What Are Freedom Checks Exactly?

If you have an interest in this field of opportunity, you have probably already roamed the Internet for a simple and straightforward explanation. The fact is that this is more of a brand name. Matt Badiali is an investment guru who came up with it.

You probably have read dozens of Freedom Checks reviews that try to explain how to benefit from this opportunity and what are its advantages. But there is still a significant amount of confusion regarding Badiali’s offer. Mainly because it does not become clear from the start whether he is the one offering said checks.

To put it in a few simple words, Freedom Checks are a type of dividend. They are offered by two types of companies, which are virtually exempt from paying corporate tax:

  • Master Limited Partnerships – a limited partnership company traded publicly, they have attractive yields and emerge from slow-growth steady-cash-generating industries. You can buy units of their publicly traded shares and become a limited partner, eligible to receive distributions from the company’s cash flows.
  • Royalty Trusts – the only reason for these corporations to exist is to act as owners of mineral rights on wells, mines, and similar properties. Their only obligation is to distribute dividends to partners and pass through 90% of the company’s cash flows.

For someone who has no knowledge of business or corporate experience, these types of companies may sound strange and confusing. Also, the process of acquiring units of shares, the so-called Freedom Checks that will pay off dividends, can be mind-boggling if this is your first time coming across them.

Some Glossary

Mineral rights are the rights to exploit the natural resources of a mine, a well, or something similar.

Who Is Matt Badiali?

Badiali is considered to be an expert in multiple industries, including energy, agriculture, and mining. He has been involved with natural resources for more than twenty years now and he has also taught classes in various universities across the United States.

Matt Badiali is focused on companies that deal with the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas products. His extensive experience in these industries is said to have helped him discover those companies that offer the best US freedom checks.

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What Does Badiali Offer?

If you are interested in receiving distributions or dividends from these quite exotic and sometimes confusing assets, you are urged to subscribe for Badiali’s newsletter. In return for that subscription, you will receive information on which companies to focus on. You are promised the chance to get a piece of the $34.6-billion market formed by the companies in the business with natural resources.

In other words, you will receive professional guidance on which MLPs to choose and how to acquire your units of publicly traded shares. In addition to that, you will be eligible to receive the following reports, which reveal his top investment picks:

  • The $34.6 Billion Payout – the report contains the profiles of five lucrative companies and how to get started with their freedom checks with as little as $10, building a dividend portfolio of up to 44 checks.
  • The Mining Coup of the Millennium – it covers the profit potential of a huge mining company and the forecast growth you can expect if you buy into their shares.
  • Magic” Metal Riches – explores how a scarce good, a metal, can reveal a potential growth of 3,000%.

You are promised that the reports will reveal to you mouth-watering profit opportunities you should not pass one.

Are You a Client of Freedom Checks or Do You Buy Them?

This is where the controversy begins. Some have called Freedom Checks scam initiative because it is not completely straightforward with its offer. You have probably thought that by signing up for it, you are virtually buying a freedom check. In fact, you are not.

This is a subscription newsletter, that will also feature the following things:

  • Access to his own portfolio as an example;
  • Weekly updates about your opportunities and the state of the market;
  • Trading alerts when to buy and when to sell your assets;
  • Monthly briefing to give you insight into the different industries;
  • 24/7 website access to a members-only platform;
  • Dedicated customer support assistance.

And that is it. This is not little for subscribing to the Real Wealth Strategist of the Freedom Checks initiative.

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Subscription Plans & Payment

In order to receive all of this, you will have to choose a subscription plan. It is not free to gain from the entrepreneurial wisdom of Matt Badiali. Here are your annual options:

  • Standard Subscription – for $47 a year, it comes with a digital subscription for the Real Wealth Strategist;
  • Deluxe Subscription – for $129 a year, you can receive a print subscription to the Real Wealth Strategist;
  • Premium Subscription – at a discount for $79 a year, instead of $496, you will get three additional bonus reports.

Keep in mind that once you subscribe, you will be included into an automatic-renewal feature. This means that your card will be charged at a different rate to renew your subscription automatically. You have to manually opt out if you do not wish to receive any more materials, updates, and alerts.

Freedom Checks – Scam or Profitable?

Like it was already pointed out, the initiative of Matt Badiali has been called a scam because it does not provide you with actual assets but just an extensive guide on how to acquire them. Some have argued that the whole promotion of the service is misleading.

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But the asset itself, the so-called freedom checks do exist and are completely legit to acquire and trade. There could be some difficulties with the process itself, especially if you are a newbie and lack knowledge of the MLPs industries. But this is one legit way of making money on the side.

The only more serious problem that might arise from acquiring freedom checks, is the requirement that the company should generate 90% of its profits from producing, processing, storing, and transporting natural resources. And if it does not, it is not going to qualify for tax, cuts and you might not receive what you have been promised.

Before we part…

Even though this is a legit way to make money and there is some worth to learning all there is to know about this method, I am of the opinion that there are easier and more sustainable ways of making money online.

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