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Traffic Xtractor Review


traffic xtraxtor review

Looking for a Traffic Xtractor Review?

Received an Email from a “friend” inviting you to buy Traffic Xtractor?

I recently got invited to join this SEO/Traffic opportunity and did some investigating to find out the truth.

Below you will find my honest review about this product.

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Who are Art Flair, Declan Mc, and Alex Krulik?


traffic xtractor team

Traffic Xtractor program has a simple design that was formulated through supposed efforts, brainstorming, and testing phases backed by research.

Originally created by developers Art Flair, Declan Mc, and Alex Krulik, all sharing one common vision to produce a sound method increasing the traffic generation and conversion. The question is whether they’ve succeeded.

How does Traffic Xtractor work?

The creators promise you that it is unlike other complicated traffic generating software apps that require the help of a developer. The Traffic Xtractor is said to be designed for professionals and beginners alike. With its simplified tools, users are promised to quickly design and build unique videos and upload them in association with relative keywords, to instantly boost their ranking performances in a matter of minutes.

The program is said to be of use for those individuals who are among the following:

• Affiliate Marketers
• Product Owners
• eCommerce site owners
• Service Providers
• Offline Business Owners

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How much does Traffic Xtractor cost?

There is a special discount offer trying to attract customers. That’s why users can obtain Traffic Xtractor for $27. The good news is, whether or not this program works, you can request your money back thanks to the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I would advise though, that those individuals that are looking for a boost in their conversion rate should try out a different program. To generate sales, increase conversions and decide whether or not this program is exceptional might result in a big waste of time. There are better and acclaimed alternatives out there that will work for you on the spot.

Pros & Cons/Key Features

Besides wasting some of your time on this opportunity, if it turns out not suitable for you, there are a couple more reasons why I didn’t like it. When users sign-up for the program, it includes the following:

• Bonuses included as a special surprise, but it is not clear what.
• Insightful but very short training that will make any beginner look like a professional on the surface.
• Cheat sheets that should help you along the way in case users get stuck anywhere, but no guarantee for customer support.

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Is Traffic Xtractor a Scam?

I cannot say this is a complete scam but there are certainly more efficient ways to make money online. After all, Google ranking is becoming more difficult in the last years and I can’t endorse software that claims it will rank your keywords in days. It does not work this way.

Traffic Xtractor Final Verdict & Conclusion

In order to draw potential traffic, identifying the correct keyword is vitally important. This software claims it will save you time and money

Professionals alike should consider choosing a reliable program if they are seeking to rank high with their promotional videos or websites to increase traffic and conversion. Remember that keyword is the key to success.

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