Enagic Products & Opportunities [Full Scam Review]

If you are here, this means you are probably interested in the opportunities the Japanese company Enagic has to offer in terms of generating additional income through Multi-Level Marketing.

The following review tries to encompass all the plus sides and all the negatives of taking them up on their offer.

Before we begin…

There is no shortcut to success and you should make the effort to consider every option there is with its positive and negative sides. But there is a shortcut to the good alternatives. If you are ready for a six-figure income, see what method made me $100K in six months.

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The Enagic Business Opportunity & Its Angle

Enagic EU and the branch offices related to this website are the European establishment of the Japanese manufacturer of Kangen systems for alkaline water filtration. The opportunity offered is basically a MultiLevel Marketing initiative that accepts people from all over the world, as long as there is a company branch there.

The goal of the Japanese company, led by Hironari Oshiro, is to help people discover a better way of life. Healthier, and like they have said on their website – not just in terms of physical but also mental and financial health. This is what their partners will have to sell to the potential clients.

The Enagic Products – Can You Market Them?

The Enagic Kangen water systems combine the best traditions in Japanese scientific research and manufacturing. We are all used to considering Japanese technology to among the best available in the world. This is a good way to start promoting their products. But let’s see if they have other merits, as well.

  • Leveluk Kangen 8 – this is, according to the information, the most powerful antioxidant system. Its build is made so that it can improve water ionization.
  • Leveluk-R – this is the starter model of Enagic, a very basic water ionization system that is more of a budget deal.
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum – this is supposed to be the best machine in its class and has been made in a way that corresponds fashionably to modern-day kitchens.
  • Leveluk SD501 – this is a more simplistic model than the Platinum, although it is also considered the best in its class.
  • Leveluk JRII – it has been made in a way that allows for a decreased energy consumption, which has made it a less productive solution and is recommended for less intensive usage.
  • Anespa DX – this is a solution in the showering product line of Enagic. It is supposed to provide clean of chlorine water, rich in moisturizing minerals that is good for both skin and hair.
  • Ukon – this is a dietary supplement made from wild turmeric, distilled and produced in an innovative way so that it can enable a healthy life.

These are the most basic details shared about the products you will have to market on part of Enagic. Some claim that the Enagic business opportunity is a scam because of the amount of information you will have to learn about the different products. Basically, you will have to specialize in a very specific field in order to make a compelling statement when you try to sell their products.

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Is the Enagic Compensation Plan Enough?

In order to become a partner of Enagic and sell their products, you will have to buy a machine of your own. This is how you become either a part of a team if you bought it from a representative of the company or you become an independent retailer and you can start to work on your own.

There are six ranks you can move through when becoming a part of Enagic:

  1. 1A this is the very basic level, at which you have only just begun. This rank is appointed to you when you buy your first machine and when you have made only two direct sales.

  2. 2A – this rank is appointed to you once you make your 3rd sale.

  3. 3A – the rank starts from your 11th to your 20th sale.

  4. 4A – this rank is appointed when you make your 21st sale and it is retained until your 50th sale.

  5. 5A – this is one of the highest ranks and begins at the 51st sale.

  6. 6A – this is the highest possible rank you can achieve and you acquire it ones 101 sales have been made.

Some of these ranks might sound hard to achieve. But here’s when the Multi-Level of this initiative comes in. When you start selling products, you will virtually recruit the people you have sold the water ionizing machine to. If they decide to join, they become part of your team and their sales too are accounted to you as well. In other words, you can generate both direct and indirect sales

How Are Commissions Calculated?

There is a fixed amount of commissions awarded for each sale made depending on the product. Your earnings are equal to the results of the fixed amount multiplied by your rank. To be honest, it is quite complicated to understand how this whole thing works, but the team of Enagic has made their best effort to explain it. The trick is that if you don’t work hard and fail to build your team, it will be very hard to generate the big commissions.

Terms & Conditions of Joining

Like it was already mentioned, once you buy one of the Enagic products you become eligible to join them as their retailer. The only thing you have to do is purchase your starter kit that can explain to you how to start, give you tips and tricks, and serve as an overall guidance for your experience.

The thing here is that there is no clear information how much this starter kit is going to cost you. If you are not sure you can handle the requirements and you don’t have the time to invest, and the skill to sell the products, you might be taking a risk.

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Is Enagic a Scam After All?

This business opportunity is entirely legit. It is registered on platforms that feature some of the biggest best-known names in the Multi-Level Marketing. The thing with it is that the Enagic comp plan and the efforts you will have to invest might not correspond with each other. There is also one last thing I was not able to clear out – how come you don’t have to pile inventories, since you do have to buy and resell the products?

Should You Join It? Overall Conclusion!

Making money online through Multi-Level Marketing has worked out for many people. The downside of this is that such initiatives require a lot of efforts and they might not pay you back.

Enagic and its business opportunity do work but it might not be what you hoped it to be.

Before we part…

Efforts are a key ingredient for success when trying to make money online. But if there are more than the gains you acquire you should ask yourself – is it worth it? At this point, I can only guide you to a better alternative that requires fewer efforts and resources on your part, and has generated for me $100K in the past six months alone!

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