Lurn Summit Review


Being an entrepreneur is not an easy venture to take. That’s why business-related tips and techniques from experienced entrepreneurs are very much welcomed by newbies. Lurn Summit offers useful courses and training for both novice and experienced entrepreneurs.

Lurn Summit OVERVIEW

Product Name: Lurn Summit
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $1
Niche: Business
Recommend: Highly recommended

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What is Lurn?

Lurn Summit is a community of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sharing valuable information and strategies that are used in the present digital marketing world. It is an online entrepreneurship platform that helps people launch, grow, and expand their online business.

Lurn was created in 2004 by Anik Singal, a digital marketer who mastered different digital marketing techniques that steadily made him well-off. It has been around in the industry for 15 years and currently has 10,057 members and 649,651 subscribers.

How does Lurn Summit work?

Lurn offers entrepreneurship training courses that will help you manage your business better. For only $1, you can get membership in the Lurn Summit and get access to the courses and training which include different topics related to online marketing.

The courses and training are led by keynote speakers, and these speakers are the most sought-after entrepreneurs in the industry. They’ve helped change people’s lives over many years, and they’ve come together to make the Lurn Summit happen.

Here are some of the big-time mentors featured in the Lurn Summit:


Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki is best known for his best-seller book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. He has always believed that entrepreneurs are the ones who are the most likely to succeed in life.

Robert is an entrepreneur himself and he also owns small start-ups and 3 public companies. Robert is one of the speakers in the Lurn Summit as an expert on Financial and Wealth planning.

Bob Proctor
For more than 50 years, Bob Proctor has been giving entrepreneurial insights to millions of people all over the world. He is widely known for his expertise on the mind and the ability to use it to attract goals into your life.

Along with other business experts, Bob will be joining the Lurn Summit to reveal the #1 secret to reaching great entrepreneurial success.

Kevin Strawbridge
Kevin Strawbridge is a business entrepreneur, leader, and strategist. With his 20 years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing, Kevin brings with him useful and effective insights on entrepreneurship.

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Who is it for?

Lurn Summit is suitable for just about everyone, but it’s specifically built for 4 types of people:

1. Those Who Are Looking for Results
The course and training are dedicated to those who have been doing business for a long time but are not getting their expected results. Lurn wants to give these people the right solution to help them determine and solve problems at the core.

2. Those Who Are Looking for Change
Those who want to shift from an employee to an entrepreneur are also welcome to Lurn Summit. Lurn will give tips for them to get fast results.

3. Those Who Are Looking for Growth
Even those who are already in the entrepreneurial world are welcome to Lurn Summit. The course and training will help these entrepreneurs expand their business.

4. Those Who Are Looking for A Side Business
Lurn Summit is also built for people who want to build a business that can be done part-time. Lurn’s training methods and tools will help them jump-start a profitable business.


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How much does the Lurn Summit cost?

The most interesting part about joining Lurn Summit is its $1 seat reservation fee and its 3 free courses that are worth $591. These courses are 100% free for taking the free trial of Lurn Insider. The free trial will expire after 21 days and will be worth $67 per month after the trial period.

Can refunds be made?

Unfortunately, Lurn doesn’t offer refunds. All Lurn courses, live events, and coaching course are subject to a No Refund Policy, but you have 21 days of free trial to decide if this is for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers a $1 Seat Reservation
  • Has a 21-day free trial period
  • Presents highly sought-after keynote speakers
  • Comes with online marketing lessons every month
  • Comes with weekly training with Anik Singal with live Q&As
  • Comes with an exclusive Facebook community


  • Has a No Refund Policy


Is Lurn Summit a scam?

Lurn Summit is not a scam. Although the $1 seat reservation fee and the free trials seem too good to be true, they actually give you the services that you’ve signed up for. Therefore, the company is not a scam.

Lurn Summit Final Verdict & Conclusion

Lurn Summit can give you effective and efficient techniques for digital marketing and entrepreneurial ventures in general. Whether you’re a start-up or already an entrepreneur who’s looking for growth, Lurn Summit is worth your money.


