My Surge365 Review – Suitable Travel MLM Opportunities Or A Scam?

Surge365 is a third-party travel booking MLM solution whose website has been active since late October 2014.

So I decided to examine it and determine if it is a scam or legit.

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Surge365 Travel MLM Opportunity – What Does It Offer Users?

Not only has it managed to survive up until the current moment but their business appears to be thriving. People have been writing to me with a ton of questions. This multi-level marketing opportunity handles third-party travel bookings. Its affiliate structure is similar to other money-making solutions that I have reviewed in recent times, such as Pure Haven Essentials and Acti Labs. The two of them manufacture, sell, and distribute cosmetics and beauty products but their compensation plans are pretty much the same as with the present bizopp.

The official www (world wide web) dot-com domain of Surge365 does not list the core team that developed the MLM structure and opened the business but it does list a Founder’s Circle which consists of exactly 21 different individuals which are actually genuine people. Their professional occupations at the company are never listed but I suppose that all of them hold executive positions.

About 2 and a half years ago, a statement from the profit-generating solution was released via a third-party website. It announced that the President and effective CEO of the company is Scott Tomer. The corporate marketing team features Chris Cokely and James Tackett – a man who allegedly has worked for more than 50 similar firms.

Almost all of them have been in the direct sales sphere and some of them are quite the big game players in the cosmetics, beauty, and wellness industries – Avon, Oriflame, Herbalife, and Primerica. Users must have definitely heard about them!

These companies have basically written the rules of direct MLM sales and reselling. Tackett must have learned quite a lot since his own travel business has flourished in the years following its launch. He has a separate organization called Success Partners which mainly deals with the production of marketing and training video clips.

Travel Distribution Connections:

This travel membership sales company operates under the wing of the Pro Travel Network (PTN). The said has its very own affiliate program. As one might be quick to think, it encompasses dozens of smaller companies, all of which handle different types of vacation packages and promotions. It is one of the biggest digital platforms that help people find the perfect getaway at the price that they can afford.

Travel Booking & Membership Services & Products

The Surge365 reviews that I managed to examine online mentioned close to no actual products. Once I started looking at the official website of the MLM solution, I found out that there is a very good reason for this. The travel membership and booking company offers only third-party services.

It acts as a digital intermediary between the client and travel agencies and/or hotels and venues. They do not have any retail goods of their own up for sale. This suggests that it can be very hard for an affiliate to be able to sell and resell their products.

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So the most basic idea is that a member must do his best to attract as many more other members as is possible in order to achieve some kind of earnings. This is like the most basic MLM structure that you can come across on the Internet! And it is not known for being particularly financially rewarding.

There is some slight chance that it might turn out to be but it is quite slim. Affiliates would have to slave themselves off day and night in order to recruit others. And all of these efforts would be dedicated just to acquiring a small monetary reward in the end. The travel services and packages that they offer, however, are completely legit.

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What is the Surge365 Vortex?

This travel MLM opportunity has a specific product and service that lets clients save up to 85% – 90% off the cost of plane tickets and hotel fees. It is also a business opportunity all on its own as the Vortex Plus Surge365 owners gain immediate access to the services of a travel agency. They can opt to become travel agents of their own and acquire a college education in the sphere at the Aletheia University in Taiwan. Sharing these possibilities with others and recruiting them for the cause will also help the affiliate earn independent commissions.

Is The Surge365 Compensation Plan Any Good?

As I already mentioned above, affiliates are expected to attract new members and this is the most popular way of making money with the multi-level marketing company. Every recruited individual grants the affiliate $30. It is not much, to begin with, but the sum increases reciprocally as one climbs up the corporate ladder.

Team Builders make a heftier check but in order to qualify as one of them you must attract and keep at least 3 other paid affiliate memberships within 30 days of getting started or 7 if you couldn’t do this in a single month. Those who manage to comply with this requirement get $50 for every new member.

Once one has already recruited exactly 30 new affiliates, he or she is promoted to Regional Team Builder. They get $70 per attracted person that sticks with the money-making opportunity. The next level is to become a National Team Builder – at least 100 new members. Members then get $80 per fresh addition and a $50 commission for residuals.

The Surge365 memberships are the ones described below. Users can get in touch with the customer support of the affiliate program:

  • Vortex Platinum Membership: It acquires $477 one-time fee and $59.95 in monthly subscriptions thereafter. There is also a 5.99% processing fee. Affiliates receive the exclusive Vortex™ Technology, a Members-Only Pricing Platform, Weekly Specials, a Personal Concierge, and a 150% Price Match Guarantee.
  • Business Associate: The monthly fee here is just $10 and members get a mobile app, a taxbot mobile app, a comprehensive back office, a commission tracking program, reporting, and marketing websites in exchange for their money.

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Is Surge365 A Scam Or Legit MLM Program?

As far as I have managed to take a look at the business opportunity that this MLM solution offers, I have to say that I am not very impressed. The company is legit and authentic and so are the services and products that it provides access to.

But not only are the affiliate starting fees quite hefty, members must also work around-the-clock in order to acquire a stable primary or secondary income stream. It is not easy at all to get started and make money with it – users will also have to pay $59.95 every month in order to qualify to receive commissions. You will have to invest blood, sweat, and tears!

This money-making program is directed at people who have already secured a good lifestyle for themselves, like to travel frequently, and are in no way in need of an urgent financial injection. This being said, I would like to stress out that the business program is genuine and authentic.

Its only problem is that it is designed for a specific type of people.

Travel Booking Affiliate Marketing Solution Conclusion

Surge365 is a legit bizopp solution but there are many things that users have to be prepared for. They must be the embodiment of patience if they wish to succeed with this money-making opportunity. Which is not a bad thing. It is simply not my kind of thing.

There are close to no odds of the money-making program to become lucrative right from the very start.

I, personally, prefer online business opportunities that let you earn a sweet passive income from the cozy comfort of your own home.

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