eCom Profit Masterclass Review

The online world continues to get tougher on a daily basis. The Internet that we knew sometimes back is no longer the same. Major Search Engines like Google have continuously undergone evolution to make them better. With each change to their algorithms, it calls for rapid adjustments of how we operate in the online world if we are to stand a chance of becoming successful.

At the same time, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have had a fair share of impact on how we sell stuff online. Without well designed Facebook Ads, you may have it rough making even a single sell, despite putting in hundreds of dollars in terms of investment. That is why it becomes essential to have someone to guide you in this challenging world.

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Many courses have been designed with the aim of making entrepreneurs out of normal individuals. eCom Profit Masterclass is one of such courses. The course is developed by Richard Telfeja. In this review, I take a look at what is entailed in the course and whether or not it can be of help to you.

What eCom Profit Masterclass is all about

In the simplest terms possible, the course is all about the following:

  • Shopify Annihilator
  • $300/Day formula
  • Simplest Product System
  • Traffic Tsunami Model
  • Email Marketing Explosion
  • Outsource X


Shopify Annihilator: This gives you an insight into a secret platform which is an improved version of Shopify and has zero monthly charges. In so doing, you get total control of the business while at the same time enjoying the ownership of a unique quality store which is fully differentiated from everyone else’s. For those who prefer Shopify, the training is equally well suited for Shopify.

$300/Day formula: The eCom Profit Masterclass training promises that it will guide you towards making $300 per day. It aims at doing this via its step-by-step guidance. Many may be quick to fall for this promise, it is worth taking caution.

Not all people are the same. Thus, blindly following what the course creator promises may either dampen your ability to earn more by limiting you to $300 per day or demotivate you when you find it incredibly hard to reach such a target.

Simplest Product Formula: You need a product formula that empowers you to make irresistible offers. As such, the course combines a variety of ideas from sourcing, pricing of the product, positioning, and market research to help you with that.

A combination of ideas from all these areas makes it possible to establish a better product formula. The good thing about such a formula is that it can be reused with a variety of products chosen.

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Traffic Tsunami Model: eCom Profit Masterclass has ideas on how you can harness the needed Facebook traffic and traffic from a variety of other platforms. You do not necessarily have to pay for the promised traffic. And if you have a strong affinity for paying to get traffic, then you do not have to start huge. With this course, you will be shown how you can turn as little as $5 into a goldmine.

Email Marketing Explosion: Extend your scope past Facebook traffic. The course considers the possibility of helping you establish your own list which can be exploited for the growth of your business. One major benefit of email marketing is that you literally have a one-on-one touch with the potential leads.

As such, you can customize your messaging in a way that convinces them to buy. Being that we live in a world where customers yearn for a relationship with the business, this is a promise worth considering.

Outsource X: With a business well-built, you may want to have a considerable amount of free time on your side. You have spent good hours getting the business in shape, you do not need to spend more running it.

That is where the concept of outsourcing comes in. This course claims that it would help you be an outsourcing pro so that the individuals who are brought on-board can help you make money even as you enjoy your life far from the business itself.


Detailed Review of the Course Modules

Having understood all that the course is about, we can now have a look at the various modules in which the course is split.

Module 1: Basics

The course starts by teaching you how you can set up your Shopify Store. To show how important it is to pay attention to how the store is set up, this module has a total of 9 videos. Of course, the number of videos does not matter. What matters is the content explained in each video.

Under Shopify store set up, it is paramount that you get a proper explanation on items like creating legal pages, setting up the backend, selecting a logo, and choosing the domain name. The creators of eCom Profit Masterclass fail to explain this module in a way that beginners can easily follow.

Module 2: Store Customization

This module covers theme installation, selection of colors, and customizing the chosen theme. eCom Profit Masterclass recommend a theme that they claim helped them earn more than $2 million within a month.

Let’s face some facts here though – there is no way they will make you money. Actual money is made out of customer attraction and selling of products. This is just another exaggerated claim.

Module 3: Products

The module has a total of 9 videos. Here, you are introduced to a powerful tool for importing products from Aliexpress called Oberlo. One of the 9 videos also takes you through deciding whether to have a niche or a general store.

When it comes to product research, you are explained this concept in only a 7-minute video. Nothing more!

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Module 4: Needed Apps

If you have decided to go with the “$2-million theme”, feel free to do so. However, know that this is just a lame promise.

Module 4 explains the various apps that you will find beneficial to install in your theme. It is worth noting that if the theme is as good as they claim, it should have come with many of these features included and not require their additional purchase or installation.


Module 5: Order fulfillment

This section has 3 videos, all of which strike one as being quite short. As a matter of fact, when you are done watching them, you will feel as though there is a lot you are still to cover. The videos are focused on Aliexpress and Orbelo fulfillment. Are these the only sources of dropshipped products? Of course not. Thus, it is mesmerizing to see the course give them all the attention.

