Drop Ship Lifestyle Review


Building an online business could be an easy encounter or a tough one, depending on who is guiding you. As much as Shopify was developed to simplify the creation of an e-commerce site, you require proper training to make the most out of it.

Drop Ship Lifestyle claims to help interested parties establish an online store without necessarily having any marketing experience. Today we give you a review of the Drop Ship Lifestyle program, providing insights into how it is structured and whether or not you should give it a try.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the course’s main web page, you will find a list of items that the course promises to teach you. They include:

  • Introduction to high-ticket drop shipping
  • Strategies for picking niches
  • The various e-commerce business models
  • Steps to building a brand which provides real value
  • The best places to get suppliers
  • Methods of order fulfillment
  • Launching a store with automation features
  • Live questions and answer session

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The website’s footer then provides links to Drop Ship Lifestyle social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You will realize that these pages are kept active with at least 3 posts a day. It is a good thing that the page is very active.

When we reached out, we received a reply in not a very long period of time. This gave us more confidence in the course as it showed that he cares about his students, though the people behind it were not too quick to respond.

A key trick to choosing the right training course is to be sure that you will be able to reach the provider whenever an issue comes up. It is human to have difficulties in any class. Thus, your tutor in the online class should be easily accessible. That seems not to be a problem with Drop Ship Lifestyle.

A visit to its YouTube channel and you will realize that Anton Kraly, the course creator, is pretty serious about what he offers. As at the time of writing this review, the channel had a total of 58,858 subscribers. We expect this number to continue growing as Anton Kraly releases more videos.

We wanted to know all the important details about this course and whether it is a viable solution for any person who would like to join the drop shipping world. We found the answers we were looking for.


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Drop Ship Lifestyle – Detailed Review


  • Training on a legit business model
  • Long videos, signaling likelihood of detailed content


  • Lots of online complaints from past students
  • Sneaky refund terms
  • Customer support is questionable
  • Packages aren’t user-friendly

There are various ways in which you can land on the official course page. Whether it’s through YouTube or any of the many social media platforms, there is always a way to get you on the official page. This is as a result of the intensive advertisement that has tried to push people into a sign up.

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Module 0: Overview

This course has a total of 4 lessons which will require about 1 hour 35 minutes to complete. Students are introduced to the e-commerce world, lifestyle design, and online business. The videos in this module are a must-watch before you can move forward to the next sections.

Some of the things that are covered under the module include foundations of e-commerce, foundations of online business, code of ethics, and knowing your way.

Module 1: Niche Selection

Niche Selection is an important concept. You must understand that drop shipping is just like any other online business. For you to be successful at it, you must understand what you are dealing with and what you are not. That is the essence of niche selection.

Module 1 is quite a detailed section, providing step-by-step guidance on how to identify niches that favor drop shipping. The section then takes a deeper look at product selection. For beginners, the best approach would be to first get done with the Mindset Course prior to starting the training.

The Mindset Course is a bonus offering, which means you will not be charged for anything. That is a fair deal considering that it gives one an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

With the Mindset Course, you are able to understand why you want to become a drop shipper. It paves the way to highlight actual motivators. An entrepreneur must be motivated. This is the fuel that will allow them to overcome the most challenging tasks even when they feel like giving up.

Under Module 1, one is promised to learn quite a lot of details. The 10 lessons taught here feel like it’s a complete course on its own yet they are, apparently, just a small part of a bigger training. This is where one should learn of ideas such as brand loyalty, target market, pricing criteria, and passion vs. profit.

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Module 2: Market Research

The videos in this module are designed to train on the techniques for vetting niche ideas and settling on the most appropriate one. One is first introduced to what market research entails before diving into the key information required for selecting your market.

An exclusive concept – The Evergreen Test – is explained. This is a concept which is helpful when it comes to market research.

There is also the idea of identification of competitors and knowing how to deal with them. This is a video, though, we didn’t find to be quite helpful. It wasn’t extensive and comprehensive enough, given the importance to be aware of what your competitors are doing.

Module 3: Create your website

This is where things begin to get more confusing. The module is so important that Anton assigned it a whopping 14 videos to be completed in about 3 hours 30 minutes.

This is the section where we thought students of the course might get confused the most. You are promised to learn the steps to building an astounding store even though you might not have prior web design knowledge.

Complete beginners, though, might feel lost in all the nifty details. Some very important elements have been missed out simply because a store is not the same from one person to the other.

The directions that Drop Ship Lifestyle shares on how to get your website up and running are far from clear.

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Module 4: Get Drop Shippers

The backbone of a drop shipping e-commerce site is that you must have the actual drop shippers chosen. That is why this module is supposed to be essential. It has a total of 9 lessons, providing details on how to get suppliers within the selected niche.

The Module classifies suppliers in terms of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It goes ahead to train on how to conduct supplier research and the strategies for building trust with your suppliers. Furthermore, students are shown the way to strike supplier relationships, taking into consideration aspects like terms, exclusivity, and pricing.

Our overall impression of that module is conflicted. We very well understand the importance of finding reliable suppliers, and that’s why we’ve introduced you to some of the best sources. We don’t think the course can help you objectively assess the quality of the different resources you have at your disposal.

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Module 5: Optimize for Conversions

Module 5 is all about increasing conversion rates in your stores. It does not make sense to spend all this time building an intuitive store and even get suppliers yet you cannot make a profit. Managing your conversion rates provides the basis for making money. This is a business one is starting, so money has to be made for it to be sustained.

Module 5 shares various strategies for increasing conversion rates. They include: getting reviews, creating urgency, social media use, creating bonus offers, prioritizing usability over design, and exploiting leads weaknesses.

If you have no idea of either and how conversions work, you might have a hard time understanding the provided lessons. We’ve come to find they are confusing, especially for beginners.

Module 6: Get Traffic

In an online business, the more traffic you get, the higher your chances to sell. The underlying statement in this Module is that one does not necessarily have to attract all the traffic in the world. Rather, what you need are potential leads. These are people who are more likely to buy from you.

The Module discusses some of the best places to get traffic and how to make use of these. Search engines (Google and Bing) are evaluated. Search engine domination and paid social traffic are discussed but there’s no indication you will learn how to get targeted traffic.


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Module 7: Outsourcing and Automation

Automation features are discussed in the very last module. This is because he recognizes that at times you may have time limitations. Outsourcing and automation come in handy under such circumstances. A special note is made regarding refraining from outsourcing operational tasks until the business begins to make a profit.

With the 11 videos which can be completed in about 2 hours, the Module makes a case for both outsourcing and automation. But in our opinion, it fails to provide you with adequate guidance on how to find the best automation tools and make the best out of them.

Final Verdict

We have been in the dropshipping industry and ecommerce for quite a long time and we know a good course when we see one. Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a course we would recommend, especially for beginners.

Even though the Modules are arranged in a chronological manner and they try to build upon each other, it comes off as hard to follow. Beginners will have a hard time comprehending all of it at once.

The fact that there have been complaints with getting refunds, and the significant price of the course , priced at $2,997 minimum, make us really uncomfortable.

We’ve come to realize there is a better alternative that can help you get on the path to successful drop shipping, and at a price much more reasonable for what you get.

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