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Dropified Review


Dropified is a fully automated app for drop shipping businesses, one of the best market choices you can add as a tool to your store. The app is compatible with both Shopify and WordPress & WooCommerce based sites so you shouldn’t worry about that.

Order fulfillment is one of the most important aspects of your e-commerce initiative. The app helps you automate the whole process from start to finish, including background tracking. It is among the most preferred solutions for both automation and vendor discovery. And for quite a few reasons at that.

Even though there are numerous tools you can use today, for the same purposes, not all can give you reliable services at a reasonable price. I can confirm that Dropified, though, is one of the good choices.

Dropified OVERVIEW

Product Name: Dropified
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $39
Niche: e-Commerce
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: X Days Money Back Guarantee

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The essence of Dropified

The main advantage of using this app is enjoying a fully automated commerce process. All you have to do is have an online store up and running. Integrating the app with it makes lives easier and returns – better. It can also save significantly on time you have to spend in order to monitor your dropshipping business.

The app has been made with the user in mind. It is easy to navigate, extremely simple to use, and once you install it, not much else is required on your part. In fact, all you have to do is add products to your store and drive traffic to it.

How does the app work?

The biggest problem with opening a dropshipping business has often proven to be the lack of automation and finding good vendors. The Dropified app helps you with both:

  • it will allow you to add products with 1 click;
  • it will place the order of your customer with your supplier;
  • it will ensure your customer receives tracking and receipt.

The only real work you’ll have to do is to market your store to your targeted audience. It will also help you discover vendors who apply ePacket delivery for better, faster, and cheaper services.


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Who needs this app?

Anyone who aims to bring some efficiency into their online business, optimize processing times, and provide better e-commerce services needs an app like that. Among the many alternatives, Dropified is one of these that manage to stand out and is definitely worth a try.

Price & Dropified Free Trial

You can choose between two options to purchase Dropified depending on the scale of your operations:

  • Builder – $39/month, which is recommended for smaller operations. It can be integrated with a single store with up to 15,000 products. It is suitable for online stores with no more than 1,000 orders per month.
  • Premier – $97/month, which is recommended for larger-scale operations. It can be integrated with up to 5 stores for up to 50,000 products. The number of monthly orders that can be processed through it is 100,000 and it offers a couple more additional features to optimize the process.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you can start with a 14-day FREE trial that can give you a sense of whether or not you are satisfied with the services provided by the app. You can also pay in two ways – month by month or save up to $360 by paying in full.

When you discontinue using the services of Dropified, you can receive back prepaid fees for the period remaining.


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Features & Advantages of Dropified

There is an extensive list of features and key benefits of using this app. So here’s the most vital information on that:

  • add products with 1 click – easily discover the most trending products in your niche from the most reliable vendors and add them with a single click, no more manual integration;
  • automatic fulfillment – forget about manually fulfilling orders, a single click is enough to process them instantly;
  • price change alerts – allows for prices on your store to be automatically adjusted according to changes my by your supplier (both a decrease or increase in price);
  • track inventory – always be aware of the available inventory and never find yourself in a situation where your vendor runs out but you still sell their products;
  • set pricing rules – create a set of rules so that your prices always move in the same terms, regardless of changes; they will be adjusted automatically, according to your rules;
  • shipment tracking – it will automatically monitor and update shipment information about the products and orders already dispatched;
  • switch vendors & create bundles – freely and easily choose to switch between vendors, while at the same time create bundles of products to sell together, regardless if their vendor is the same or not;
  • automated customers care – delegate some of the customer support, Dropified will alert your customers of their order status.

And that’s not even the end of it. See, quite a few reasons to rely on this nifty e-commerce tool.

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Is Dropified truly not a scam?

There is a ton of evidence that this app can be of great help to anyone looking for reliable vendors and processing optimization. In my opinion, this solution for e-commerce automation is one of the better alternatives you can choose.

Overall Conclusion

Having a dropshipping website can be a challenge and a mess with an improper time table. You have to be very good at managing your resources and time. But if you’re not, you can always rely on solutions like the Dropified app.

