WorldWide Brands Review


WorldWide Brands is one of the most popular supplier directories you can use out there. It has been around way before dropshipping became such a big hit among ordinary people. And it will be around long after people find a new mania.

Why? Because it is one of the most insightful and useful resources you can use when setting up your e-commerce business.

The directory solves one very important challenge for all dropshippers out there. The greatest problem you might encounter in this business is partnering with unreliable suppliers.

That’s why the choice of suppliers matters so much. But not always we can make a reasonable decision and factor in all aspects. For that reason, supplier directories like WorldWide Brands have such importance.


WorldWide Brands OVERVIEW

Product Name: WorldWide Brands
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $249 with a discount
Niche: Dropshipping
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What does WorldWide Brands offer?

The supplier directory has its own quality factors and provides you access to approved and acclaimed wholesalers. Thanks to their own methodology, they can provide you with WBI Certified partners to choose from.

This has been made a top priority for the creators of the directory and they’ve stuck to carefully examining suppliers before adding them. Yet, new ones are added every day, and you can grow your variety of products constantly.

How does the Directory work?

If you intend to start dropshipping and you’re certain that e-commerce is your field, you need a reliable directory and sources. For a one-time fee, you get access to their extensive members’ area. This is where:

  • you can see the newest suppliers added;
  • you can search by product type or even brand;
  • you can specify the type of vendor to suit your needs;
  • you can read and request product analyses to find the best.

Once you’ve selected a vendor answering your requirements, simply fill out the form on their page to set up your account with them. And you’re set. Now you can promote and sell their product on your online store.


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It doesn’t matter if your shop is going to be more niche-oriented or not. The directory can guide you to suppliers and products that span throughout all major categories. And even some minor ones.

Who can benefit from WorldWide Brands?

As you already guess, this is a great source of vendors for people who want to pick up dropshipping and e-commerce. Especially, if you’re a beginner and you don’t have a good idea how to find reliable suppliers and stay on the safe side of dropshipping.

Price & Refunds of WorldWide Brands

As mentioned, to use the whole trove of resources and insights of the directory, you have to make a one-time payment in return for lifetime access.

Get a Discount
Now, you can access the directory for the discounted price of $249, along with all of its resources, features, and benefits.

If you’re not happy with what you see, or for some reason you don’t find the directory useful, you can request a refund. There is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Make yourself acquainted with the refund policy of the directory and be confident that your investment will not go in vain.


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(No Hidden Fees or Taxes)

Key Features & Additional Benefits

There is a list of reasons why this directory is a good way to start in order to find your suppliers:

  • no recurring fees;
  • no monthly payments;
  • no mediators and middleman-fees;
  • access to products at wholesale prices;
  • numerous types of approved wholesale suppliers;
  • millions of verified products to choose from;
  • additional training courses, guides, and e-books;
  • constant reliable support.

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There is a good reason why this is one of the most preferred online supplier directories. People from all over the world base their ecommerce and dropshipping businesses around it.

Regardless if you intend to dropship or keep an inventory for yourself, you can find everything you need here. Including discounts for volumes.

Is WorldWide Brands scam or safe?

There is a ton of evidence supporting the reliability and safety of this directory. And even if for a moment you lose conviction that you’ve made the right choice, you can request your money back.

Thousands of people use it as their main source of vendors. And even though there are numerous alternatives, this is one of the best and most extensive directories you can find.

Overall Conclusion

The WorldWide Brands is not a scam supplier directory. On the contrary, you will be able to benefit greatly from what it can provide you with. It is no surprise that so many e-commerce owners use its services.

You will always be up to date with the latest trending products, popular vendors, and deals. But most importantly, you can rely on their verification process, to be sure that the suppliers you contact are reliable. With just one single payment.


Octosuite Review


The Octosuite system is one of these automated solutions that have proven to be of great help when it comes to optimizing your social media marketing. Many beginners or people with limited experience have believed that if you are present on social media, the gates to sales and customers are open.

This is not necessarily the case. Social Media, especially Facebook, is brimming with information and promotions. People are jaded by the huge amount of content, often boring or irrelevant, they get thrown in their faces.

And if you’ve failed to take that into consideration, the content you produce for them will rarely be relevant or engaging, leading to the failure of your social media marketing strategy. This is where the Octosuite solution by Luke Maguire comes in.


Octosuite OVERVIEW

Product Name: Octosuite
Skill: All Levels
Price: $27 – $47
Niche: Facebook & Social Media Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, 60-Day Double Your Money

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What is Octosuite?

We’ve already talked about Luke Maguire in terms of his Inboxr chat-bot solution. This is yet another automation tool for improving your online marketing performance, attracting more visitors and turning them into customers for your offers, products, and services via social media. Specifically – Facebook.

The system allows you to automatically publish or schedule content for multiple pages, you’ve created, or groups you’re part of, constantly engaging with potential and current customers with one click.

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How does Octosuite Work?

Once you purchase the system and log into the dashboard, you can search by keyword, regarding your niche, viral or trending content on multiple social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. You can categorize results by most viral, most liked, and most recent. After that, it takes a couple of clicks:

  • Select the content you like;
  • Edit its description accordingly to match your brand;
  • Share or bulk schedule for multiple pages or groups.

The best part is that all of the user-generated content is available in one place. You won’t have to waste time browsing and wondering what would work to engage your customers.