Module 6: Google Ads Set Up & Optimization

When you have products, you need to advertise them so that they can sell. As a result, you cannot afford to ignore the creation of an advertising account. The focus of this Module is on Adwords, Google Shopping App, and Google Merchant Center.

The information shared in these modules can easily be found online. Thus, it makes little sense that you get charged to have access to such details.

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Module 7: Campaign set up

The main focus of this section is to provide insights into the manner in which targeting can be combined with Google Shopping. Targeting cannot be compared to whatever takes place on Facebook advertising.

Thus, it may be worth it paying attention to what is explained in this section. However, as much as the module raises a lot of enthusiasm, it still falls short in thoroughly explaining its points.

Module 8: International expansion

When you are starting out as an online entrepreneur, much of your focus is on the local market. This module seeks to expand your reasoning beyond just the local landscape. It needs to help you see the bigger picture. That you can operate globally. The videos here are just but motivational, failing to give clear guidance on the strategies you can follow to be an international ecommerce leader.


It is appalling that anyone would ever think of buying this course. I have gone through it countless times and can barely find anything good to say about it. A lot of the information in the videos is the kind that you can easily find online free of charge. If you wanted a deeper explanation of the concepts, there is an alternative better course that can tackle that.

Do not waste your $1,497 buying eCom Profit Masterclass training. You deserve better and to receive more value for your money. From what I know about the course, it will not be able to deliver as per your expectations.

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Product Winner Blueprint Review

Tristan Broughton is a popular name on YouTube and the Internet world as a whole. Much of his popularity is owed to the course Google Ads Ecom Academy which he developed long before Product Winner Blueprint.

But as much as he is reputable in other areas, that does not automatically make him the right person to turn to when you want to learn key details regarding dropshipping. He may have an idea or two on the top but still, that does not qualify him to be a guru.


Riding on his popularity in other sectors within the Internet world, Tristan developed the Product Winner Blueprint course. Here, he claims that he would be able to empower you to become a world-class ecommerce entrepreneur.

It must be noted that this course is not marketed purely as a dropshipping training. Most of the materials tackled here revolve around sourcing products from Aliexpress and then testing them on Facebook Ads to determine the winner.

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What Does the Course Teach?

How to efficiently get winning products within the shortest time possible while spending less money and not having to undergo an endless search.

Tricks to implement to gain higher store conversion rates and intrigue customers to purchase from you right away.

How you can make the most out of your Facebook Pixel.

The profitable scaling strategy which has allowed to scale winning products past $10,000 revenue on a daily basis.

The last claim of making $10,000 revenue per day must have already captivated your attention. That is exactly what lying marketers do – they give you ridiculous promises, making you believe that you will have made millions in a matter of days.

With such a prospect, you will have no problem letting go of some ‘few dollars’ in exchange for the promised millions. Of course, you only get to realize that it was all an exaggeration when the damage has already been done.

What to Expect of the Course in Short?

The marketing of this course is in such a manner that it targets individuals who have little to no knowledge of Facebook Ads. If you have ever made some money on Facebook, there are later sections of the videos where you can start from. It would be a waste of your valuable time to spend too much time going through something you already have a deeper understanding of.

The amount of money you spend purchasing the course is determined by the approach taken. If you buy Product Winner Blueprint as a standalone tutorial, you will pay $297. This price is not constant and can shoot up at any time.

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For those who decide to purchase Product Winner Blueprint and Google Ads Ecom Academy as one bundle, you pay a total of $497, helping you save $197. This may be a viable option as opposed to purchasing each course separately.

There is something fishy about how Tristan decided to price his course. Basically, the whole idea is designed around making you spend more money. Thus, if you are the kind of a person who quickly jumps into making purchases, you are more likely to waste a lot of money.

Be wise before you watch your money just go to waste. Furthermore, how sure are you that any of these courses will give value for your money? There is only one way to find out. Let us dive into the review.

Detailed Review of the Course

The course is divided into modules totaling 9. Each of these modules is designed to cover specific sections. As you progress watching the videos, you begin to realize there is a lot of repetitive information. That is an indicator that repetition was used in many videos for the sake of making the course appear long and more informative. Well, it isn’t.

Module 1: Setting up the store

Even though, he still takes the same approach that other Shopify courses are structured. The fact that he has begun his first module with store setup confirms this. In this module, you are taken through how you can build the store in such a way that its conversion rates are increased.

Of course, there isn’t any evidence that Tristan’s way is the right way. Simply because different approaches work differently for different people and their goals with dropshipping.

