What Is Thrive? [Scam or Safe Business Opportunity]

The Thrive products are one of the most popular MLM business opportunities online and it is wise to read through this review.

I have presented you with all of its advantages and disadvantages, you can discover useful insights and commentaries on what is Thrive for and how it can be helpful to you.

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What Is Thrive About?

Le-Vel is the name of the health and wellness brand you will be partnering with if you decide to promote the so-called Thrive Experience. In its essence, this is a three-step 8-week premium plan that tries to promote a healthier lifestyle through physical and state-of-mind improvement.

Their main selling point revolves around the following aspects:

  • Weight Management
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Immune System Enhancement
  • Improved Digestions
  • Joint & Muscle Care
  • Anti-Aging Products.

These are the fields in which you are going to have to focus in order to promote their products in the best way possible. Of course, they say that the best products are the ones that work for themselves but you will have to invest some efforts in order to make a compelling presentation.

Thrive Products Variety – a Hard Sell for a Good Life

As a partner of Le-Vel and promoter of their products, you need to get to know what you will be promoting. There is a significant variety of products that combine vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics in their formula. You get a Lifestyle Shake Mix and capsules to promote, that comes with different applications:

  • THRIVE|m – the mix has been formulated for men, specifically. It is a combination of vitamins and minerals, extracts, amino acids, and anti-oxidants that can help improve the daily lifestyle, overall health, and digestions of the gentlemen.
  • THRIVE|w – the capsules have been carefully crafted to answer the specific metabolic and hormonal predispositions of the ladies. Its gentle formula caters to the needs of the female organism and helps it tackle every challenge.
  • THRIVE Lifestyle Mix – the mix is ultra-micronized, comes in the form of a vanilla shake. It is gluten-free so that it is accessible to more people. The purpose of the shake is to support the everyday efforts of fitness goers and people who want to manage their weight more efficiently.
  • THRIVE Lifestyle DFT – DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology, this is part of the skin-care product line of Le-Vel.

People are advised to combine their gender-respective capsules with the other three products in order to achieve efficient results. This will be your part – in the best case scenario, to get them to buy a package of the products.

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Thrive Packages & Promotions

There are 3 established packages you are going to promote:

  • Lifestyle Pack – it costs a minimum of $100 and has enough quantity for 4 weeks of the recommended 8-week minimum experience. It is recommended for people who join the experience for the first time.
  • Tone Pack – it costs a minimum of $140 and is for those who want more efficient weight management and to be enabled to build lean muscles.
  • Couples Pack – starts at $200 and is enough for 4 weeks of the experience for both the ladies and the gents.

All the products are subscribed on auto-ship. Meaning that if your customers don’t refuse a shipment for the next month, they will receive another product.

Compensation Plan & Rewards

This is probably the most important part you need to get acquainted with upon deciding to partner with Le-Vel. Do it in order to see if their business opportunity as a representative of the Thrive products is suitable for you and your financial goals.

There are 5 main aspects of the rewards plan, each building on the rest and on your profits.

  • Retail Sales

When you become a Brand Promoter, you can earn 20% of the price of the products bought by your personal customers. As you recruit other Promoters, you build a Sponsorship Tree and you can earn a percentage of the sales from your first three levels of that tree, respectively 12%, 4%, and 4%.

  • Vanishing Autoship – 2 For FREE

This type of compensation happens when you have 2 Personal Customers enrolled on Autoship. For the highest two, you will receive the corresponding amount of their purchase as a Thrive credit for buying products. You can refer people even if you are simply a Customer, not a Promoter. This will get you free Thrive as well.

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  • Infinity Fast Start

These are specified bonuses from the products or Promoter upgrades made from the people in your Sponsorship Tree. The bonuses are four types – Basic, Starter, Promoter, VIP, respectively $15, $30, $80, $140 on the first level of your tree. You can have four levels with unlimited width.

  • Infinity Fast Start Match

This type of bonus comes with something additional. There is a variation of it (the Match), that represents a 10% bonus on the Infinity Fast Start commissions received from the people you have personally enrolled as Promoters, those in your first level of the Sponsorship Tree.

