Pure Haven Essentials Review – Is There Truth to The Fuss?

Pure Haven Essentials Cosmetics – the Internet has been buzzing a lot about this money-making solution lately so I decided to inspect it for what it’s worth.

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Is Pure Haven Essentials The Dream Skin Care?

This hair, body, and skin care company manufactures different types of organic natural oils, day and night creams, body, and foot lotions, and many other different goods. The firm even has their very own line of soaps, candles, baby products, and pet balms, sprays, and odor reducers.

Some people might find that something about the cosmetics manufacturer rings familiar. And they won’t be wrong! The all-natural body care line was previously known as the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic brand.

A scandal that unfolded in early 2015 proved that the allegedly organic soap the firm was producing and exporting was nothing more than regular soap which contained all harmful ingredients. Ava, who was then in her late teens, claimed that she and her family had been victims of both online and offline harassment.

This prompted them to leave the company and begin designing and manufacturing Pure Haven Essentials products. Their past reputation, however, continues to cast a shadow over their ongoing projects. Since no tests have been performed so far, it is impossible to determine whether or not they may have a detrimental effect on the human health or not.

Did You Know?

The Ava Anderson Non-Toxic line of cosmetics was launched in 2009 when Ava was just 15-years old. She was assisted in the production of the beauty products by her parents and family members. While still a teenager, she appeared in a lot of promotional tours and interviews, criticizing the fact that most of the contemporary makeup was either tested on animals or featured harmful chemical substances in their list of ingredients. At the height of the popularity of the brand, it employed more than 12,000 consultants.

Pure Haven Essentials Product Review – Are They Really All-Natural?

Ava and her family members claimed that their previous company’s collapse was due to the fact that they were lied to by their subcontractors. The new enterprise is supposed to correct this mistake. All goods are advertised as being completely free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial dyes, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and other possibly harmful chemical compounds.

The most popular product lines include soap, body wash, and different lotions. The Pure Haven Essentials website even features a special page that seeks to inform the end client of all the possible dangers hidden in mainstream cosmetics. It provides specific terminology and explanations as to what exactly does the said mean.

There is a total of ten different product categories which address the needs of the different types of users. Their main target audience is in their early 20s to those in their late 40s. A specific line is also focused on young families with babies and individuals who own pets. They basically wish to encompass all age groups.

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There is an extended variety of body maintenance goods, including a Pure Body Haven deodorant. Some of the cosmetic products are quite similar to those offered by the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic brand, while others are completely new and original.

Another promising factor about the new body care line is that it is FDA-certified which the family’s previous cosmetic company was not. At least, the makeup goods are getting reviewed by a board of experts. Which should have been done with their past brand, as well.

Let’s inspect them a little bit closer:

  1. Skin Essentials: Includes exfoliators, skin cleansers, toners, sugar lip scrubs, moisturizers, and 4-Piece Skin Essentials Set.

  2. Body Essentials: Features toothpaste, set of 3 bar soaps, a deodorant, Pink Grapefruit Scrub, and a shower gel.

  3. Hair Essentials: Offers a conditioner, anti-frizz, shampoo, detangler, and a styling cream.

  4. Baby Essentials: Provides a baby cream, powder, body and massage lotion, wash, and shampoo.

  5. Kid’s Essentials: Includes a shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, boo stick, body and massage lotion, and a Monster Spray that comes along with a sprayer.

  6. Home Essentials: Offers a surface cleaner with sprayer, scrubbing cleanser, Master Blaster with a sprayer, glass cleaner refill, and a dish soap.

  7. Men’s Essentials: There are not many skin and body care products offered in this category, just the beard balm, aftershave, and a moisturizer.

  8. Face Essentials: Features a tinted moisturizer, cheeky color stick, mascara, cheeky bronzer, and a lip gloss.

  9. Oil Essentials: This category consists mainly of essential oil byproducts, including jojoba oil, oregano essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and a peppermint essential oil.

  10. Spa Essentials: There are in-the-shower goods – a lavender bath soak, germanium body oil, lemon sugar scrub, and the pink grapefruit scrub.

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Affiliate Program Compensation Plan & Rewards

So far, most of the Pure Haven Essentials reviews have been positive. But what about the company’s affiliates? What are the conditions that they operate under? Are they satisfied by what they earn on a monthly basis?

The makeup business opportunity rewards its affiliates by granting them a commission for successfully marketing their products directly to retailers. Another way to earn money online is by recruiting more people to become partners and resellers.

Possible the strongest part about the business affiliates of this MLM opportunity is the fact that it pays on a weekly basis. There have been no testimonials that report about any delay in the transfer of earnings. In this line of thought, most of the employees feel content and satisfied.