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Module 2: Conducting product research

This module has a total of 8 videos. For starters, you are given an explanation of what you should test and what you should refrain from. This is as a result of factors associated with sizing when it comes to clothes, liability, and trademarks.

Once all the legalities have been dealt with, the section then moves forward to show you how to search for products. Many students find this bit to be more exciting.

You are shown the strategy for spying on and swiping products from other successful Aliexpress drop shipping sites. Recommendations are also made of the right Chrome extensions to install for effective spying and the steps to conducting your product testing.

The thing here is that the tools available for the job like SaleHoo are hundreds. The suggested tools might not be the right for you. Keep it in mind.


Module 3: Facebook Pixel

A total of 4 videos are designed for this section. Here, the main focus is on the process of setting up a Facebook Ad account and how you can install Facebook Pixel. You are also taught on how to create backup ad accounts which serve to guarantee that you would be able to continue running your ads even if the main account is suspended.

This is a strategy worth paying attention to because Facebook tends to adjust its policies from time to time and you could become a victim of account suspension all of a sudden. With a backup account, that is no longer an issue.

Module 4: Facebook targeting

Better marketing calls for specifics. You need to be specific about the people you are selling ads to. With target marketing, you are able to reach the right group of people so that the success rate of your advertisements is assured.

The videos here begin by encouraging you not to be focused on becoming ‘perfect’ concerning your targets. It then goes on ahead to introduce Facebook audiences from countries that hold the highest potential.

As much as Tristan acknowledges the need for Facebook targeting, he fails to give a proper explanation on how to go about it.

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Module 5: Facebook retargeting

The section has 3 videos. The first video reinforces the need for retargeting non-buyers given that you may never know the time when they would be converted to worthwhile purchasers.

I feel that much of the videos in this module are all about motivational rather than sharing specific details of how to approach the idea of retargeting. For instance, the course fails to explain how you would deal with prospects who have interacted with your ad in some form but never actually bought the product.

Module 6: Facebook scaling roadmap

In Module 6, Tristan makes an effort to cover the challenges associated with scaling. There are so many related problems, especially if you are just starting out. Thus, your utmost attention is needed here.

Learning further about scaling is necessary, as you can’t simply understand it all from a shady amateur course.

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Module 7: Increasing Average Order Value

AOV is a key requirement if you are to get additional profits. That is where this section tries to come in handy. It makes a recommendation of the ways you can motivate prospects to explore your free shipping offers and how a little hack in the product description may make a difference in the overall revenue.


Module 8: Automation

You cannot be around all the time to handle all matters associated with Facebook ads. Automation is designed to do things for you – whether you are deeply asleep or busy with other matters of the business. The module shares tips on how virtual assistants can minimize the burden of work on your shoulders.

Module 9: Email marketing

It is pretty impressive that email marketing has been set aside as a module of its own even though the course creator fails to give a very detailed discussion. The videos published in this section are very basic and do not give you the impression that you’ve got the value for your money.


Without beating around the bush, my analysis has determined that the course does not give a value for your money. Even though each topic builds upon the other, there is a great shortage of content in the videos published under each module.

I have been in the ecommerce world long enough to tell a good course if I see one. This is not one of these courses worth your while. It has immense limitations regarding the depth of content. The money-back guarantee is also a sketchy one, and there have been complaints regarding it.

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eCom Inner-Circle Review

eCom Inner-Circle is a dropshipping course developed by Arie Scherson, a YouTube personality and Internet marketer. The course claims to cover all that you need to know regarding dropshipping.

However, you would soon learn that there are a lot of helpful bits that the course intentionally or unintentionally leaves out. Whichever the case, this is a course that needs a detailed revamping in order for it to befit the $397 price.

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An important difference to note between this course and most of the other dropshipping courses is that the creator does not waste time boasting about his net worth as the main selling point. However, he makes a number of other claims, many of which can be determined to be false.

The primary focus of eCom Inner-Circle is on setting up Shopify and how you can exploit Facebook ads to make sells. Some of the concepts covered include product research, running ads, niche selection, building a brand, store set up, and automating the store using widgets and plugins.

The $397 price is fixed and you will have unlimited access to the training videos. This could be seen as a plus but it would be more beneficial if the videos offered were of top quality. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Before you get all excited about this, it is worth noting that there is a high chance you may give up long before the money is refunded. The guys at eCom Inner-Circle seem to have devised ways to keep you going in circles until you no longer ask for a refund.

Once you are on the official website, you can access the sales page by first watching one of the videos and then following the link embedded in the description. This sends you directly to the teachable platform where the course is hosted.

This is a platform that is known to host quite a good number of world class videos. However, for eCom Inner-Circle, they may have got it all wrong.


