My Daily Choice Review – Will It Make Your Profits Grow?

My Daily Choice is a multi-level marketing solution which handles beauty and wellness products.

The official website of the business opportunity does not make it clear for how many years it has been in operation.

But I did manage to dig up a couple of details about it.

So read My Honest & Unbiased My Daily Choice (MDC) Review to learn it all.

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My Daily Choice Company – What Is It All About?

The MLM solution is the official business partner of Hempworx – a bizopp that I review some time ago. It advertises and sells its own natural wellness product line and that of their affiliate. The network marketing opportunity functions much in the same manner as Total Life Changes (TLC) and Pure Haven Essentials – two similar companies that I have already reviewed some time ago.

Their own beauty solutions feature the exclusive Deer Antler Velvet extract which is an organic immune booster and anti-aging agent. My Daily Choice’s business partnership with Hempworx grants it the right to resell their CBD oil goods at reasonable prices.

The affiliate marketing opportunities that it presents are quite solid. Wellness goods have always enjoyed increased interest on part of the customers. There are many lucrative possibilities. The creators are actually the same people that established Hempworx – Josh and Jenna Zwagil. People who wish to work with them can also act as independent distributors.

One of the more positive things about it is that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor a pyramid. There are many individuals who manage to acquire clients and earn good profits. Both of the founders have stated that they wish for their affiliates to think of the company as a home and not just a business endeavor.

Cloud-Based Business Technology:

The business model of this multi-level marketing company applies and relies heavily on the power of modern technology. The MyDailyChoice Cloud Technology and Management System platforms were designed specifically to address the needs of the independent partners and one can log in at any time of the day. They offer low overheads and rewarding compensation plans. The product lines that one has to market, advertise, and resell are all-natural and their popularity in the market is growing slowly but steadily. The affiliate support operates 24/7 and one can get in touch with them from every point of the globe during every hour of the day.

My Daily Choice Products – Their Characteristics & Prices

The private product line of this wellness and lifestyle-improving multi-level marketing opportunity is manufactured in facilities that have been cleared and approved by the FDA and the cGMP. They are constantly monitored and the climate inside is strictly controlled All of the featured ingredients are purchased from some of the most reputable suppliers in the world.

They are completely organic. The company itself employs hundreds of chemists, formulators, and product experts, and raw material providers. The whole focus of the My Daily Choice sprays is to make people ‘live better, feel better, and look better’, as is stated on their official website.

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Creators Josh and Jenna Zwagil do not rely solely on the power of words and clever advertising. All of their goods come with the necessary legal documentation. This means that they have issued Certificates of Analyses, Free Trade Certificates, Gas Chromatography Tests, Antimicrobial Tests, and Potency Tests that both clients and affiliates can access at any time.

Let’s take a look at the high-quality life-changing sprays:

  • Peak: Its formula consists of Deer Antler Velvet and a mixture of superfruits. Boosts the metabolism and immune system, supports anti-aging, and enhances the performance.
  • Shield: Features coral calcium. Improves alkalinity, balances pH levels, gives more energy and vitality, and allegedly reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • Boost: Includes Vitamin B12 derivatives and a natural caffeine extract from coffee beans. It is intended to be a natural energy-inducing spray.
  • Trim365: Body-shaping solution whose formula focuses on the fruit of the Garcinia Cambogia plant. Supposed to suppress the appetite and make the body burn calories and fatty tissue faster.
  • Sleep: This wellness product is designed to help solve sleep issues. It features melatonin and a valerian root extract. Made to help regulate the circadian clock, support a peaceful sleep and rest time, and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Brain: Created to enhance the human memory’s capacity. Features Cognizin and Sensoril. Regulates the mood and tackles depression and anxiety. Improves the cognitive functions and the memory.

The wellness and beauty product company also sells the goods manufactured by the other business endeavor of its creators – Hempworx. Affiliates can sell and market the 500 mg and 750 mg packages of the Full Spectrum CBD Oil, the Topical Pain Rub with Emu Oil, the Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells, the Revive spray, the HempWorx Dog Treats with 2.5mg of CBD per cookie, and 250 mg package of Doggy Hemp Oil.

All of the My Daily Choice prices, even the CBD Oil ones, are very reasonable.

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My Daily Choice Compensation Plans – Can They Accumulate Profits?

While the business niche that the MDC multi-level marketing opportunity operates in might be a bit questionable, as there is no solid proof that their products actually work, the compensation plans are solid but the payment scheme is a bit complicated.

There are a total of 9 different starter kits. Every consultant has the change to acquire a stable commission of up to 25% of a given good’s price. New recruitments also make one earn more money. The main task is to build two teams of affiliates which are nicknamed ‘Left Leg’ and ‘Right Leg’.

They have to reach a certain amount of returns for the wellness company in order for you to make profits. Affiliates are also entitled to receive Jump Start Bonuses, Leadership Check Matching Bonuses, Global Bonus Pool Contribution, Rank Incentives, Elite Expense Accounts, and VIP Auto Club Bonuses.

Here is a short overview of the My Daily Choice starter kits and their average cost:

  1. Spray Builder Pack – $69
  2. Spray Director Pack – $149
  3. Spray Executive Pack – $299
  4. Brain Bears Builder Pack – $59
  5. Brain Bears Director Pack – $129
  6. Brain Bears Executive Pack – $199
  7. Travel Builder Membership – $69
  8. Travel Director Membership – $199
  9. Travel Executive Membership – $599

Is The MLM Company a Scam or Legit?

All the My Daily Choice hemp oil reviews that I managed to look through on the Internet speak very fondly of the affiliate marketing network. They sell high-quality goods that do have a chance of improving one’s wellness status and lifestyle. Their organic product line, as well as that of the couple’s other business venture – Hempworx, is legit and quite popular.

But this does not mean that it is suitable for every person. The business opportunity involves a lot of traveling and initial investments. Some people might not be willing to dedicate their whole day to this. I, for sure, won’t. There are better opportunities for those who wish to make their money digitally.

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MDC Affiliate Program Conclusion

This income stream solution can make stable and consistent profits. On one condition. You have to be willing to give it all the necessary time and attention. Affiliates are expected to travel across continents not only to sell wellness products and recruit new members but also to attend conferences.

As I already mentioned, this would bore the hell out of me

Also, there are very slim chances that it will be financially rewarding from day one …

Users have to keep in mind that the world wide web has a lot more to offer …

The sound of making and spending money rings so sweet …

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