A commission of 30% is given to the marketer for the total of their personal sales which are less than $1,000. At the end of the calendar month, another 50% get transferred to your bank account, calculated on the whole of an affiliate’s earnings if they are above $4,000.

Organizing promotional parties and events also seems to boost one’s annual secondary or primary income. If the affiliate hosts 2 sales events every month, then he or she will earn at least $350. Holding 8 topical banquets means that they will get a minimum of $2.000.

Another important thing to mention is that while the money-making solution does not have any hidden fees or taxes, it does require its future affiliates to purchase the Pure Haven Essentials Business Kit. The package includes every product that you are going to need to achieve that sales pitch. It costs exactly $99.

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Is The Cosmetic Profit-Generating Solution a Scam or Legit?

Despite the fact that this money-making program has had some legal controversies and problems with the image of its former makeup company, it managed to start anew and is currently staying afloat. All available facts suggest that they have managed to get things straight and put their affiliate marketing business back on track.

They are legit and authentic but their new makeup venture has yet to acquire the market portion that the previous one had. This means that it may not generate as many profits as the owners are used to. It may take some time for it to start bringing hefty sums to its affiliates.

There are many online users who have successfully turned their part-time organic product sales job into a lucrative and remunerative career. But can Pure Haven Essentials affiliate marketing solution do the same for you too?

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Final Words About The Affiliate Program

The answer is yes and no at the same time. Depends on whether or not you are the type of person who likes to communicate directly with possible future clients. Don’t forget that you will have to organize marketing and sales pitch events in order to amplify your profits!

Personally, I am not this type of man. I like the sweet silent hum of my hard drive and prefer to make my money strictly on the Internet. And I like doing with my free time whatever I deem necessary.

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Vida Divina – My Sincere Opinion! [Learn The Truth]

Vida Divida Tea is a popular multi-level marketing solution.

Lots of people are interested in whether or not it is a reliable and legitimate business opportunity and if its natural products line is truly beneficial to the human body.

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What is Vida Divina? – A Quick Look

This multi-level marketing opportunity manufactures, markets, and sells different organic products whose main purpose is to help people improve and enhance their lifestyle and general health. The Vida Divina products contain caffeine, green tea, guarana, Garcinia cambogia, glucomannan, and many other natural ingredients.

The official Vida Divina website is supposed to include extracts out of 25 different foods that are rich in antioxidants. The personal wellness company produces and distributes cosmetics, makeup, body-shaping solutions, chemical-free baby foods, and healthy cat and dog treats.

This MLM solution was created by Armand Puyolt and his wife is also a vital part of the Vida Divina business. They promise ‘unlimited profits’ which can be achieved with their cleverly-constructed compensation plan which is simple and easy-to-understand.

Armand Puyolt is a cancer survivor who attributes his recovery to the natural products of Total Life Changes. This is when he decided to dedicate his life to the promotion of such goods. He is an incredibly famous salesperson who is said to have amazing charm and charisma. The main goal of his business opportunity is to provide regular people with a long-term generational income source.

Did You Know?

Vida Divina’s Armand Puyolt is prominent in the MLM sphere from a very young age. Coming from a humble background, he started selling door-to-door goods at 15. But 20 he was already employed at a big health and beauty manufacturer and he had made his first million by age 25. Armand has worked for ACN, TotalLifeChanges, and Metabolife. Unfortunately, some of these firms were exposed as scams which is one of the main reasons why he launched his very own brand Vida Divina in 2016. He and his wife and the primary Vida Divina leaders.

Vida Divina Products – Are They Worth It?

This multi-level marketing opportunity presents its affiliates with the possibility to advertise and disperse the company’s cosmetic and detoxifying line to clients. All of the goods featured on it are supposed to include several rich in antioxidants and other beneficiary substances in their list of ingredients.

Some of the most heavily-featured natural products include L-arginine, HCG, green leaf tea extract, saffron extract, black cohosh, and glucomannan. Their five major product categories include:

  • Detoxifying Tea: Includes the Original Vida Divina Detox Tea – the company’s #1 selling good which is said to include the following herbs – Persimmon Leaves, Holy Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marsh, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Myrrh, Chamomile, Ginger, Cranberry, Siberian Chaga, Ganoderma, and Fibers and no added colorants or artificial sweeteners;
  • Coffee: There is also a wide choice here that can meet anybody’s tastes – Black, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Latte, and Mocha;
  • Body-Shaping Line: Features the products Atom, Cheat, Ignite, Ripped, and Sleep’n’Lose;
  • Nutrition: The list here is even more extended – Brain, Chaga, Cordy, Factor Divina, Gano, Ouch, Sight, Time Capsule, and Youth;
  • Skin Care: There is also a big choice here – NO 001 Emu Oil Pure, NO 002 Pain Relief, NO 003 Emu Oil Supplement, NO 004 Hair Shampoo, NO 005 Hair Conditioner, NO 006 Body Cream, NO 007 Squeaky Clean Face, NO 008 Rosewater Toner, NO 009 Protect SPF, and Liquid Gold;
  • Vida Pets Care: there is only one product available for direct marketing but more are expected to be added very soon. It is called the Gano Bites and they are infused with Hyaluronic Acid. The pet treats are also said to be formulated with Certified Organic Reishi & Noni and it is allegedly approved by veterinarians.

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Vida Divina Compensation Plan – What Are The Ranks?

The main money-making opportunity that affiliates can achieve with this natural cosmetics company is to earn by both retail sales and recruitment of new members. Most of the offered compensations are good but one has to work hard to climb up the various marketing levels if they wish to achieve a stable secondary or primary income.

Here is the compensation plan ladder which contains fifteen ranks:

  1. NoRank: Make at least 120 PV monthly.

  2. NoRank2: Earn no less than 120 PV per month and have a downline that makes at least 300 GV monthly.

  3. NoRank3: Generate at least 120 PV and a 600 GV monthly.

  4. Apprentice: Make at least 120 PV and a 1200 GV monthly.

  5. Bronze: Generate at least 120 PV and a 2500 GV monthly.

  6. Silver: Earn no less than120 PV and a downline of 5000 GV monthly.

  7. Gold: Make at least 120 PV and a downline of 10,000 GV monthly.

  8. Platinum: Generate at least 120 PV and a downline of 20,000 GV monthly.

  9. Sapphire: Make at least 120 PV per month and a downline of 40,000 GV monthly.

  10. Ruby: Earn at least 120 PV per month and a downline of 60,000 GV monthly.

  11. Emerald: Generate at least 120 PV per month and a downline of 80,000 GV monthly.

  12. Diamond: Make at least 120 PV per month and a downline of 100,000 GV monthly.

  13. Blue Diamond: Earn at least 120 PV and a downline of 250,000 GV monthly.

  14. Black Diamond: Generate at least 120 PV and a downline of 500,000 GV monthly.

  15. Crown Diamond: Make at least 120 PV per month and a downline of 1,000,000 GV monthly.

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Is There a Vida Divina Scam or Not?

Vida Divina’s launch was in 2016 and it has been doing fairly well ever since. It can be viewed as legit but users have to keep in mind that they are going to be required to put in a hefty amount of work and efforts in order to achieve higher ranks according to the presented compensation plan. Affiliates can get good initial results if they focus more on recruiting new members.

The Vida Divina website does not present much information about the prices of the natural goods’ starter pack price variations. But most of the presentations available online suggest that they can be anywhere between $150 and $200. The positive side is that every product can be sold separately from the others.

Residual commissions are also something that can be of help to making bigger sums and most Vida Divina reviews have been fairly positive. If you happen to feel that this endeavor might be a bit too much for you, then make sure to Go & Take a Look at My #1 Money-Making Recommendation Here!

Natural Cosmetics MLM Program Conclusion

The Vida Divina logo features two wings of angels encompassing our planet Earth. It is supposed to represent the freedom to soar and the wish to reach for the stars and grab them in your hands.

Armand Puyolt and his wife seek to present everybody with this opportunity and help them achieve their dreams with natural products.

But is their money-generating affiliate program going to make your pockets rock with profits?

The answer is yes but only if you have the spare time to dedicate the entirety of your day to the retail selling of their organic goods. Which most people do not.

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Acti Labs Review – Should Users Join It or Avoid It?

Acti Labs Cosmetics is an online MLM opportunity.

It has been advertised like crazy in the last year so I decided to take a more in-depth look at the way that it delivers its makeup and body-shaping products.

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Acti Labs Makeup – What’s The Fuss All About?

Skin care and anti-aging companies present some of the most financially rewarding multi-level marketing opportunities both on the web and in real life. There is one minuscule problem – there are many firms that handle such businesses. The competition is very big and it is hard for new and unknown players to make a difference in this game of rouge.

The Acti Labs Foundation is a fresh name. It was started up in France by husband and wife John and Yelena Miller. But their company seems to be taken over by a person called Ashleigh Bray who takes care of most of their advertising and promo campaigns.