  • Accelerator Bonus

If you have reached a rank of 4K VIP and above, you can earn a Match of 20% on your 1st level Promoters instead of 10%. If you have enrolled at least 8 Qualified and Active Promoters.

There are 5 more ways in which you can receive additional bonuses and promotions. These include exotic getaways for loyal partners and even automobile prizes.

Joining & Qualifying Volume

In order to participate in this online business opportunity, you have to enroll as a Brand Promoter. Once you reach a Personal Volume (PV) of 100 sold units, you become an Active Qualified Promoter.

These units can be accumulated by you personally or through selling them to personal Customers. Once you reach the 100 PV mark, you can start receiving commissions and you become eligible for the various bonuses and promotions.

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Isn’t This a Scam and is It Worth Partnering with Thrive?

Actually, the Le-Vel Thrive products are completely authentic. The compensation and rewards plan has been carefully explained and I have not found legitimacy complaints about it. This makes me think that it is truly a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity you can take advantage of.

I am of the opinion that such initiatives require too many efforts. With Thrive you will have to:

1. Accumulate significant sales volumes;

2. Learn a lot about the products since these are food supplements and skin-care products with various ingredients;

3. Spend a significant amount of time promoting and explaining the uses of the products.

All of this shows me that even though it is a good alternative, there are better ones.

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Jeunesse – Instantly Ageless – Does The Business Opportunity Work For Everyone?

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Cosmetics is a popular face cream manufacturer which also acts as a digital MLM solution.

The products that it offers are all high-quality goods and lots of people are asking me whether they can make good money online by getting started with it.

So anyone who is interested can take a look at My Exhaustive Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Review!

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Instantly Ageless By Jeunesse – Cosmetics For The Upper Class

This high-end cosmetics production company aims to captivate the attention of people who are interested in preserving their youthful outlook. The multi-level marketing opportunity has allegedly designed a specific anti-aging formula that begins to induce a positive effect on the skin exactly 2 minutes after application.

This information may sound a little far-fetched and it probably is. Most of the Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse reviews that I came across on the Internet did not draw a concrete conclusion about the results that the face creams give. They work for some people and have no effect on others. Just like with mainstream beautifying products!

Creators are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis – two individuals who are said to have a tremendous amount of experience in online money-making solutions, makeup, and cosmetics productions. Both of them had actually retired from business but emerged in order to launch the business opportunity project on September 09, 2009.

The official website of the prettifying goods states that the youth enhancement enthusiasts were eager to attract as many people to their cause as possible. They have even designed just the right compensation plan for this goal – a global platform that uses technology in order to spread its ideas, teach, train, and support.

What Users Didn’t Know About The Makeup Industry:

The best-selling products of the cosmetics industry are skin care, hair care, makeup, perfumes, toiletries, and deodorants. Out of them, the skin care goods hold a 36% share of the whole market. It is estimated that by 2019, this business sector would be worth more than $200 billion. An individual would have to be a fool not to consider this a lucrative investment field. Asia and Oceania are widely considered to be the top manufacturers. This is also where the most products are sold!

The Anti-Aging Product Line Of The Company

The greater part of the Jeunesse Instantly Ageless reviews states that the cosmetic products do have a way of making the person who applies them look a bit younger than they actually are. But one should keep in mind that it is highly unlikely for this to happen just 2 minutes after usage. Apart from this, the design technology is a patented company secret and the founders do not wish to disclose how exactly does it work.

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The only thing that is known for sure is that the skin care goods include each of the following ingredients:

  • Argireline: Known to have a positive effect against the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye bags, and crow’s feet.
  • Sodium Silicate: A mixture of different compounds which are extensively utilized in modern-day cosmetics. Also known as water glass or liquid glass.
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: A natural mineral that is extracted out of refined and purified clay. Determined to give some anti-aging effects.

Another thing which can be drawn as a conclusion from the Instantly Ageless reviews on the web is that customers have to make sure to apply the face cream on a regular basis if they wish to make the results last in time. The cosmetics are thought to reduce oxidative stress, have a slight tightening and evening effect on the skin, retract the size of pores, diminish dark circles, and reduce facial puffiness.

