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contenu review

Wondering if a CONTENU is a legit opportunity?

Saw an advertisement of CONTENU?

I got invited to join CONTENU and wanted to know if it is real.

Below you can read my CONTENU review (You won’t believe what I found)

Before I start…

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Making money online with your content using CONTENU is supposed to be a swift drive.

Content is still king all over the Internet. If the content you create is valuable, it should be generating lots of income for you. How about letting that happen in with a few clicks without troubling yourself with content creation?

Sounds nice, right? CONTENU promises the privilege to generate such income with no traffic and the need to sell anything.

Excited about this app? Find out the details right here and if it works.

What is CONTENU?

CONTENU is said to be a smart app that generates content with just a few clicks. Incorporated into the development is the ability to generate passive income using the app. You are able to make money because the resulting content from the process is readable and unique.

Or so we believe. There is no actual evidence the resulting content is going to be unique. You still have to do a manual check for uniqueness.

The app is said to extract audio from a YouTube video and convert it into readable text in about 60 seconds. Using the app, the subscriber can monetize the content to make a profit. One of the ways to make money is by republishing the content in PayPost, a social network. By integrating the software into your blog, you can make money with CONTENU.

Your CONTENU package contains one WordPress Plugin and Monetization Part 1 & 2.

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How does CONTENU work?

If you’re asking how CONTENU helps to monetize the content on your blog on autopilot, it is supposed to be simple and straightforward.

The first monetization is built directly into the app. To use this, you’ll first publish the content on your blog. You must have a free Pay Post account to start making money with this system on autopilot, but I couldn’t really pinpoint where I could access Pay Post.

You don’t need to create the content yourself. With keywords relating to your niche area, you can use CONTENU to extract fresh content. Format it accordingly and Publish it on your blog.

Once published on your blog, CONTENU will go ahead to re-publish the same content on the social media network called PayPost to begin making money for you on the network.

To Generate Content with just 2 Clicks

contenu how it works

Click one: open CONTENU. Type in the phrase or keywords you want to use or type in the URL of a YouTube video you want to be converted to text. Select the filter of your choice and click submit.

Click two: if video, choose a video to use as a source of the content. CONTENU will go ahead to extract the text and format automatically into a post.

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To Monetize

Step 1:
Set up free Pay post Account

Once the account is approved, pick up the information required and insert on the settings page of CONTENU.

Step 2:
Check the box to post

Every time you publish new content on your blog, check the box above “Create post button” the content from your blog will be reposted on autopilot to PayPost.

The product also comes with a second part on monetization called the 370 daily blog Trick. This is a different monetization method to the first.

It features:

  • Easy step-step method
  • It is 100% newbie friendly with an easy 4-step process
  • Requires 1-3 hours set up per each project

Who is it for?

CONTENU is aimed at everyone that uses the Internet. Bloggers, freelancers, authors, fiver sellers, e-commerce store owners, affiliate marketers, and service providers will find the app advertised to them promising to help them with desired goals.

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How much does CONTENU cost?

The regular price of CONTENU is $47. It is currently available for $27 promo price at the time of this article.

contenu promotion1
Can Refunds be made?

Yes. If you’re not fully satisfied with the service, you will get a refund of your money if requested within 30 days of purchase. Before this, the technical support unit will try to help you get results. You’ll then be refunded when all fails.

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Promised Features

  • Takes 60 seconds to convert Youtube video into unique blog posts
  • Ability to add a call to action at the end of the post
  • Provides word count details
  • Triggers keyword linking
  • Inbuilt content spinning
  • Offers automatic post tags
  • Adds images through the Youtube thumbnails of the video
  • Supports 105 languages
  • Comes with complete setup instructions

Is CONTENU a scam?

No. It will be irresponsible to label the app a scam. Though it helps people to spin content which some people may object to, it is however made to help bloggers save time and achieve their goals. It’s supposed to work, but I’d still suggest you consider different alternatives.

It is a good thing that subscribers are protected by providing a money back guarantee for the service.

CONTENU final verdict & conclusion

CONTENU is a great tool that should make creating content quite easy and simple. The fact that users can generate good income with the system has not been confirmed but it is a tool that can be tried and tested by online marketers, bloggers and everyone who needs this type of services. There are alternatives, though, that have been proven more effective.

