CB Passive Income Review


Patric Chan, the author of numerous online business books, introduces his new initiative – the CB Passive Income. It is a type of affiliate program you can join and earn automated commissions through an affiliate link. But there are some slight differences worth the mention.

The program is currently open for new subscribers and has a pretty interesting business model that has attracted lots of attention. That’s why I found it fitting to provide you with a CB Passive Income review so that you can make an informed decision when browsing for new online income business opportunities.

CB Passive Income OVERVIEW

Product Name: CB Passive Income
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $47
Niche: Affiliate Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Homepage: www.cbpassiveincome.com

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What is the CB Passive Income program?

This is a promotional funnel that has been based on Patric Chan’s experience in the world of doing business online. It is a package of resources, tools, lessons, and additional products which you get to promote as part of the program.

In its essence, the whole thing works almost automatically. The only thing you need to do on your part is to drive traffic to the promotions and you’ll receive commissions in exchange for every sale you make. You earn between 50% and 70% of the retail price in commissions. But how does this happen?

How does the program work?

CB Passive Income requires you to sign up and clone everything that has been provided for you. You get a pre-generated sales page, a subscription option that builds an email list you can use as well, and in addition to that – a thorough training on what exactly you’re supposed to do.

Here are the steps you can expect:

1. Sign Up for CB Passive Income – once you do that, you will get your own affiliate link that will be featured on every resource and tool you’ll be promoting. People will be getting it via the autoresponders, as well.

2. Drive Traffic – since your sales page is a clone of the original, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or do anything for that matter in order to get your offer up and running. It already is. The only thing you need to do is drive traffic that will convert.

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And that’s about it. There are a number of up-sells and additional offers after someone purchases the product you offer. They all will be presented with your affiliate ID so that commissions can be counted towards you if additional purchases occur. Everything is virtually automated, apart from driving traffic to the offer.

Keep in mind!
CB Passive Income will continuously monetize the subscribers that have submitted their emails through your cloned page. They will, more or less, work for YOU, as you will be earning commissions on the sales following the initial one.

Who is this program suitable for?

In fact, anyone can make use of the CB Passive Income. As everything is ready simply to launch and all you have to do is promote and drive traffic to it, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro marketer. As they say – grab it and go!

How much does it cost to get it?

The basic price is $47/month. You can pay on a monthly basis, to see if this works for you. But keep in mind that not many things happen overnight and a month might not be enough.

That’s why Patric Chan and his team offer a second payment option – $97/3months. This is a prepay option that will save you an additional $44 and will give you enough time to see how things are going to work out for you.


But can I get a Refund?

Yes! Even if you prepay for 3 months, if at the end of the first month you’re not satisfied with results, you don’t think the CB Passive Income will work for you, you can request a refund. And your investment will be given back because of the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Main Advantages of Purchasing

Probably the biggest advantage of the solution is that you don’t have to start from ground zero. Everything has been pre-made for you, all you have to do is promote it. There are also multiple bonuses and additional features you will be able to get your hands on, as described in the offer.

The only thing that might be viewed as a drawback is your ability to drive traffic to the offer. If you find that difficult and can’t manage it, there might be a bit of frustration. But on the plus side, Patric Chan and his team are available for guidance, coaching, and additional support if you find it too complicated.

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Is CB Passive Income a Scam?

In all honesty, it is not. Mr. Chan is an acclaimed professional with tons of experience behind his back. The offer has been carefully crafted so that it converts. And the stream of income is uninterrupted.

And if that is not enough for you or doesn’t answer your expectations, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing it.

Overall Verdict

I have found the CB Passive Income to be one extremely interesting and tempting offer. It has everything it needs to set you on your path to online business success.

The program guides you, gives all resources and materials for promotions you might need, and its team is there to help you with anything that might arise as a question.

If you think automated commissions and affiliate marketing are for you, then you should check the CB Passive Income.

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