Pixel Scout Review


There are high chances that you may have heard of Pixel Scout from more than just two people. That’s because this client prospecting software has such a high reputation and has been greatly introduced to the market.

There are many individuals who have used it, loved the results, and decided to spread the word about it, after the initial launching phase. And what they have to share is awesome!

It is used by both SEO and Facebook advertising experts and makes it possible to scan through sites on Yellow Pages and Google, going through vital indicators like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, SSL, and Schema.

By scanning these sites, the tool determines whether or not they have a Facebook Pixel. Those that do not have basically implies that they are not re-targeting, meaning they are leaving out tons in returns.

These businesses can be contacted and sold Facebook re-targeting. PixelScout locates the businesses and their contact information.

Pixel Scout OVERVIEW

Product Name: Pixel Scout
Skill: All Levels
Price: $47
Niche: Social Media Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Homepage: www.pixelscout.io

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What is Pixel Scout?

PixelScout is a client prospecting software for both Facebook and advertising gurus which promises to change the status quo. As an additional package, it provides you with a full Facebook advertising course.

With this program, you are able to scan through websites in Yellow Pages and Google in a matter of seconds, yielding useful indicators.

Having obtained the necessary information, you can make use of the software’s automated reporting tool and email system to get in touch with business owners. You could regard this as being a client prospecting program on steroids. Its effectiveness is mesmerizing, no wonder many have been quick to adopt it.

Developed by the guys who have created numerous profitable tools, this is a software solution worth your time. It has been designed to work efficiently and at no time has it failed in its mandate. As a matter of fact, the creators guarantee a 99.9% effectiveness.

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The three brilliant minds behind PixelScout are Todd, Dino, and Herc. Their level of expertise and dedication to their course is incredible. They combine the abilities, knowledge, and expertise in software development and Facebook marketing. Their skills – sharpened. To provide you with client-landing software.

Dino Gomez is the Facebook guru we all need. With 8 years of experience maneuvering the online world, Dino has established a name for himself in several niches including SEO training, digital marketing, and Facebook ads. He is the mastermind behind PixelScout solution.

These guys have helped hundreds of people across the globe reach out to businesses and offer them their services. If you are into Facebook marketing and to grow yourself into an expert, gaining a large client base, PixelScout is one of the best resources that can enable you to do that.

If you are the kind of person who likes to make money online, this is a piece of software which would work perfectly for you.

How does Pixel Scout work?

You do not require any technical knowledge to make money from PixelScout. Simply visit the main website, and locate the signup page. Input your full names and email address.

If you’ve liked what you see, once you purchase the product, you will get immediate access.
Once you have bought the tool, its working process is pretty straightforward:

  • Scan thousands of websites
  • Generate relevant reports about the presence of a Facebook Pixel
  • Send out outreach emails
  • Land numerous clients.

The good thing about this tool is that these emails can be sent directly from PixelScout.

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Who is the tool made for?

PixelScout is for anyone who is serious about making money online and discovering new clients. There are two ways you can make money from the software. The way to make money with this tool is quite straightforward.

Many online businesses lack a Facebook Pixel and fail to apply a profitable Facebook marketing strategy. If this is your field and forte, with the tool you can discover them and offer them your services.

Everyone has to leverage social media marketing because this leads to higher conversions. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about Facebook advertising. You get access to a comprehensive and extensive course that can turn you into the Facebook marketer your prospective clients need.

With PixelScout, you get:

  • powerful analytical tool;
  • Facebook pixel analyses;
  • training videos on how FB advertising works.

Use the tool to scan various websites that haven’t taken advantage of re-targeting. Contact the business owners and explore this outstanding opportunity to make some good returns and launch your business as a marketer.

How much does Pixel Scout cost?

The promotional price of PixelScout is $47. This is a small amount considering the benefits that you are going to get out of it.

For those who would like a tool with more options, then you should consider upgrading to PixelScout Pro for $97.

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Can refunds be made?

Yes, refunds can be made. PixelScout has a 30-day refund policy. When you initiate a refund request, the team will ask you to provide more information as to why you are requesting a refund.

The information is meant to gauge whether they can solve your problem before the refund request is executed. If your mind is made up about getting the refund, the information would still be helpful in tackling future problems and improving the work of the software.

For you to get the refund, be sure to provide a support ticket. The ticket has to capture the following details:

  • The product you bought
  • Receipt of the purchase
  • The date the purchase was made
  • Why you want the refund

Upon a successful request, it will take about 5 business days for the refund to be honored. PixelScout processes all refunds via the merchant provider through whom the purchase was made.

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Key Features

You have every reason to be a part of PixelScout. The following are some of the key features that make this program to stand out.

  • Automated Report Generation – Get instant automatic reports which could be customized to meet the needs of specific clients.
  • Facebook Pixel Check – Scan thousands of Google websites in a matter of minutes and determine if they have installed a pixel.
  • Yellow Pages Search – Scan thousands of websites and generate audit report in an instant.
  • OpenGraph Check – Scan thousands of websites and determine if they have SEO markup.
  • Google Analytics Check – Scan thousands of websites and determine if they have installed Google Analytics.
  • Email Integration – Directly send emails to chosen clients via a preferred email provider like SMTP, Microsoft, and Gmail.
  • SSL Check – Scan thousands of websites and determine if they have installed SSL Certificate.
  • Effective Email Outreach Templates – Use any of PixelScout’s proven email templates to send emails directly from the software.
  • Google Adwords check – Scan thousands of Google websites and determine if they have installed Facebook pixel.
  • Global Search Filters – Obtain a list of prospects then filter them directly from the software.
  • Software Training – The software includes thoroughly prepared videos explaining its working and how you would benefit.

PixelScout is a great platform. It presents you with an opportunity to generate steady cash from the comfort of your room. You do not have to quit your daily job for you to enjoy the many benefits that it promises.

Furthermore, there is no requirement for technical skills. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, feel free to check its many integrated videos explaining how to proceed.

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Is Pixel Scout a scam?

Definitely NOT. You can easily smell a scam miles away. With PixelScout, everything is designed to operate from a genuine perspective. The business model itself is self-sustainable because it allows for more business owners to be brought on board.

The more the business owners come in, the more the returns you’ll be making. The fact that there are millions of websites which do not use re-targeting means you have a wide scope to cover. There is something for everyone.

Pixel Scout final verdict & conclusion

PixelScout is a great deal worth making an investment in. It is not only provided at the best price ever but also has zero risks. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can make all manner of experimentations with the software without worries.

You are sure to be satisfied immediately with your PixelScout purchase. If all does not work for whatever reasons, just write to the team and your funds shall be refunded. Try it today. You will not regret.


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