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Social media is a great platform that can tremendously increase company sales. However, for it to be effective, you ought to have a certain level of engagement with your followers.

The more you engage with other users, the higher your chances of getting a better outcome. For a person with a busy schedule, doing so can prove to be quite challenging.

That is where Engagermate steps in. Developed and enhanced by professional marketer Luke Maguire, it is meant to automatically send users a direct message to their inbox the moment they follow your profile on Instagram.

The message can be customized to meet your specific needs. This is a tool of its own kind and has been coded with great precision such that it’s unthinkable for it to make a mistake. To make it more effective, Engagermate is designed following the basics of Artificial Intelligence.


Engagermate OVERVIEW

Skill: All Levels
Price: $47 – $67
Niche: Social Media Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, 60-Day Double Your Money
Homepage: www.engagermate.com

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What is Engagermate?

ENGAGERMATE is a tool designed to automatically send social media users a customized message immediately after the follow your profile. In doing so, it increases your engagement with them thus giving you a higher ranking in the social circles and improving your chances of making sales.

With Engagermate, you have the ability to send a direct welcome message even as you sleep! Keeping up with the number of people following you can be quite a daunting task. That is why it is essential to have a tool which can take some work off your shoulders.

Even as it does so, you will realize that you want your followers to feel as though they are interacting with a real human. That’s why Engagermate gives you the liberty to customize your message. Make it fun, and you are sure to take the best out of the tool.

With Engagermate, you are provided with notifications about the changes in your followers’ base. You get to see in real-time your growth rate. This helps you determine whether a certain strategy works or not. Feel free to experiment with as many strategies as possible until you have an approach which gives rapidly increasing growth.


Still, on real-time notifications, the platform provides reports on what the audience is doing with and on your profile.

Did a certain user just visit your profile?

Have they liked any of your pictures?

Such insights are helpful in guiding you to determine what to do with the user. You could decide whether or not to send them a message and what kind of message could be sent.
Engagermate is not your regular bot that operates in a malicious or spam manner.

The platform can be integrated with Instagram via iPhone and Android applications prior to connecting with the main cloud. This is a key indicator that Engagermate operates in accordance with Instagram’s terms and conditions.


Android and iPhone rarely allow that kind of integration capability if they have a reason to doubt the genuineness of the tools. One major merit about being able to integrate with the Android and iPhone apps upfront is that users can actively follow their stats and engagements in real-time.

Engagermate creators are on a mission, and the mission is to ensure you don’t break your bank account to achieve results while at the same time making sure that your customers receive better care.

The kind of work that the tool does is sure to help you increase your earnings. As the returns flow in, your customers are also made feel that they are an important part of your business.

Users are given various additional upgrades and features, and there is a good reason for that. ENGAGERMATE is on the verge of creating history. This is a kind of history that will not only increase the satisfaction level of customers but also increase the inflow of cash in the involved businesses.

Through constant training and improvements, Luke Maguire and his system have managed to offer a way to auto-engage a higher number of Instagram accounts for increased traffic. This has already been done in the trial phases and the results have been mesmerizing.

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How does Engagermate work?

The following are the simple steps through which ENGAGERMATE works:

  • Connect

Input the hashtags being used in the target market and the usernames of your competitors who’ve positioned themselves on Instagram to emulate their strategy.


  • Select

Select what you would want to happen. It could be to follow users, like photos, or unfollow inactive users. Consider the information you’ve received from the competitors’ analyses from step one.


  • Engage

Click on Start and relax as your Instagram account automatically likes users in your hashtag and target market, as well as those who’ve interacted with your immediate competitors.


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Who is Engagermate made for?

Engagermate is for Instagram account holders who are eager to make real returns out of their followers and to leverage the power of social media marketing. Any person who has an interest in making sure they have increased user engagement should take the platform seriously.

If you are an Instagram Influencer, this is an opportunity worth taking note of. For companies to get you to influence others over their products, they want to be sure that you have the likes and followers. Engagermate puts you on the right path towards getting that.

Unlike bots, it does not give you fake likes that will only end up being taken down by the social media owners. Rather, you are allowed to have a human-like engagement with real account holders who are then compelled to follow your profile and react to your posts without much persuasion.

Public figures should also have an interest in how Engagermate works. As a public figure – politician, prominent business person, etc. – you are sure to have so many people trying to connect with you all the time.

There are periods when they may not be pleased with what you did and there are times they are more than just happy. Engagermate has a platform for keeping tabs with such changes so that you can improve your reputation and reach desired goals.


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How much does Engagermate cost?

Engagermate’s cost is $67. However, given that there is an offer at the moment, you can get it at $47.

This is a fair price and you are sure to get the value for your money. It has been optimized and enhanced for optimal results without you having to pay additionally for anything else.

Can refunds be made?

Yes. ENGAGERMATE has a 14-day money back guarantee. If you need a refund, just email them and you shall be contacted. If you have a technical issue that makes you request for a refund, attempts will be made to resolve it. If it is not handled, your money shall be refunded.

Also, if you decide to stick with them and give it your best shot for 60 days, but still no results are generated for you, your refund will be doubled.

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Key Features

  • Real-time notifications – Get to see in real-time what the audience is doing on your profile;
  • Instant welcome message – Do not keep users waiting before you thank them for following you. You could also invite them to engage with many of your offers online;
  • Numerous ways to connect – Take advantage of hashtags, locations, and profiles to explore new audiences and increase your interaction with them;
  • Automatically stop following – Instagram has a cap of 7500 people that you can follow. Do not allow yourself to be caught up with that limitation;
  • Leverage your results – Use Engagermate to enhance your reach and get better returns from locations, profiles, and hashtags. Stop wasting time on efforts that do not pay off;
  • Interact only with potential customers – Make use of commercial filters so that you are able to interact with just potential customers rather than wasting time on profiles that do not generate returns;
  • Interact while not online – You cannot be online all the time. At a time when you are not connected, Engagermate continues to reach to your target audience and does what you would have done.


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Is Engagermate a scam?

No. It would be unfair to label a platform that has been developed with so much creativity and effort as being a scam.

Even though it works to increase your social media rating and engagement with users, its approach is completely different from that of bots. Bots are known to create a fake perception that you have a huge following on the Internet.

Such impressions are often short-lived because soon Instagram and other social media platforms would notice and bring down the whole account.

In the case of Engagermate, every new follower is genuine. The kind of interaction made with the followers is also authentic and has a human touch.

That’s because you have the ability to customize the message sent so that users do not feel as if they are speaking to a machine.

Engagermate final verdict & conclusion

ENGAGERMATE is a great tool that increases your social media engagement. With this tool, you are able to send direct messages to users and keep track of what people are doing on your profiles.

Leverage these kinds of actions to increase the returns of your online business. Even as that happens, customers are left feeling that you value them.

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