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First things first…

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The Inboxr system has been created to take care of what seems to be the biggest challenged for independent business online. Namely – customer engagement on social media.

It seems like the bigger the industry becomes, the harder it is to keep your clients’ attention, to engage them with quality content, and spring them into action. Whether to buy your products or simply discuss with you.

That’s why such solutions get introduced, to automate this process whenever necessary so that you never lose the attention of your targeted audience. The system was introduced by owner and creator Luke Maguire, known for his numerous online marketing solutions.

Who is Luke Maguire & what is his system?

As I mentioned, Luke Maguire is a well-known figure in the world of online marketing. He has developed and provided numerous solutions for improving your performance and results. The Inboxr system is a chat and engagement bot for Facebook and Twitter.


It allows you to engage and auto-text your targeted audience, and monetize these leads through the content. You can use it through your Facebook page or Twitter account. But you can also install the bot on your website and engage with visitor there through their Messenger app if they contact you.

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How does Inboxr work?

As its essence suggest, the system allows you to automate a huge part of your communication with customers, and post engagement. You simply to set up your messages, and this happens through the system’s dashboard:

  • Log into the dashboard of the system;
  • Set up Keyword Response Recognition;
  • Choose your niche or a page with viral content;
  • Set everything in place and sit back.

Response recognition will trigger the sending of pre-written messages when certain keywords, like ‘Hello’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Great’, and so on are used by the person who writes to you. In other words, you just have to create the responses. They will be automated.

As for choosing your niche or a page you like, this will let Inboxr discover posts and share them on your page to increase engagement through viral content.

Who is this chatbot for?

The system offers help and efficiency to marketers and entrepreneurs who wish to improve their digital marketing strategy and performance. When you don’t have time to engage with all of your customers and visitors, the chatbot will help you keep them engaged.

Don’t worry!
If a matter needs the attendance of a human, the Inboxr will direct the communication flow to you. No mishaps or misunderstandings.

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Inboxr – Cost & Expenses

The price you’re going to pay for the solution depends on your choice of a package:

  • $34/month for Lite – provides only very basic functions
  • $37/month for Basic – adds additional capabilities & video training
  • $47 one-time payment for ULTRA edition – all of the Inboxr capabilities are featured in this offer, including a special bonus and access to a VIP members-only group.

You can cancel your subscription at any given moment.


Can I make a Refund?

If you’re not happy with the automation of your communications and increase in engagement and sales, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase.

If you decide to stick with the system for 60 days, though, you can get a Double-Your-Money Back guarantee, if you’ve failed to achieve any results whatsoever.

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Additional Inboxr Features & Capabilities

This is not an average and simple chatbot. Its numerous advantages and additional capabilities that can turn it into your most valuable digital marketing tool:

  • automated follow-up messages;
  • bulk messaging;
  • audience engagement analysis;
  • website Messenger widget;
  • Facebook posts button “Send Message”;
  • will work on Twitter;
  • viral content discovery & sharing;
  • generic response content & transfer to a real person to answer;
  • additional training, support & videos;

I’ve seen many chatbots out there, and in my opinion, very few have so many capabilities and features that can greatly improve your performance and returns.

Is Inboxr a scam?

The system is not a scam, it is a well-developed tool for digital marketing, with viable results and obvious benefits. Many active users have shared their positive experience with the solution, and in my practice, I’ve seen very few chatbots that can offer what Inboxr can.

Overall Conclusion

Inboxr is one of the top-notch tools you can use to improve your digital marketing strategies, add new, and expand existing ones. As engagement is one of the key ways to increase your sales, this is a very good way to improve it and gain returns from that.

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