The former name of the makeup and food product manufacturer was ActiDerm. Back then, the beauty company focused solely on anti-aging and skin care products but since the introduction of Bray, they also started making and dispersing body-shaping solutions, body wraps, and different types of makeup and health goods, such as the Acti Labs Diamond Lustre Toothpaste.

Ashleigh Bray, herself, has invested a lot of her time and efforts into the active advertising of the health and beauty establishment. She has released a tremendous amount of vlogs in both YouTube and Vimeo. Another favorite endeavor of hers is the direct face-to-face marketing.

Did You Know?

The subsidiary firm which is responsible for the manufacturing of all of the makeup, beauty, and health products is called Acti-Laboratories. It is based out of France, where the main headquarters of the firm is. This brand does not focus on a single product or ingredient. Instead, it advertises its goods as being luxurious, organic, and high-quality. Their main target customers are people who are financially secure and can afford to pay hefty sums for cosmetics.

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Acti Labs Products – A Quick Overview Of The Cosmetics

The company has received a Government Environment Award for ‘low carbon footprint’. Its creators appear to be genuinely concerned about the environment and the after-effects of pollution. They have signed a recycling contract which takes care of the residual glass, paper, and plastic that are left over after the manufacturing process.

Another thing that they do in order to keep up with the best-established ecological standards is to apply reusable materials for both packaging and everything that leaves the establishment. They have also done their best to lower the average consumption of energy that their makeup facility uses and rely mainly on solar power.

Most Acti Labs product reviews confirm that the makeup manufacturer does not test their lines on animals. They are against animal cruelty and honestly admit that they are not a vegan or gluten-free brand. It is nice, for a change, to see that an MLM solution is completely genuine about the way it works.

Their goods consist mainly out of skincare, anti-aging, body-shaping, and makeup products for both men and women. Let’s see their main categories:

  • Skin Cleansing & Purifying Products;
  • Cosmeceutical Care & Treatments;
  • Cosmeceutical & Rejuvenating Creams;
  • Nutriceutical Care & Treatments;
  • Body-Sculpting & Shaping Wraps;
  • Gentle Body Care Lotions;
  • Natural Mineral Makeup;
  • Non-Toxic Makeup Brushes;
  • Lip Glosses;
  • Lip Crayons;
  • Makeup, Powders, Liners, Brow Wax, & Mascara;
  • Hair Care Goods;
  • Makeup Pallets;
  • Acti-Labs Toothpaste;

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Acti-Labs Compensation Plan – Is It Worth It?

The business opportunity that this luxurious cosmetics company offers to its clients is to become part of the so-called Acti-Labs Ambassadors. The main task is to manage to market solid quantities of the products to retail customers. This suggests that there is a great deal of direct selling going on, including the regular organization of promotional parties.

This might not be the perfect cup of tea for everybody. I, myself, am more of a digital money-making person and not one who would go out on the streets or invite random people in my own house in order to sell them makeup products. But if you are that sort of guy or girl – then go ahead.

From the extensive amount of Acti-Labs reviews that I managed to inspect on the world wide web, it appears most of the bizopp solution’s compensation plans are pretty remunerative. When the ambassador proceeds to achieve new professional heights, he or she is rewarded with a bonus or luxurious cruise trip.

Affiliates usually get their earnings on a weekly basis and they also get car money for business trips. The multi-level marketing opportunity also gives a one-month extension to people who have not managed to meet their annual sales pitch. There is an Acti-Lab starter kit which can be purchased but this is not obligatory.

One more important thing to mention is the fact that Acti Labs Cosmetics have been generating very successful results in the USA. But as I already mentioned above, they are not suitable for everybody. Doing direct sales can be pretty tough.

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Is The MLM Solution a Scam or Legit?

Every piece of evidence that we managed to examine suggests that the MLM opportunity is legit and genuine. Most Acti Labs wraps reviews suggest that people who are into direct marketing can truly make a name for themselves by selling these natural cosmetic products.

The makeup manufacturer gives its ambassadors room for growth and the ability to achieve steady or consistent results over time. The work schedule is flexible but tight. Some might even have to work on weekends but this is how life is sometimes.

There is nothing fishy about John and Yelena Miller’s business opportunity. But it is not for everybody. Consider this carefully before getting started with it. Digital marketing opportunities do not require as many efforts and can be equally as rewarding, if not more.

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Acti Labs Review Conclusion

This is a great business opportunity but there are far better and easier ways to generate a good primary or secondary income on the Internet.

If you are that kind of person who likes doing whatever you deem necessary and prefer to make your money from the comfort of your very home while sitting comfortably behind the computer screen with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa, then I have a suggestion.

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It’s best when everything is a piece of the pie.

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