doTerra Business Review – Is The MLM Worth It?

doTERRA is said to be one of the hottest MLM solutions.

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A Short Overview Of The doTERRA Business

The MLM company was launched in early 2008 with the sole purpose of enriching the modern cosmetics sphere with all-natural essential oils. It is stated on the official website that the main purpose of the business solution was to develop and establish standards in an industry, in which it is extremely hard to trace the true origins of a product.

It is actually quite similar to Vida Divina, Hempworkx, Total Life Changes, and Pure Haven Essentials – some other money-making solutions that I’ve reviewed. The only difference is that the doTERRA founders actually managed to create a new standard of ‘therapeutic quality’ – CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. The founding executives are David Stirling, Corey B. Lindley, Emily Wright, Gregory P. Cook, Dr. David Hill, Robert J. Young, and Mark A. Wolfert.

One of the peculiar things about it is that the firm managed to expand quite quickly. They like to say about themselves that their main driving force is hidden in four key principles – hard work, passion, vision, and commitment. The business venture is all about supplying people who may or may not have an idea about essential oils with natural body care products that can be used safely on family and friends.

The main business opportunity that doTERRA presents to users involves the direct selling of their organic goods. It is stated that the sales model is unique, replacing the traditional mass marketing with a more personal approach. This also involves the active testing of the products so that the clients can convince themselves of the quality of the goods.

This allows them to experience the benefits first-hand and develop a trust-based relationship with the Wellness Advocates, as the sales representatives of the company are called. There are actually more than 2 million consultants around the world which proves that the body maintenance goods corporation is expanding.

doTerra Pro Fact:

Many people wonder why the wellness products company is called the way it is. The word is actually a play of words with the Latin phrase ‘Donum de terra’, meaning ‘a gift of the Earth’. It is supposed to represent the entire idea behind the organic essential oils – that if one relies on the power of natural goods, then he or she can achieve much more lifestyle advantages than with anything else.

Main Product Line – Organic Essential Oils

The product line of this natural body care manufacturer encompasses more than three pages, filled with single essential oils. They have literally extracted everything from lavender through Siberian fir to myrrh. Most doTERRA product reviews speak quite fondly of the good availability. It is actually quite hard to find a dissatisfied customer.

It has expanded quite rapidly since its humble beginnings about a decade ago. There are also different types of proprietary blends, as well as personal body care, nutritional supplements, body-sculpting solutions, different collections, and diffusers.

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Their main product categories can be defined as belonging to the following categories:

  • Essential Oils: Single oils, proprietary blends, On Guard, Breathe, DeepBlue, and DigestZen.
  • Lifestyle: Personal body care and maintenance, nutritional supplements, body-shaping solutions, collections, and diffusers.
  • Other: Healing Hands creams, literature, accessories, special offers, storage, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) accessories.

The only thing that could raise a bit of suspicion as to the actual effectiveness and usefulness of the cosmetic goods is the fact that their labels lack a country of origin. But the essentials oils have been exhaustively examined and tested by experts and are determined to be legit and authentic.

How to Sell doTERRA Products?

As was already mentioned, this MLM business opportunity is all about direct selling. There are not many details as to how exactly one can become a Wellness Advocate but the job involves a lot of traveling and the ability to communicate freely with new people. It’s all about the charms, as they say in the sphere!

The first thing that sales representatives are supposed to do is pay the $35 registration fee. This is quite the minuscule sum, considering what most beautifying product manufacturers want. In exchange, one gets to purchase the natural product line with a 25% discount off the original price.

The main task here is to market them via direct contact or the online shopping portal. Most doTERRA reviews reveal that people get a 25% commission just from selling alone. One of the more important things to keep in mind is to stack up on a broader product range so that you can supply a customer with anything that he or she wants.

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This could be a potential downside as the initial investment could turn into a great financial burden. Wellness Advocates have to attract new clients which can easily turn to another representative if you don’t happen to have the exact thing that they want. But purchasing the entire cosmetic line is not very pocket-friendly, even though it is good to keep a full inventory.

Global Botanical Network:

The wellness products manufacturer states that the business opportunity grows their own plants, out of which they distill and formulate the essential oils. Most doTERRA company reviews confirm that this is true. The firm has gardens, farms, and greenhouses in over 40 different countries around the world. Co-Impact Sourcing® and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ are the names of two of the main charity organizations that the natural beautifying goods firm has founded. They seek to improve the lives of people in the impoverished areas of the countries where their partners are located.

Is The MLM Company A Legit Business Venture?

All available evidence suggests that doTERRA is the real deal. Their essential oils and other goods truly do have the chance to improve the lifestyle of clients. Their multi-level marketing career opportunity is also legit and authentic. But visitors have to keep in mind that it might be best-tailored for people that like traveling and communicating with new people a lot.

Keeping a full inventory to keep clients satisfied and catered to can also be tricky. The essential oils company does present viable chances for one to achieve a good secondary income. It is genuine and reliable. People who prefer to get started with a true online money-making solution can simply Go & Take a Look at My #1 Money-Making Recommendation Here!

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doTERRA Review Conclusion

There are two types of people. Some prefer to go out and sell random people cosmetic products. Some like the cozy comfort of their home and prefer digital money-making solutions.

DoTERRA is a good business opportunity for the former. But if you are my type of person and belong to the second category, then maybe it is time for you to try something different.

Do you like the sweet sound that money makes when you spend it?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, don’t waste your time on business ventures that aren’t meant for you.

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