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Xmails Review

xmails review

XMails is a tool right for those who wonder if their email marketing strategy is a success?

Are you already tired of spending so much money on a mailing system that has not yielded any significant result? Imagine taking advantage of a mailing system that offers you great potential to convert visitors!

How about sending an unlimited number of emails to your subscribers at an affordable and reasonable price? All these are loaded in XMails.




Product Name: XMails
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $47 – $97 depending on the plan
Niche: Email Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

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(No Hidden Fees or Taxes)

What is XMails?

XMails is an innovative cloud-based easy to use email marketing suite. With a built-in SMTP, it offers customers the privilege to send unlimited emails to equally unlimited subscribers. It is a fully secure email system for effective email campaigns.

The reliable email auto-responder allows you to send personalized emails to your numerous subscribers in a matter of minutes. It gives you full control, allowing you to send as many emails as you want to all your subscribers.

With over 100 high converting and quality email templates, a choice in one is sure to help your email marketing drive to the next level.

How does XMails work?

Using XMails is as simple as ABC. It’s thrilling to have a system that allows you to send emails with only 3 steps that anyone can implement. You don’t need to be a techie before you can use XMails effectively.

xmail how it works

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Make your pick by clicking any of the over 100 high converting email templates. Select from your niche area.

Step 2

Modify and edit the content to suit your email requirements. It takes you only a few minutes to do this.

Step 3

Send the emails to your unlimited subscribers. You can take the option of scheduling the emails to the time you want it sent if not immediately.

Who is XMails Suitable for?

XMails is designed for online marketers. If you’re an affiliate marketer, a blogger or involved in the sales department of a company, XMails is not a solution to ignore. Perhaps, you’re an entrepreneur and want a boost in your marketing drive, get a taste of the possibilities in XMails to get the desired results.

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(No Hidden Fees or Taxes)

How much does XMails cost?

Many users of XMails services are amazed at the affordable cost of this service. XMails offer low price for high-quality service.
Two plans are available to choose from:

  • XMails starter plan offering 5000 subscribers: $47
  • XMails Pro Plan offering unlimited subscribers: $97

It is a great deal compared to other email service providers and even their basic plans. To get more value for your money, XMails offers a 20% discount to further cut down the price.

Can Refunds be Made?

Yes, a refund is available. Because the company is confident about the quality of their product, they are offering a special refund package called the 180 Days Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee. If you’re absolutely not satisfied with what you’re getting from this service, you can request for a refund and you’ll have 100% of your money returned to you.

xmails 180 days money back guarantee

Key Features

  • XMails is packed with one of the best features the industry can boast of. Some are:
  • Fully automated and newbie friendly
  • Offers automatic pixel placement
  • Allows you to send unlimited emails immediately or schedule a later delivery with the system
  • Provides enhanced email delivery with high open rates
  • Offers unlimited services including unlimited campaigns, infinite subscribers, unlimited broadcasts, unlimited leads, and captures unlimited contacts.
  • Provides over 100 email templates that are high converting.
  • SMT, Hosting or Domain is not required.

xmails advantages

The system allows the use of smart tags to subdivide subscribers and send emails to an exclusive list, which has a lot of implications.

  • Lower bounce rates are assured
  • Enables personalization to enhance opening rates
  • Provides inbuilt editor and text to help you create high converting emails
  • It is GDPR CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Provides detailed analytics and reports to let you know who opens, clicks and impressions that are made.

Is XMails a scam?

The word scam has no connection with XMails services and the creator of the software. From experience, the software does exactly as it is claimed by the creator. A lot of success has been observed. Other marketers attest to the quality of the product and how satisfied they are.

XMails Final Verdict & Conclusion

XMails has proven to be a good email marketing tool. If you’re just getting started with building your email list, this email suite will start you off on budget. The strong and highly innovative features stand this platform out among others of its kind.

Those who used it recently won’t find it hard recommending it to their friends and other Internet marketers. It is indeed a game changer in the email marketing industry ensuring high converting rate. Money spent on a plan is money well spent!


Visit Official Website

(No Hidden Fees or Taxes)


Blox Review


Searching for a BLOX Review?

Been contacted by a “guru” offering you this new product?

