My Wealthy Affiliate Review [Scam Investigation]

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most popular digital initiatives for online money making if it is your wish to be a stay-at-home entrepreneur.

But as with every business opportunity, you need to know all of its aspects before you dive in. That’s what this review will help you to do.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

All in all, this is one of the leading business opportunities that can help you turn your hobby into a profession. It has been in business for years and has numerous active members that stand to gain from the tools, opportunities, and advantages Wealthy Affiliate gives them.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy to Do?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and preferred methods to make money online, one of the most sought-after business opportunities for several reasons. It does not require a huge capital investment to start, you can easily turn your own hobby into an affiliate field because the niche variety is huge, it is all up to you and your efforts, and you don’t need previous experience to start. But it sound misleadingly easy. It might take a lot of time before you start making good money.

Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity that promises to help you start in the affiliate marketing field quickly and with limited efforts. It comes with mentoring and guidance on how to begin. Of course, this is not a one-click solution for success. You need to work hard and be patient.

What Do You Stand to Gain From WA?

If you have read Wealthy Affiliate reviews, and there are many, you have probably noticed the emphasis people put on the simple fact that they provide education. Here’s what the opportunity offers you in order to get started:

  • Live Help – depending on your subscription type, it might be constant;
  • Beginning Training Course – so that you can get on your feet;
  • Bootcamp Training – so that you can learn how this can become a full-fledged business;
  • Live Video Classes – so that you can gain from first-hand experience;
  • WalkThroughs – so that you don’t lose your focus even if you have no idea what to do next;
  • Training Classrooms – so that you can discover the best fit, niche, and tactics for you;
  • 1-On-1 Coaching – so that you can network and gain knowledge from the other Wealthy Affiliate.

This is just a fragment of the extensive resource base the people of the business opportunity have provided for you. Of course, keep in mind that the access duration and the number of available materials will slightly depend on the subscription type you choose.

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What Else Is There?

There is much more to this initiative. With the Wealthy Affiliate legit business opportunity, you get all the tools necessary in one place. Apart from education and training which are vital for becoming a successful affiliate marketer, you also get:

1. Access to one of the TOP website building platforms – WA utilizes the SiteRubix platform. It is one of the most user-friendly and accessible site-building platforms. It comes with thousands of templates, numerous tools for optimization and analyses, constant support and website security and encryption to ensure the safety of data.

2. Easy, quick, secure, and simple acquisition of a domain – with WA resources, you can acquire the domain that best suits your niche and website content. It happens with a few clicks and your subscription to Wealthy Affiliate ensures you will receive email accounts, WHOIS protection, tight security with an SSL certificate, and DNS automation and management.

Registering a domain through the Wealthy Affiliate platform will cost only $13,99 per year including all features and extras, whereas other platforms will apply additional fees.

All Right, But How Much Will It Cost Me?

Of course, there is no free lunch in this world, as we all very well know, but with this online business opportunity, you might get close to that. There have been some Wealthy Affiliate scam disputes over the fact that they promote free subscription but limit resources. This is not really true though. Here are the two options you have in front of you when starting out with the initiative as your partner:

  1. Starter Subscription – this subscription costs $0 per month. It is aimed at complete newbies, beginners who have no previous real experience in the vast world of affiliate marketing. It allows you to gain the most vital knowledge of the industry thanks to the most of the educational resources. You can start out with 2 websites. This subscription is virtually free-of-charge and tries to ease you in into the industry.

  2. Premium Subscription – this subscription costs $49 per month. It is for those who already have solid experience, know what they are getting into and want to quickly build a network of websites that will work for them. With it, you can build 50 websites and put big goals in front of you. It is full of tools and resources that might strike newbies as confusing but is great for people with a significant amount of previous experience.

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You need to carefully evaluate your needs, goals, preferred niche, and experience before you choose a subscription plan. Both give you access to the website building platform, hosting service, and domain services. But the Premium one might be overwhelming if you are a complete novice.

On the website of the business opportunity, you can learn even more details about what each subscription provides you with. Once you subscribe, you will be able to build your website, purchase a domain, and you can begin publishing content. The training and tools provided by WA will help you drive traffic to your website and gain commissions from the products you promote through links or display ads.

When You Draw the Line, Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

I rarely end my business opportunity investigations with a strong conviction but for the WA initiate, I can tell you it is not a scam. The chance they provide you with is a one of the few very good ways to get you started in the affiliate marketing industry.

But Is It Worth It?

This depends entirely on your perception. Wealthy Affiliate requires money, time, and efforts. It requires you to stay motivated but there is still a chance that you might get discouraged because things do not happen quickly.

Before we part…

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