Maelle Beauty Scam? – The Truth Exposed! [Check my Review]

Maelle Cosmetics (aka Maelle Beauty) is an online multi-level marketing opportunity.

The virtual buzz and fuss about it are great and this made me take a closer look at the beauty company and provide you with my fair Maelle review.

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Important Update! As of February 10th 2018, Maelle Cosmetics is in a legal dispute with the Younique company. The makeup business opportunity was said to be out-of-business but it has recently opened up its MLM program once again. For more information, it is best for users to proceed and write to the Marketing Department of Maelle Makeup.

Chris Welch -s Maelle’s creator and CEO is a former Younique employee. There is no official statement issued by either company as to how their marketing disagreement was solved and whether this has happened at all.

I will continue updating you about the Maelle lawsuit as soon as more information is made available!

Please, stay tuned!

Maelle Cosmetics Review

Lots of users state that they have managed to get good results and change their lifestyle for the better by reselling the Maelle makeup products. I began my inspection of Maelle mascara shortly before the legal battle with Younique began. Everything was going fine at that time with beauty product enthusiasts being satisfied with the products that the company manufactured. Most of the Maelle reviews, issued by people who had tried their multi-level marketing opportunity, saying that they have achieved good secondary earnings.

The Maelle starter kit costs $68 but the most popular one includes the Wrinkles Away! Restorative Night Cream, Wrinkles Away! Hydrating Day Cream, Skin Sparkle Facial Polish, Red Carpet Strobing & Contouring Kit, Secret Illuminator, Retractable Contouring Brush, and the Cheeky Blush. It is called the Long Weekend Essentials kit and its price tag is $250.

Other possible Maelle starter kits include the Day to Night package, Ready to Glow package, and the Mesmerized package. They cost less but also feature a smaller number of makeup goods. Existing genuine cosmetic reviews confirm that they were selling good and the online marketers managed to get consistent earnings for their works.

I am not currently trying to recommend the Maelle beauty company. I am just pointing out the facts as they were before the Maelle lawsuit broke out and made headlines. If you wish to get started with a completely legit and reliable digital business opportunity, then you can simple Go & Take a Look at My #1 Recommendation Here!

Maelle Name Fact:

The Maelle name is taken directly from the Breton word ’maëlle’. This is a Southwestern Brittonic Celtic language spoken mainly in Brittany. Its literal translation is ‘princess’ but it can also mean goal-oriented and ambitious. The cosmetic products company explains on their official website that the brand is supposed to represent better opportunities for both men and women. No animals were harmed during the manufacturing of their makeup and the employees and Chris Welch – Maelle’s CEO takes great pride in this.

What is Maelle Beauty & Makeup Company?

Maelle mascara was launched in October 2016. Despite the fact that they were relatively unknown at the time, the company led a very active and strong social media marketing campaign and managed to attract both customers and business partners. If it weren’t for the Younique scandal, it probably would have achieved good popularity levels.

Its list of cosmetic products is extensive and is said to feature high-quality goods, during the testing of which no animals were harmed. The opportunities for multi-level marketing affiliates are to act as part-time or full-time resellers of the various makeup and get earnings from commissions.

A good indication of the first-rate caliber of the cosmetic goods is the fact that the makeup manufacturer started with a relatively voluminous line of products. This is mainly due to fact that Chris Welch – the Maelle CEO has good previous experience of operating in this kind of business.

While the makeup itself isn’t anything mind-blowing or unseen before, it is amazing that the firm has managed to upkeep a solid list of products, even though it is unclear whether the Maelle lawsuit with Younique has been settled or not.

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Maelle Starter Kit & Competitive Compensation Plan

Users, who wish to get started with Maelle makeup company and become an official affiliate, must go to the official website and fill in a short request form with their names and email address. Upon confirmation, they will receive more details as to their sponsor, professional training, how to purchase a Maelle starter kit, and exclusive offers.

This is how you can become a so-called Maelle Pro. Keep in mind that after purchasing the starter kit, you will have to make an additional $89 in order to open up your very own portal that leads directly to the official website of the beauty and makeup company. This means that getting started with Maelle might require a higher initial investment that you expected!

