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Looking for an unbiased review of One Minute Free Traffic?

Received an invitation to join One Minute Free Traffic?

I have been seeing a lot of ads of One Minute Free Traffic and wanted to know if it really works.

I summarized my findings below.

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One Minute Free Traffic is a system that addresses one of the marketers and online entrepreneurs main concerns. How to get traffic, quickly, cheaply, and easily? But also – how to get traffic that converts. Brothers Matt Rhodes and John S. Rhodes have created a step-by-step guide backed by software that promises to help you get those craved clicks if you emulate their strategy.

And it was said to help you do that in a comprehensive and easy kind of way, providing you with a full guide of the whole scope of generating traffic. I had my doubts, so I researched.

Who are Matt & John S. Rhodes?

The One Minute Free Traffic system has been developed by The Rhodes Brothers – marketers said to have years of experience when it comes to generating traffic that leads to sales. To my disappointment, I couldn’t find much more about them apart from the stated in the promotion of the system, despite their claim to have taught and crash-coursed thousands of people in the art of tapping into the 300-million-click pool generated each month.

Their goal with developing the system is said to be to give beginners and pros alike access to a method that generates buyer clicks. And for that purpose, they’ve created this training system.


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How Does One Minute FREE Traffic Work?

As mentioned, this is a method you will have to study and emulate in order to start gaining buyers’ clicks. It might take a significant amount of time, but you are promised it will help you set up a machine that will generate those clicks. Here’s what you get by purchasing the method:

  • 14 over-the-shoulder videos – a walkthrough on how to set up the machine and start getting the generated monthly traffic clicks;
  • Case studies – trying to showcase how others did it and what might have been their strategies;
  • Step-by-Step guide – learn how to build your one One Minute FREE Traffic Machine and copyright it.

Among others. The list of resources goes on and on, but with no actual guarantee that these resources are viable. In addition to all that, you also promised to get 3 bonus elements:

  1. 8 additional over-the-shoulder videos – to get the some supposed secrets of the industry;
  2. Free traffic software – to add speed and automation to your operations, but with no actual example of efficiency.
  3. Professional workshop – learn from the best how to generate organically more than 100 clicks each day with some random people.

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Who is One Minute FREE Traffic Suitable For?

This method is said to be suitable for anyone but I have found this is hardly the case. It will not work equally efficiently for people from every niche, every market, and every industry, especially when it comes to the targeted audience. It promises to teach you how to avoid email lists, paid ads, and all the hassle of actually converting the people who visit your offers, but I could not figure out how exactly.


And to top it all off – this simple method promises to show you how to get relevant traffic that converts. Setting it up is easy as 1-2-3 and requires no additional technological knowledge. A dream come true, especially for beginners, but also what many scam solutions promise.

Price & Refunds

Currently, the One Minute FREE Traffic system is available for the unbelievable $9. NINE dollars for something that can change your business overnight? This sounds to me like it is just a tool to get you hooked. And to offer you countless more upsells and upgrades for tons of money. For those of you who are skeptical of such almost miraculous solutions, I agree with you. Good thing there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to keep us safe.

If you’re unable to drive highly converting traffic to your business using this method, you can get back these sacred $9 if you email their support team within 30 days of purchasing it.

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Pros & Cons of One Minute FREE Traffic System

I researched carefully and found that advantages and drawbacks are relatively even, proving to me this solution is not the best in the shed.


  • Low price;
  • Works in multiple languages;
  • Crash-courses you through everything important about getting relevant traffic;
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Not suitable for every niche equally;
  • Not clear how to set up and launch;
  • Not suitable for more knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

Isn’t One Minute FREE Traffic a Scam?

Why? Because it’s cheap or because it offers an intuitive way to learn and start earning red hot buying clicks for your business? In either case, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that, but there really isn’t much concrete proof that it is either.

Despite the promise for unlimited free traffic and the claim that this is a set-and-forget system, there is not enough evidence for its efficiency. Despite the lowest price possible and the safety guarantees, I think you can settle for a better alternative.

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Overall Verdict

There are so many tools out there that can enhance your marketing efforts, it is hard to make a safe and right choice. I hope my review on the One Minute FREE Traffic system was able to help you in terms of making an informed decision. It is one of those nifty little resources that promise a positive change into your business model. But if you can find better alternatives, I advise you do that.

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