Here are all the product lines that this MLM solution offers:

  1. Instantly Ageless Face Cream: Comes with exact instructions. Intended for appliance against forehead wrinkles, eyebrow lifting issues, hooded eyes, under-eye bags, crow’s feet, and facial pores.

  2. Luminesce™: Anti-aging skin care line that restores the natural glow and youthful appearance.

  3. NV: This product line applies the patented APT-200™ formula and includes a bronzer, primer, and foundation. All of them are supposed to make one’s face begin to shine.

  4. AM & PM Essentials: Innovative day cream which features vitamins and minerals.

  5. RESERVE™: Wellness goods for direct consumption.

  6. FINITI: One more wellness product.

  7. Zen Bodi Program: Body-shaping program with fitness trainer of the stars Mark Macdonald which clients can apply for.

  8. M1ND™: One more wellness product.

  9. MONAVIE: Energy booster wellness product that feature active extracts out of 18 different fruits, including Acai berry and plant-derived glucosamine.

  10. Naara: Face cream that stimulates and promotes the production of collagen in the body.

  11. NEVO: Caffeine-based energy drink.

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Instant Ageless Compensation Plan – Is There Money In It?

Another thing that the Jeunesse Ageless reviews underline is that the business opportunity is not very vocal about the compensation plans that it offers. Not much feedback is available from the people that have engaged in their multi-level and network marketing opportunities.

The cosmetics product line is quite expensive and one of the things to consider is that marketing it to the Average Jane and Joe would be pretty tough. Still, the bizopp solution does encompass quite the big portion of the global cosmetics market.

MLM and network marketing are the main opportunities that the company offers. One can get started by contacting the appropriate teams via the company’s web page. Their bonus system is said to be good and affiliates do not need to purchase starter kits. They only need to get licenses in exchange for $249.90. Which is not a very minuscule sum.

The benefits are described as being the following:

  • Affiliates can work at their own pace.
  • There is no additional equipment.
  • Regular bonuses and sales incentive trips (Incentive Trips, Emerald Experience, and Diamond Discovery).
  • No previous experience required.

30-Day Money-Back Policy:

The MLM company offers a full refund one month after the purchase of their cosmetic goods. The three main product categories are focused on stem cells regeneration, DNA repair, and antioxidants. They have no known long-term side effects. Results are fast but wear off quickly after discontinuation of the appliance.

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Is Instantly Ageless a Scam or Legit MLM Solution?

All the facts that I managed to take a look at suggest that this multi-level marketing opportunity is authentic and legit. Their products do have the ability to induce some visible anti-aging effect. As for its status as a reliable online business solution, I cannot say much. There is a chance of it working for some people but they have to be a specific type of person.

One that is ready to constantly travel, meet new acquaintances, and market the cosmetic goods to them. Now, this might not be the perfect spoon for every taste. Meaning that some, like myself, prefer to get started with a money-making solution that is entirely based in the digital world.

I don’t like others telling me what I should do with my free time. And nearly all Jeunesse Ageless reviews suggest the contrary. If you are my type of gal or guy, then why don’t you take a more in-depth look at Go & Take a Look at My #1Money-Making Recommendation Here!

Instant Ageless Conclusion

If you have no problems with meeting new people and constantly running from one place to the other, then maybe this business opportunity is your kind of thing.

Use it to the fullest.

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It Works Review – What Is It & Does It Really Work?

I would like to start by telling you that in the following paragraphs I am going to share with you my honest It Works review. If you wonder whether it is a scam or a legit money-making opportunity, then you should continue reading.

There’s been so much hype surrounding this system that I decided to conduct my regular research and to collect as much information about it as possible.

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It Works – First Look at The Online Business Opportunity!

There are already some It Works scam reviews available on the Internet, however, most of them cannot offer all the needed info that users would like to know in order to decide whether to use this solution or not. So, I am going to share with you everything that I managed to reveal about it.

To start with, I should mention that the name of the company is quite catchy and interesting as many people want to get more data about it and what it has to offer. My research shows that the company behind this solution has been founded back in 2001 in Florida. Through their growth, they have been able to expand operations into many other countries stretching as far as Australia.