I received an email by a guru claiming this is a game changer and decided to check if it is true.

On this page, I shared my findings about the product.

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Making money online can’t be much easier with the BLOX system. How do you feel as an affiliate marketer if you can make money without actually promoting the product? The BLOX system promises to work exactly that way. Much like on autopilot, you are supposed to generate income using BLOX without needing to promote the product yourself.

If you’re keen about creating an ongoing business for yourself, imagine you getting that going just by posting contents for the chain reaction to begin with BLOX. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe.

Who is Mark Bishop?

Mark Bishop is the creator of BLOX. Mark is an Internet marketer who has supposedly succeeded with the affiliate business model. Coming from a humble background working as a plumber in the UK, his drive to discover how to make money online doing things differently has made him turn to that. Eventually leading to the creation of BLOX.

blox creator

BLOX is an automated system that promises to help you generate affiliate income without you doing any form of promotion. Once set up in about one to two hours, affiliate marketers can begin to generate income within 24 hours period. But those are promises that cannot really be backed up by evidence.

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How does BLOX work?



It takes about two hours to setup BLOX for you to start making money, whereas there are systems that can be set up faster and with greater ease. On top of that, you will need to have a blog running or set up one if you don’t. There are four steps to follow thereafter.

Step 1: Selection of Product

Choose a product you’ll pre-sell. Mark calls this Magnet. Note that when using BLOX, you are not going to promote or pre-sell affiliate products. The magnet can be your own product or someone else. Mark provides information on how to access 1000s of magnets inside BLOX. But how popular they are is not quite clear.

Step 2: Create pre-sell for your chosen Magnet

This process leads to you posting a distinct content on your own blog. The pre-sell serves as a channel to build a sort of value, anticipation, and engagement. You are required to have copy skills.

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Step 3: The secret page

People who read the BLOX pre-sell post turn into a buyer when they find this page. How? It is not clear, because it cannot be guaranteed that they’ll like the product.

In case they happen to buy, you’ll make an affiliate commission from any offer you make here. It is expected that about 20% to 30% of those who get to this page will generate an affiliate commission for you.

Step 4: Paid traffic ($0.04/view)

BLOX is a hub system with many traffic sources including paid and free sources. To get instant result, BLOX system offers unspecified paid traffic sources ($0.04) for the make money online niche. The total cost observed from some case studies costs between $5 and $10. You can select any of the traffic sources to drive the BLOX posts.

Who is it for?

BLOX is designed for affiliate marketers in diverse niches.

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How much does BLOX cost?

The regular price to gain access to BLOX is $27. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the promotion period which offers the product at just $13 and sometimes $17. But be prepared to face lots of upsells.

Can Refunds be made?

Yes, there is 30 days money-back guarantee provided. This is probably the best thing about the system. The creator states that if you apply the procedures and unable to make money, they’ll help by teaching you how to make the system working for your business. Just to keep you from getting your money back. In the event that no result was achieved, you’ll be refunded.

Note that BLOX member subscription/access is linked to your payment via IPN. Refund will immediately cancel access.

blox review

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Promised Features

The key features of BLOX promised to the user include:

  • Ability to generate passive and pro-active income after setup
  • Utilizes highly targeted traffic
  • Can be run 100% on a part-time basis
  • High ranking in search engines
  • Easily scalable
  • No technical skills required
  • It is said to be newbie friendly and very simple to set up and follow.

There is very little proof that these features and capabilities actually work as promised.


BLOX, though simple to use, is not a get-rich-quick system. Mark Bishop is a known face and he never hid his identity in the project. Plus, the fact that you can get your money back if it doesn’t meet your expectation shows that the creator is genuine. That’s why I wouldn’t say that the software is a scam, but I can assure you there are better alternatives to generate converting traffic.

BLOX final Verdict & Conclusion

BLOX tries to be the solution many affiliate marketers have long awaited for. It is easy to set up, making it a tool that everyone can lay their hands on to drive their affiliate business to the next level but it hasn’t shown impressive results. For such an affordable price, you could take a chance and waste some time trying to achieve your affiliate sales goals. But I’d say it’s worth trying different and proven to work alternatives.

Before You Go…

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  • If you want to quit the 9 to 5 rat race…
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