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Welcome to my review of DesignBundle

Received an invitation to join DesignBundle?

I got invited to join DesignBundle and wanted to know if it is real.

Below you can read my DesignBundle review (You won’t believe what I found)

Before I start….

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For a design artist, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you can have all your design tool in one place and make twice the amount from your clients with efficiency and unique designs that you will save you money, time and relieve stress.

DesignBundle is one of such apps that allow you to work at your pace but delivers excellent quality showcasing your skills and prowess in the art of designing. This DesignBundle allows you to make money while you work; if that doesn’t please you then what.

It is time to stop wasting time with a design app that never satisfies your level of understanding and use the DesignBundle to reveal your eye for design and creativity now.

What is DesignBundle?

DesignBundle is design software with all the basic graphics and design apps in a collection for whatever artistic direction you choose. It is an app that contains 10 different apps and a bonus app making it 11; all for the price of one.

The apps are:

  1. The Landing Page Builder
  2. The Pixa Graphic design
  3. The Ecover Creator
  4. The Logo Creator
  5. The Mockup Creators
  6. The Scene Creator
  7. The Stock Explorer
  8. The Flexible Images
  9. The E-Book Creator
  10. The Video to GIF Creator
  11. The bonus bundle – the viral quote creator and over 6,000 templates to choose from.


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How to Get DesignBundle to Work for You?

The process is easy; you log in to the website and follow the instructions listed there. Once you have completed all the steps as stated on the site, you will receive an email that the product is live and you can use it now.

Who is the DesignBundle For?

The DesignBundle suite is for everyone, but especially for people in the graphic design world or that need design incorporated into their job or as part of their work layouts.

You can be a regular designer, a graphic artist, a writer, a freelancer, an online marketing expert or an upcoming artist that needs an affordable design app without breaking the bank.

Or you just wish to keep graphic design in-house and not to employ a specialist.

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How much does the DesignBundle cost?

The DesignBundle has gone from thousands of dollars to less than 100 dollars. You can enjoy the current promo prices, respectively:

  • Personal Bundle for $47;
  • Commercial Bundle for $48.5.


Can refunds be made?

Yes, 30 days from the point of purchase, you can return this product. The creator of this software will disable your account and refund your money no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the products. However, do give it a try within the 30 days.

Key Features

  • 10 different design tools with a bonus for any design you want
  • An easy learning curve
  • Hustle designers in a matter of minutes
  • Make money while designing
  • Over 150 design blocks to choose from
  • 3,000 ready to use templates
  • A mini tutorial on each design tool for newbies
  • 30-day risk-free trial


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Is DesignBundle a scam?

With all these features and positive reviews, one will think there’s no need to ask that question. But I’ll answer it for you – the DesignBundle is far from a scam. Yes, the number of tools and the cost might have you doubting, but it is legit and does exactly what the creator said it would do.

A final verdict on The DesignBundle

What can I say – a design tool that can whip magical designs in minutes, easy to use, great for professionals and novices and you can make money as a designer; then this is the tool to get. DesignBundle is your 11 in 1 go-to design suite you must have.

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