Fisher Investments Review – Reliable Business Opportunity Or Not? [Quick Facts!]

Fisher Investments (Fisher App) is a portfolio management solution.

More and more users are becoming particularly curious about this digital money-making opportunity. They have been writing to me, concerned if they can trust it or not.

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How Was Fisher Investments’ Performance in 2017?

This portfolio management company has been around for like forever. First launched in 1979, it relies on a titanium stellar reputation to attract new customers and affiliates. The main thing that it deals with is to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals. Their official website states that they handle over $100 billion in assets for a total of 50,000 individuals and more than 175 institutions.

Needless to say, this is a lot! Those people are not joking. But one should keep in mind that we are talking about serious investments and colossal capital. Meaning that you have to have serious connections in the sphere if you are to provide proper services to the clients!

There are many Fisher Investments offices located in different locations across the world, even in Portland. The financial advice company was founded by prominent financier Ken Fisher. He has been a contributing author for ‘Forbes’ magazine for over 30 years now, compiling a column called ‘Portfolio Strategy’. He has also written 11 books.

Not to mention that he was named one of the 30 most influential figures in the financial advice business sector by the ‘Investment Advisor’ magazine. He is also the active Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer. The greater part of the firm’s clients is high net worth individuals.

Some might be wondering why. Well, the official Fisher Investments Wiki states that a person has to be worth more than $500,000 in order to open an account with the advisory company. As one can imagine, it is not going to be very easy to find people that are willing to join, if one hasn’t had a sufficient amount of experience in the sector already. It is similar to Survey Junkie.

What Do Glasdoor & BBB Say About Fisher Investments’ Salaries?

Working for this money-making solution can be quite rewarding if one can handle it. The popular and transparent company rating website Glassdoor states that even a Project Manager there can make about $80,000 annually and the Sales Support – close to $50,000. The Fisher Investments website also says that most of the employees are there for the long run. But visitors who are considering whether or not to join should keep in mind that they have to have previous experience, a higher education degree in the sphere, and also a comprehensive understanding of how the world of big finances works. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) gives them a rating of 3 stars.

What Kind Of Products Does Fisher Investments Offer?

The main thing that this money-making opportunity offer is financial consultation. Its employees do their best to cater to the investment management needs of high-end individuals. Those include politicians, movie stars, and Wall Street gurus.

Fisher Investments has managed to build a name for themselves as one of the most powerful and reliable voices in the financial sphere. They employ only people who know their way around in the trading business and don’t fool around when it comes to working around-the-clock for the man.

Their financial services can be summarized as being the following:

  • Personalized Approach To Financial Portfolio Management;
  • Dedicate Enough Time To Fully Comprehend The Investment Situation, As Well As Their Goals and Cash Flow Requirements;
  • Flexible Handling Of Monetary Needs;
  • Unparalleled Top-Quality Services;
  • Transparent Billing Structure;
  • Regular Educational Seminars;
  • Free & Very Useful Investment Content;
  • Guides, Book, & Commentary;

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Not Your Typical Compensation Plan

This is not the typical multi-level marketing solution or online money-making method. It can be viewed as a business opportunity. The company does not have any compensation plans. Clients can earn a good income by either following their investment advice or applying for a job position at the company.

An important thing to consider, however, is that if one wishes to get his financial portfolio handled properly, one must have an annual income of more than half a million dollars. As visitors might have already thought of, having this kind of profits per year is not very easy.

Getting a job at the investment portfolio management firm is also no child’s play. All applicants must be in possession of a solid higher education in the financial sphere and a good resume of working for business opportunity companies that have operated with high-end clients.

What Kind Of Accounts Does The Business Opportunity Handle?

Most private clients can find more detailed information on the matter readily available on the Fisher Investments website. Apart from helping one with one’s financial portfolio management, the company offers services, related to annuity conversion, financial and retirement planning. They are separated into the following categories:

  1. Equity Accounts: Popular stocks and their fiat equivalents.
  2. Fixed Income Accounts: Fixed income financial equivalents and real-life counterparts.
  3. Balanced Accounts: A personalized mixture of stocks, fixed income financial instruments, and fiat money.

Is Fisher Investments A Scam Or Legit Company?

This business opportunity is as legit as it gets. The creator Ken Fisher is a well-respected author who spent the greater part of his life writing for ‘Forbes’ magazine. His company serves only high-end clients and has been in operation since 1979. There are literally thousands of people around the world that have managed to benefit from their financial advice.

But this cup might turn out to be too big for every mouth that wants to drink from it. Getting a job at the investment firm means that one has to have highly-specialized skills and a proper education. So, unless you happen to have both of the said – it is best to turn elsewhere.

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Fisher Investments Conclusion

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