Evolution Travel – A Scam or Legit Program? [My Personal Experience]

You are maybe interested to read a substantial and trustworthy Evolution Travel review?

There are many available Evolution Travel reviews on the Internet, however, I am going to provide you with all the important information related to this company and the services it has to offer.

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What is My Evolution Travel?

To tell you the truth it is pretty obvious that this online business opportunity is quite popular among the regular people who are willing to start making money online. This is absolutely normal as everyone wants to find a legit way to increase their income.

The company has been founded by David McCovy who is a lifelong entrepreneur. I must say here that Evolution Travel works in a partnership with Archer Travel Service, Inc. Ron Archer is its Director of Travel & President. The Evolution Travel company has obviously developed a home based travel business that includes training, dedicated support, and sales assistance. According to the provided official information this income-generating opportunity should be able to offer a long-term engagement that can help you achieve success and generate satisfying profits. The positive results are derived by both Referral Program and Travel Sales.

Basically, this travel agency is dedicated to assist all its members with an extensive training program and constantly available support service.

The main goal of the Evolution Travel agency is to be one of the most professional and preferred home-based travel business opportunities that are available in the industry. They are trying to offer both a working method for additional income and products with excellent quality.

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What Are The Products Offered by Evolution Travel?

Here, I am supposed to offer some detailed information about the product line of this money-making opportunity but the truth is that it doesn’t technically sell anything. The whole idea is that you can act as your own travel agent. This lets you receive access to a wide range of coupons and discounts on various travel packages.

In other words, the online business opportunity company does not have any retail goods to sell. Still, all its members will be provided with access to the Evolution Travel Academy which will help them learn all the needed information in order to become successful travel agents of their own.

If you decide to sign up in the program and get the PTA (Professional Travel Agent) package, you will receive access to the following special features:

  • Travel Commissions
  • Customizable Travel Website
  • Direct Access to Vendors Worldwide
  • Travel Training – personal support and training provided by company with over 60 years experience.
  • Weekly Commissions – from the referral program
  • Residual Income
  • Discount Directory
  • Tax Benefits
  • Many other Perks

What is The Compensation Plan Of Evolution Travel?

This feature is of utmost importance for the team behind this company as thanks to the affiliate program it offers, users will start earning money as they can get deals for themselves. In addition, they can recruit other people that will be also able to take advantage of the promotions that are available.

The first step for each new member of the money-making opportunity is to become an Evolution Travel consultant. Then, you can progress through more affiliate ranks as you sell more and more PTA packages. So, you can start from a regular consultant and become an executive, a bronze, a silver, a gold, and even a platinum consultant if you manage to sell enough travel packages. If you qualify for the gold or the platinum consultant status for 3 months in a roll, you will receive respectively 20,000 or 40,000 shares of the company. In addition, all the affiliates are given the chance to earn commissions up to 90%, a residual income plan, and discounts on the plans they can buy for themselves.

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How Much Does It Cost?

For those of you who are willing to join Evolution Travel in order to try generating some additional income, I have to say, that you will have to pay an upfront fee of $30. Also, there is a monthly payment of $69.95. As you can see the price is not high so you should definitely seriously consider the option to become an affiliate of the travel company. It may help you increase your regular income.

Why Many Travel Agents Fail to Achieve Success?

All the users who decide to take advantage of this online opportunity should be aware of the fact that monthly recurring bills will keep coming. In this context, if you are not passionate about this possibility you are very likely to start sinking your funds into it. The lack of activity and inner motivation is the reason that can make you fail as a travel agent.

If you are willing to work with Evolution Travel only to benefit from the discounts on your travel packages, then you are probably making the wrong decision. Unless you travel frequently, and your total savings from travel packages outweigh the membership fee, you won’t be able to generate positive results from all this. So, take your time and make the right choice.

Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme or Not?

From my experience, I can tell that this online business opportunity is not a scam but a legit solution. Usually, it is really hard to tell due to the great number of available work-from-home possibilities that are available on the Internet. Still, I believe that this particular product has interesting features to offer so you should check it out.

Also, I gathered many different users’ reports from the web and all of them were positive. The other reviews approve the performance of the money-making solution, too. This comes to show that regular people can actually generate some positive results by using it. This is the reason why I am going to share their opinion.

My Final Words On Evolution Travel!

The only thing that bothers me about Evolution Travel is the fact that it doesn’t have any product line to offer. Usually, there are so many similar products on the market that people can easily get confused on which offer is really legit and which one is a scam. And this company has a clear idea about what it wants to achieve and how you can take advantage of it.

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