There are several starter kits that affiliates can begin selling immediately, depending on their previous level of experience in the field and what their understanding of the makeup industry is. More advanced digital marketers can choose to get started with the Long Weekend Essentials, Summertime Sparkle or the Ultimate Getaway package.

Those, who are new to the cosmetic sphere, can opt for Maelle starter kits which have a lower price tag and higher return rates. The smallest possible package is called Mesmerized and costs only $68. Some of the other popular possibilities are the Day to Night and Ready to Glow packages.

Let’s take a look now at the main beginner kits that affiliates can get started with:

  • Basic Starter Kit: It is called Mesmerized and costs $68 but users must also make an $89 deposit if they wish to open a portal which leads to the official website. More information can be received when the future affiliate signs up.

  • Weekend Dreams (Long Weekend Essentials) Kit: Includes the products Wrinkles Away! Restorative Night Cream, Wrinkles Away! Hydrating Day Cream, Skin Sparkle Facial Polish, Red Carpet Strobing & Contouring Kit, Secret Illuminator, Retractable Contouring Brush, and the Cheeky Blush and costs $250. Good for sophisticated marketers.

  • Summertime Sparkle Kit: This one is also intended for advanced affiliates with lots of experience reselling cosmetic products. Its price tag is $260 and it includes the products Filmstar Eyelash Curlers, Angled Eyeshadow Brush, Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips – Fuchsia, Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips – Nectar, etc.

  • Ultimate Getaway Kit: This Maelle starter kit is intended only for absolute pros who can sell anything as its price is $500. The list of goods that it features is the following – Filmstar Eyelash Curlers, Like a Pro! Essential Brush Kit, Retractable Contouring Brush, Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips – Nectar, Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips – Coral, Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lips – Fuchsia and many more.

  • Day to Night Kit: Good for beginners as it is quite easy to market. Its price is only $120. Includes only the Wrinkles Away! Hydrating Day Cream and Wrinkles Away! Restorative Night Cream.

  • Ready to Glow Kit: Also, best intended for newbies. It costs only #210 and the products it features are Skin Therapy Restorative Facial Oil, Wrinkles Away! Restorative Night Cream, Wrinkles Away! Hydrating Day Cream, and Skin Sparkle Facial Polish.

Every Maelle started kit comes along with professional training from a woman named Mari Smith – a makeup and online marketing expert. It is said that its standalone value is $250. Affiliates get it by just purchasing their first kit.

I raised my eyebrows when I heard about the professional training part as there are lots of scam MLM opportunities that claim to provide free education by leading experts. But a quick checkup on the Internet revealed that Mari Smith is, in fact, a marketing pro in the field of social networks. She calls herself ‘The Queen Of Facebook’ and appears to be quite legit.

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Maelle Beauty Company – Scam or Legit?

There are no indications of a Maelle scam. The cosmetics company might acquire users to make a higher initial investment than they have expected but this does not suggest that they present one with shady or false multi-level marketing opportunities. The bigger downside is that the end result of the Maelle lawsuit with Younique is still unclear.

This implies that the solution might include possible risks to the online prosperity of their affiliates. Even if the makeup firm is still active, its official relations with the end client, as well as the proper distribution of their cosmetic line, might be deemed unreliable or illegal by the future ruling of the court.

Another thing to keep in mind is the high level of the required initial investment and the fact that affiliates must also pay their right to open a digital portal advertising the goods. There is also the rule that resellers must unload and distribute at least a $50 worth of cosmetics every 3 months in order to be considered active affiliates and get their commissions sent to them.

Otherwise, it does present possible affiliates with a strong product list and numerous fruitful business opportunities. My piece of advice to all users is to wait until either Maelle beauty company or its competitors from Younique have released an official statement as to the end result of the legal battle.

Maelle Cosmetics Conclusion

Maelle beauty and makeup company is a good business opportunity solution. But it is best for users to wait for the cosmetics manufacturer to clear the Maelle name in the ongoing legal dispute.

My overall verdict would be that Maelle cosmetics is solid and reliable but still has some issues to work through. There are better online business opportunities out there!

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