contenu review

Wondering if a CONTENU is a legit opportunity?

Saw an advertisement of CONTENU?

I got invited to join CONTENU and wanted to know if it is real.

Below you can read my CONTENU review (You won’t believe what I found)

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Making money online with your content using CONTENU is supposed to be a swift drive.

Content is still king all over the Internet. If the content you create is valuable, it should be generating lots of income for you. How about letting that happen in with a few clicks without troubling yourself with content creation?

Sounds nice, right? CONTENU promises the privilege to generate such income with no traffic and the need to sell anything.

Excited about this app? Find out the details right here and if it works.

What is CONTENU?

CONTENU is said to be a smart app that generates content with just a few clicks. Incorporated into the development is the ability to generate passive income using the app. You are able to make money because the resulting content from the process is readable and unique.

Or so we believe. There is no actual evidence the resulting content is going to be unique. You still have to do a manual check for uniqueness.

The app is said to extract audio from a YouTube video and convert it into readable text in about 60 seconds. Using the app, the subscriber can monetize the content to make a profit. One of the ways to make money is by republishing the content in PayPost, a social network. By integrating the software into your blog, you can make money with CONTENU.

Your CONTENU package contains one WordPress Plugin and Monetization Part 1 & 2.

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How does CONTENU work?

If you’re asking how CONTENU helps to monetize the content on your blog on autopilot, it is supposed to be simple and straightforward.

The first monetization is built directly into the app. To use this, you’ll first publish the content on your blog. You must have a free Pay Post account to start making money with this system on autopilot, but I couldn’t really pinpoint where I could access Pay Post.

You don’t need to create the content yourself. With keywords relating to your niche area, you can use CONTENU to extract fresh content. Format it accordingly and Publish it on your blog.

Once published on your blog, CONTENU will go ahead to re-publish the same content on the social media network called PayPost to begin making money for you on the network.

To Generate Content with just 2 Clicks

contenu how it works

Click one: open CONTENU. Type in the phrase or keywords you want to use or type in the URL of a YouTube video you want to be converted to text. Select the filter of your choice and click submit.

Click two: if video, choose a video to use as a source of the content. CONTENU will go ahead to extract the text and format automatically into a post.

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To Monetize

Step 1:
Set up free Pay post Account

Once the account is approved, pick up the information required and insert on the settings page of CONTENU.

Step 2:
Check the box to post

Every time you publish new content on your blog, check the box above “Create post button” the content from your blog will be reposted on autopilot to PayPost.

The product also comes with a second part on monetization called the 370 daily blog Trick. This is a different monetization method to the first.

It features:

  • Easy step-step method
  • It is 100% newbie friendly with an easy 4-step process
  • Requires 1-3 hours set up per each project

Who is it for?

CONTENU is aimed at everyone that uses the Internet. Bloggers, freelancers, authors, fiver sellers, e-commerce store owners, affiliate marketers, and service providers will find the app advertised to them promising to help them with desired goals.

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How much does CONTENU cost?

The regular price of CONTENU is $47. It is currently available for $27 promo price at the time of this article.

contenu promotion1
Can Refunds be made?

Yes. If you’re not fully satisfied with the service, you will get a refund of your money if requested within 30 days of purchase. Before this, the technical support unit will try to help you get results. You’ll then be refunded when all fails.

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Promised Features

  • Takes 60 seconds to convert Youtube video into unique blog posts
  • Ability to add a call to action at the end of the post
  • Provides word count details
  • Triggers keyword linking
  • Inbuilt content spinning
  • Offers automatic post tags
  • Adds images through the Youtube thumbnails of the video
  • Supports 105 languages
  • Comes with complete setup instructions

Is CONTENU a scam?

No. It will be irresponsible to label the app a scam. Though it helps people to spin content which some people may object to, it is however made to help bloggers save time and achieve their goals. It’s supposed to work, but I’d still suggest you consider different alternatives.

It is a good thing that subscribers are protected by providing a money back guarantee for the service.

CONTENU final verdict & conclusion

CONTENU is a great tool that should make creating content quite easy and simple. The fact that users can generate good income with the system has not been confirmed but it is a tool that can be tried and tested by online marketers, bloggers and everyone who needs this type of services. There are alternatives, though, that have been proven more effective.

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