Prime Time Profits Review – The Next MLM Scam Or Not? [A Quick Overview]

Prime Time Profits is a multi-level marketing company.

It has a very aggressive online advertising campaign and users have been sharing information about it on social networks like crazy.

I decided to look into it and here is My Shocking Prime Time Profits Review!

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Prime Time Profits Overview – What’s The MLM Solution About?

Let us begin by describing this money-making system as an online income-generating solution. The digital app’s website claims that anyone can make $500 and more every day if they follow the simple steps and guidelines explained in the promotional video. All of this is supposed to be made available to the client for free.

It operates in a similar way to other network marketing and digital income sources like Fisher Investments, Survey Junkie, and Yoonla. The latter is probably the one that is closest in operational principles. But while those network marketing solutions are actually legit and authentic, this one does not appear to be anything than the regular MLM scam that we are tired of seeing.

The advertising clip on the official website states that the client who has landed there has received a personal recommendation or invitation from a close friend or the creator himself. This makes you one the very fortunate few who can secure a costless spot for the digital investment solution.

What not many people know about it is that there are no limits. Anyone can register at any given moment. This is just one of those marketing tricks that founders of such money-making systems use in a desperate attempt to attract more clients into registering.

The narrator of the video does his best to convince the viewer that he or she is extremely lucky and will learn a lot of allegedly secret techniques of how to capitalize and squeeze cash out of nowhere. But a closer look at the facts displayed in most legit Prime Time Profits reviews that the online income solution requires an initial deposit and is not actually free.

One of the techniques that the creators use is to make the potential client feel special and be prompted to sign-up. Afterward, they ask for a small sum to get him or her started. In the end, only the founders get some kind of earnings and the user is left to pick up whatever is left of his or her dignity and try another digital money-making system, hoping that it’s going to be trustworthy.

The Prime Time Profits Black Box:

One of the things that visitors should always try and stay wary when approaching such affiliate marketing solutions is when they promise that the client will get paid for doing nothing. As much as it would have been wonderful for such a money-making system to exist, there are none. Users will always have to get some kind of work done if they wish to accumulate something in return. This is just how the world works. The people behind Prime Time Profits System state that their MLM program is like a virtual ‘black box’. One just has to click on it and one will get $500 (or 180,000 annually) in return. But this is not true.

Are There Any Prime Time Profits Products To Sell?

This multi-level marketing company does not have any products that clients can purchase. If one decides to opt for it and registers, he or she will just have to click on a button from time to time. This is the above-mentioned ‘switch’ of the black box that accumulates earnings on a daily basis.

There is no further explanation as to its proper functionality, nor what does it do exactly. The best guess in such a scenario would be that profits are generated via the spreading of Internet traffic and online advertisements. Since the creators of the income-generating system refuse to explain exactly how it functions, this is a shot in the dark.

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How Is The Prime Time Profits Compensation Plan?

The online income-accumulating solution is not like other popular MLM solutions. Not only are there no products to sell and the only job for the user is to click a button from time to time. There is also no compensation plan.

Clients can exceed further up the company’s ladder by becoming active affiliates. Meaning that they will have to scout for digital traffic sources that lead more and more clients towards the home income solution. But this suggests that they have to have good connections among popular virtual marketing websites.

What Is The Price Of Joining Prime Time Profits?

The cost for signing up for this affiliate marketing program varies, depending on what the client’s intentions are. It can be anywhere between $47 and $97 for those who wish to click a button all day and those who wish to search for alternative Internet traffic sources. While the price tag is not as hefty as for the starter kits of some other digital income solutions, it is definitely not free as is suggested in the promotional clip. Which means that actual founders use false claims in order to attract more clients. This is never a good sign regarding the scam or legit status of any MLM program that claims it can achieve a good primary or secondary income for anyone.

Are The Rumors True? – Is Prime Time Profits System a Scam Or Not?

Most online traffic solutions that fall under my radar happen to be legitimate and reliable income-generating programs. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything positive to say about the present one. Nobody hands out money in exchange for nothing.

Even other Prime Time Profits reviews that I’ve stumbled upon on the Internet are not very impressed with the results it gives. Not to mention that I couldn’t find any positive user testimonials and feedback. All of them were dissatisfied and complaining about how they wasted their earnings for nothing.

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Affiliate Marketing Solution Conclusion

The ongoing rumors that this online money-making program is a scam are the truth.

It is best for potential clients to stay as far away from it as is possible.

There are practically no chances that it will achieve anything.

The best thing that I can do is tell you that not every digital income source is like this.

I opted for the best possible one and I am currently making about 100K every 6 months.

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