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Additional VIP Training

If you’re not sure how exactly things will turn you, you can always get Luke Maguire’s personal VIP training course. It is a compilation of resources and insights that will show you the ropes of:

  • how to set up content campaigns like Luke Maguire;
  • how to set up cheap Facebook ads with relevant content;
  • how to one-click join and exploit the opportunities of Facebook groups.

You can order it with or without the Octosuite system for just $37 and a Money-Back Guarantee to simply get the valuable insights. But if you take them both, you will be able to apply the training to the system and optimize your strategy completely.


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Who is this system suitable for?

If you’re an online marketer with your own business or striving to optimize the results of your customers, the Octosuite is for you. It is easy to use and understand, and gives the power of automating social media marketing in your hands.

It helps you spare yourself lots of time wandering around the vast world of social media, and making one mistake after the other.

What is the Price of Octosuite?

If you’re ready to establish some social media management over your operations, you can choose between three subscription plans:

  • Lite Edition – $27/year with the most simple capabilities;
  • Basic Editions – $37/year with some additional features;
  • Ocean Edition – $47 One-time fee with everything you’d need to optimize your social media marketing.


Can I refund my purchase?

Of course, you can. And this is where it gets interesting. If you want your money back, you can do it within 14 Days of purchase. But if you stick with Luke Maguire and his team for 60 Days and you still have generated zero results for your business, he will double your money upon refunding them.

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Advantages & Benefits of the Octosuite

Apart from acquiring this powerful automation software for Facebook marketing, you will receive four additional bonuses to your purchase:

1. invite-all software – it allows you to invite anyone who’s interacted with your post to like your page with a single click, no need to invite every one personally;
2. analyses & insights – gain insights and competitor analyses to understand where you stand compared to the intense competition;
3. font changer – to help you stand out among comments and posts with unique fonts for your written content;
4. access to a VIP group – join Luke Maguire and a group of other marketers, both professionals and beginners, to discuss results, gain insights, and know-how.

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Is Octosuite scam or safe?

There are numerous reviews online and predominantly positive feedback about the system so I can only tell you that this is one reliable automation tool. To add to that, you can make use of the available Money Back Guarantee, so that you won’t have to worry about your investment.

Overall Conclusion

Online marketing develops at an incredible speed. But so do social platforms. They are saturated with content, and it might prove a challenge to grab people’s attention. For that reason, solutions for automation like the Octosuite have proven to be a great way to optimize social media marketing strategies.


Secret Millionaire Bot Review


The Secret Millionaire Bot by Charles Allen is one of the many available tools and resources that guide you through the jungle of online marketing and online entrepreneurship. If you’re a complete beginner and know nothing about affiliate marketing, this is one of the places to start.

There are dozens of similar resources, systems, and guides, the question is, which of them work? And does the Secret Millionaire Bot has any sort of benefit for you or not really? The following review will give a better idea of how you can apply it and take advantage of the presented opportunities.


Secret Millionaire Bot OVERVIEW

Product Name: Secret Millionaire Bot
Skill: All Levels
Price: $37
Niche: Affiliate Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is the system all about?

The digital product is the result of years of experience and insights. It is developed and optimized by a team of professional digital marketers, statisticians, and programmers. It’s aimed at beginners and is supposed to take you step by step through the whole world of affiliate marketing.

In other words, it has been made user-friendly, easy to apply, and very comprehensive. It might come off too basic for people with more experience, though.

How does the Secret Millionaire Bot work?

The main advantage of the system is that it allows you to work from the comfort of your home. Its main continuous task is to discover lucrative opportunities and offers online which you can later on affiliate for and gain commissions from.

Meaning, you will not only be taught the ropes of affiliate marketing. You will be able to directly choose offers to promote, instead of digging them out on your own. The whole process is virtually automated and there are very few settings required of you to do to set up and launch.

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Who can take advantage of the system?

There are no limitations to who can use and apply the knowledge and resources concentrated in this system. Especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about affiliate marketing but want to start out in the industry.


Secret Millionaire Bot Price & Refunds

To get the strategies, methods, and insights featured in Charles Allen’s system, there is a one-time fee only. It costs $37, and you also have a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee added to the deal. Meaning, you can purchase confidently, knowing you can get your investment back if you’re dissatisfied with the results. Or even if you eventually decide that affiliate marketing is not for you.

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Pros & Cons of the System

There are good reasons to choose such a solution to start out in the affiliate marketing field. Even if you have some experience, systems like that can really help you get some valuable insights.


  • comprehensive & extensive;
  • works almost automatically;
  • requires a little to no knowledge;
  • allows for a refund.


  • might be too basic for professionals.

Isn’t Secret Millionaire Bot a Scam?

It is natural to be concerned about that possibility since so many people offer fake resources and tools out there. That’s why, whenever I browse for useful solutions, I make sure they have enough credibility and a Money Back Guarantee set in place.

I have come to find that both stand true about this affiliate marketing system. A long list of positive reviews and feedback from people who’ve tried it out add further to my opinion that the Secret Millionaire Bot is not a scam.

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Overall Conclusion

Charles Allen introduced to the online business world a solution that can be found quite useful by beginners. Comprehensive materials, extensive strategies which are easy to apply, and an algorithm that can discover lucrative opportunities online are just part of the deal you can cut by purchasing this solution. My investigation into it has made me reach the conclusion in this review that the Secret Millionaire Bot is not a scam solution, and I’m recommending it for that reason.