For a reasonable price, you can automate and optimize most of your processes, while at the same time – discover trending products from trustworthy vendors.


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AliDropship Review


AliDropship is a plugin for those of you who decide to start with a store on a platform different from Shopify. It has been developed specifically for shops made on WordPress and with WooCommerce.

The plugin gives you access to an extensive database of suppliers and vendors that have been vetted and approved. You can easily choose from them and add their products to your store. But there are numerous additional features you can get access to by using the solution.

As a whole, given the size to which ecommerce has grown, you have no choice but to use a vendor and supplier source like this one. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.

And if you decide to take a chance and find products on your own, add them on your own, without the help of an automation solution, you are bound to get burned. But why choose AliDropship? Let’s see down in the review.

AliDropship OVERVIEW

Product Name: AliDorpship
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price of Plugin: $89
Price of a Store: starts at $299
Niche: E-commerce
Recommend: Highly recommended

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The Essence of the AliDropship Plugin

Essentially, this is one of the most powerful tools for e-commerce automation and optimization. It has been carefully crafted to meet the needs and requirements of store owners operating out of the WordPress store-building platform.

If you want to start a dropshipping business, this is the bridge between you and the reliable vendors hidden in the depths of AliExpress. It offers free updates and support, but there are better reasons to choose it:

  • automation of e-commerce processes;
  • one-click integration of products;
  • unlimited products to choose from;
  • additional store management tools;
  • one-time payment only.

How does the Plugin work?

Once you create your WooCommerce-optimized store on WordPress, you simply have to purchase the plugin and add it to your store. It will not only help you discover the best vendors out there and easily add their product. But it can also provide you with store-optimized themes you can use and customize to create the look that would suit your brand best.


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But that’s not all. Within the plugin and with just a few clicks you can access:

  • search & import – the feature allows you to use different filters to discover the products you’d like to offer on your store;
  • pricing automation – you have a pricing markup formula you can set so that prices are calculated automatically whenever you add a product; you can apply it to a single one, to a type of products or all across your store for pricing adjustment;
  • order placement automation – no need to go on and fill the order manually, just click Order and it will be executed on AliExpress and sent to the customer.

Who is this plugin for?

If you’ve decided to make a professional dropshipper out of yourself, then you need a sure way to find reliable and quality vendors and suppliers. AliDropship offers that opportunity to every e-commerce enthusiasts out there who will start out on the WordPress platform.

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How much does it cost & can I refund?

There are two choices for you. They depend on whether or not your store has already been built:

  • AliDropshipWoo Plugin – $89 one-time payment, comes with all necessary features you can use to your advantage when finding products and reliable vendors for your store;
  • Get the Plugin + a Store – starting from $299, the team of AliDropship can build a store for you. This is a one-time payment, as well. For $299, you can get a store with 50 products ready to sell. For $499, the products will be 100. For $899, the products will be 200. These stores are ready to launch with a single click, and there’s nothing you’ll have to do on your part.

To see how you can go about refunds for the plugin or when purchasing a store, read their Terms of Service and additional policies. Typically, they do not offer a refund, but there are some cases you might get your money back.


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Additional Services & Features

What we’ve listed above is a mere glimpse of all the features and capabilities added to this plugin. AliDropship users will have at their disposal marketing tools, email solutions, and much more to optimize their work and quickly start generating returns.

With AliDropship, you can rely also on a Demo version you can look around and get a feel of what it is to use it. In case you have any questions regarding how to use it, just contact their constant customer support service.

Is there’s a chance AliDropship is a scam?

No, this is a carefully created solution for finding suppliers and integrating products. And so much more. It is safe to say this is the most popular plugin for e-commerce automation and optimization. There isn’t a single person out there using WordPress as their store platform and not using the AliDropship plugin.

Overall Conclusion

If you want to create a great online store to dropship products and make a profit from e-commerce, you will most definitely need the AliDropship plugin. It’s not just because it has numerous useful features. It’s common sense. It is the one tool that can shoot your store to the top ranks of online commerce.


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