I have always had positive things to say about courses published on reputable learning platforms. Many of the courses have been great for students who needed to learn one or more technical skills. The same cannot be said for eCom Inner-Circle.

According to Arie, following his course would help you make your first $100 from dropshipping within the next 30 days. All that you are required to do is to follow his instructions to the T.

Of the many ecommerce courses I have encountered I have never seen anyone make such a claim. The truth of the matter is that the level of success achieved is dependent on how much dedicated you are to the task.

In order to make an objective review of the course, I evaluated its modules. In general, there are a total of 9 modules. These modules are arranged as discussed below.

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Module 1: Welcoming video

It is standard to have a welcoming video as part of the whole course. In this video, the course creator is expected to welcome you to the training and show how enthusiastic they are about you being a member of their community. How well a welcoming video is designed goes a long way in determining your desire to follow along with subsequent tutorials.

In this module, Arie talks about what you would expect to gain from the course. He explains that the whole course would be continuously updated as more materials are created. It is a bit early to authenticate this claim given that the course is relatively new – released in 2018.

Module 2: Creating a profitable store

Similar to all dropshipping courses whose backbone is Shopify, this course’s students are given a detailed guideline on how to set up their store. Arie takes a different approach here. He focuses on the creation of a store that would yield higher conversion rates, thus making sure you are very profitable.

It must be noted that even though the store design has an impact on your ability to sell, it is actually your marketing (target marketing) that can help you be more profitable.

There are a couple of videos here, most of which are short. The longest video here ran for 20 minutes. I had a number of issues with the manner in which the course’s details are covered in these videos.

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Module 3: Product research

A store is not complete unless it has products to sell. Under this module, students are trained on how they can get products within niches of their choice. I was able to notice that the course skips a major section – the selection of niches – and digs straightway into the selection of products.

Arie makes a claim that the strategies shared are enough to help you make 4, 5, and 6 figures. That is quite an unreasonable claim.


Module 4: Facebook Ads

As mentioned from the beginning, the two major areas of focus for the course are setting up your Shopify store and running Facebook Ads. It thus goes without saying that the course creator releases a variety of videos under this module. In Module 4, students are trained on how they can get traffic from Facebook so that they can make money.

Facebook is a major social media site and if well exploited, it could easily turn to a goldmine. Arie gives an explanation of how you can establish a business manager account. As of this moment, this video is up to date given that the whole course was created less than a year ago.

Module 5: Advanced FB Ads

Whereas module 4 tackles major concepts in Facebook Ads, the essence of Module 5 is to take you through more advanced details that could not fit under Module 4. This would be the best module to start from if you are some of those people who have already made a coin or two from Facebook. Arie would have been unfair to you had he mixed up everything under just one module.

The videos here tackle micro testing and the manner in which you can skyrocket your earnings to 5 or 6 figures. There is also a video which covers manual bidding. This is probably the only notable module that can be of help to more advanced users. The rest don’t really provide value for your money.

Module 6: Maximizing profits

Every entrepreneur understands the need to make as much profit as possible. At the slightest opportunity available, your goal should always be to maximize your profits. That is what the module is all about. The videos give a guideline on the available plugins for increasing your sales.

The reasoning here is that if you make more sales, you will make more profits. As much as that is true, there are some flaws in such an approach. The best perspective that Arie should have taken entails increasing your profit margin for the maximization of profits.

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When you are told that you should sell more to make more profits, there may come a time when you would be selling more but actually making losses from each sell.

Arie presents ideas on how to establish an effective mailing sequence for those who may have initiated a cart process but left it halfway done. This is a good explanation but email marketing is a whole new topic on its own.

If he wanted to cover more details under this, he should have made email marketing to be a module of its own. Probably he didn’t because he wanted to remain true to his mission – creating a Shopify store and using Facebook Ads.


Module 7: Brand creation

Having put a store in place and learned how to take advantage of Facebook ads, the other area you would want to focus on is how to establish an easily-recognizable brand. Building a brand is a very important step.

With a brand, you are able to sell products without necessarily having to put in advertising cash. Friends of friends can also help you with the product marketing thanks to the positive brand name that it holds.

Arie makes a suggestion of affiliate marketing as an approach to brand creation. Instagram branding is discussed in one of the videos. The module also explains how you can use virtual assistants to help you grow your business.


Overall, I don’t have a very positive opinion regarding this course. It takes a shallow minded approach towards dropshipping, assuming that by simply explaining how to set up your Shopify store and explain Facebook Ads, you will automatically become a guru dropshipper. That is wrong.

With the many years of experience I have in ecommerce, I understand that if you want to become a successful drop shipper, you must have a stronger grasp of a wide range of factors like niche selection and proper product sourcing. These are concepts which the course fails to explain in greater details.

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