The countries’ list they are working with is quite impressive and it clearly shows that this business is solid and successful. And this is a good sign when it comes to the legitimacy of a particular firm’s endeavors. Also, I realized that they offer a wide range of useful products that start from body wraps and go to various food supplements and cool clothes.

Apparently, due to the high success of the main offered product (body wrap), that can help you lose weight and shape your body, the team behind the firm has decided to further expand this aesthetic field by creating other innovative health and beauty solutions.

It Works is an MLM network marketing solution (direct sales company), therefore, it offers to regular users the chance to start making money online by dealing with retail activities.

It Works – The Products Review!

Here, I am going to mention the main products that are available as well as what they are intended for. The truth is that the company offers many different products that are separated into several different categories:

  • Body – gels, wraps, and herb applicators (to improve the shape of your body);
  • Skin – cleaners, life and eye toners, stretch mark prevention creams, nail care, etc;
  • Greens – drinks powders (rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins);
  • Lifestyle – minerals, fat burners, essential oils, etc.;
  • Packs (bundles for multiple products)

With the bundles, you can get purchase multiple products in one. The packs’ price ranges from $99 to $299 as the more expensive packs contain more products.

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What Is The Business Opportunity That Is Offered By It Works?

Over the past few years I have reviewed many different online money-making opportunities, so my experience in the field is pretty solid. Based on it I can tell that the success of every single similar solution directly depends on the quality of the products or the services it provides. Unfortunately, most of the currently running programs offer low commissions, old-school promo techniques, and insufficient information. This is why they cannot help you seriously increase your monthly income.

When it comes to It Works I can say that the situation here is completely different. Fortunately, this company has everything you need to achieve success and to generate significant results for yourself. It can definitely help you start earning amazing extra income.

The partnership conditions that you can take advantage of here are standard which is a good sign. You just need to purchase some of the offered products from the firm at a wholesale price. Then, you can sell them at a regular price which is higher, thus making sure that you will earn a profit. In most of the cases, you will be able to accumulate about 30% from the price of the product which is a very high percentage.

Another option for the users here is to purchase whole packs of products and to sell them at the full price for a discount. In order to make sure that your profitability level is maximized you should sell the goods at the actual recommended price.

Finally, you can also recruit new members to the income-generation platform by convincing new members to sign up with it. This will give you the right to capitalize on their sales, thus further increasing your final profits. And remember, the bigger team you build, the more you can qualify for bonuses.

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Why Do Many People fail to Achieve Success With MLM Business?

The truth is that a great part of the people who decide to work with MLM companies fail to achieve any significant results and the fault is entirely theirs. This is why I would like to provide you here with some useful advice that can help you save your funds from losses. The most important thing for you as a distributor of a retail company is to get your lessons done. In other words, you should know in details all the products that you are going to sell.

In addition, you should be convinced of their quality and usefulness in order to make other people want to purchase them. Also, you need to know all the specifics and the useful features of the health supplements and the body wrap applicators in order to be able to answer any questions related to their functions. If you don’t prepare yourself, you will most likely fail to generate any sales.

It Works Is a Scam or Not?

In my personal opinion, It Works is not a scam! On the contrary, I believe that users who are interested in dealing with online business will find this money-making solution really interesting, profitable, and trustworthy. This is mainly due to the fact that it works properly and that it definitely offers high-quality products and health supplements.

I know that in the available It Works scam reviews there are debates on whether the wraps work to help you lose weight or whether it’s all made up. This is pointless to even discuss as the beneficial effects of these aesthetic fitness products is already proven. This is why I don’t see anything disturbing in them. Not to mention that the company offers many other useful supplements and products, too.

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I also checked the web to collect some first-hand feedback. According to the active members of the online business opportunity, it definitely works properly. So, I recommend it to all the users who would like to start an initiative that can bring them money.

My Final Words About It Works!

As I said, there are many fake solutions on the market that promise to deliver great profits but in practice, they fail to do so. Fortunately, this particular company seems to be totally authentic and trustworthy. It is also really popular and its products are available in many different countries.

It Works is a legitimate firm, so you should definitely check it out!

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