Choose Your Online Business Model

There are many ways to make money online as an online entrepreneur. Here I outlined some of the best ones and shared my experience. Each business model has pros and cons and you should carefully consider what is right for you. Let’s Start!


E-Commerce is a billion dollar industry – from the resources to create your online presence to the numerous transactions made each hour. Consumers have placed themselves online. And if a brand or a retailer wants to retain their customers, they have to appear online as well.

To start an ecommerce business the first thing you will need is an ecommerce builder (ecommerce platform). According to my experience the best ecommerce builders are:

  1. Shopify – easy to start with, you don’t need a developer right away. They have great themes, looking professional and classy. Great applications helping you to monetize visitors.
  2. Woocommerce – Super customizable and flexible Woocommerce is one of the best choices you can start with. No monthly fees, great themes for each niche. Learn More about Woocommerce here.
  3. Wix – The leader in website online creation. It can be used either for ecommerce or any other web project you can think off. Own hosting ensuring high speeds, easy to work with both for beginners and experienced online entrepreneurs. Learn More about Wix here.


But the creation of e-commerce and e-marketing has made significant implications for small business owners and newbies who want to join this lucrative world.

            Can you imagine this?

            You can become part of the e-commerce world even if you don’t have your own product to sell or promote online! This is one of the most attractive parts of this versatile industry. The possibilities are unlimited!

I am a professional marketer and entrepreneur. And I don’t have a physical product. I haven’t built anything, haven’t invented something crucial for the life of others. I don’t own a clothing line or a huge manufacturing base to develop something. And I have found a way to use all the opportunities presented by e-commerce to my advantage. Here’s how I did it, and how you can do it too.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative niche. It is where most people focus, as it requires just your online presence. Affiliate marketing does not require of you to have a personal product. You can go to huge affiliate networks like ClickBank.

            What are affiliate networks?

            These are the places where vendors – people with products, and affiliates – people without products meet and build ROI-based relationships.

As an affiliate, your only concern is to promote and advocate for the brand of the product you have chosen. Probably the most difficult part of becoming an affiliate is finding the best niche to position yourself. You can do that based on your own interests or market research, or with the help of professional resources like the ClickBank University program.

As an affiliate, you will have your own referral link which you have to use to drive traffic to the vendor’s website, product page or whatever. Vendors usually provide their own advertising materials when looking for affiliates, such as ad copy, emails, and promotional visuals. Whenever someone clicks on your referral link and purchases the product you have advertised, you will get a commission from the vendor. The numbers vary, but on the big affiliate networks you will clearly see the expected returns you will make.


Dropshipping is a fairly new concept that is quickly overtaking the e-commerce scene. It has numerous advantages, of which the main one is that you’re not required to have your own product! 

You are actually presenting yourself as the one who sells them. In the background, the vendor organizes packaging and shipping, usually on a global scale.

You can sell literally everything online and do so all over the world. Before starting you need to choose your niche. Below are few great spy tools that will reveal winning & trending products.

See Competitors Best Selling Products

  1. Niche Scraper – a great tool showing how hot are the products other stores are currently selling. You can also put a store URL and see what are their best selling products.
  2. – This tool is showing “Warm products” i.e. products that will soon become hot. It also has a video ad maker for Facebook.
  3. Ecom Hunt – Maybe the most comprehensive tool to make a product research recommended by many gurus in the area.

Find Vendors

It is crucial for your business to find reputable vendors with short shipping times and good margins. You can always dropship from Aliexpress which means that when customers place orders on your site you manually order the same products to them on Aliexpress. Thus your profit is the difference between the price you buy at Aliexpress and sell to customers.

However, Aliexpress has some flaws such as slow shipping times, lack of communication with the vendors and generally no control over the quality of the products. As an alternative you can choose some US or EU based vendors that ship in 3-4 days and have quality products.

  1. Dropified – Find products from over 7000 US based suppliers in any category. It comes with a 14 day free trial.
  2. WorldwideBrands – 16+ Million certified products ideal for eBay, Amazon and Shopify dropshipping.
  3. Dropship Me – No monthly charges and free plan is available, 50,000+ handpicked products with professionally written titles

Dropshipping with Shopify

Just like with affiliate marketing, you don’t need a product of your own to market. With the vendor system of Oberlo on the Shopify platform, you can directly connect with vendors all over the world. All you need to do is build your own online shop.

            Don’t stress about it!

           Shopify is a really comprehensive platform made exactly for the purpose of enabling you as a dropshipper. With it, you can easily build your online shop, create a brand, and present the products on it. From there on out, it’s all about online marketing. I will be introducing you to my 101 Shopify course very soon, so don’t miss out on that!


Through Oberlo, you can easily integrate the products of your preferred vendors. Its main advantage is that this tool can help you figure out which are the trending products right now, which vendors are trustworthy and much more. You can also use various tools and plug-ins to optimize your shop and give your users the best shopping experience!

Remember the best part? No need to bother yourself with creating your own product. You can choose the products you prefer, even create a niche online shop, and just do some pricing here and there. The vendors are the ones responsible for packing and shipping the purchases. If you don’t want to stack up an inventory, you simply don’t have to!

Dropshipping with WordPress

Becoming a dropshipper with the use of the WordPress website building platform is just as simple. You should use the WooCommerce plug-in in order to turn your website into a store. Different additional plug-ins like the AliDropship Woo to find and integrate your products. From there on out, you just have to set up a few things, create mailing list, and start promoting.

With various awesome and easy to use tools, you can easily build your website however you want. Make it look however you want. Optimize for speed and the best user-experience, and just make sure you can engage and satisfy your customers.


Again, as a dropshipper with the WordPress platform, you won’t have to stack up on inventory, make orders of products you are unsure whether you could sell. You are in no way involved in the shipping process or the packaging process.

This is where the only downside of drop shipping really appears. You don’t really have control over when or in what conditions do products from your store ship. But that is why connections with the vendors are build. You can inform yourself of the quality of the vendor’s services, their reliability and trustworthiness.

Is e-Commerce worth your time?

Online is where the biggest things happen, where biggest returns are made, and quickly. People have gone digital and intend on staying there due to the larger number of opportunities and the greater diversity of goods and services they can find and compare. That’s why e-Commerce is something you should pay close attention to and invest the time and efforts required if you want to become a professional marketer.

Don’t know where to start from?

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