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SyndBuddy Review



Good content and a great website layout will not be of any value if a website doesn’t rank high in SERPs. This is what the creators of SyndBuddy know.

To begin with, you should make your website discoverable. After which, you need to make sure that it reaches the relevant audience and finally, this should convert into improvement in ranking of your website.

Is there a tool that can assist you and make this process simpler? Enter SyndBuddy!


Product Name: SyndBuddy
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: Varies according to plan
Niche: SEO & Social Media Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Money-Back

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What is SyndBuddy?

Each year, about 94% of organic traffic comes from Google. So the significance of the ranking of your website on Google needs no introduction. If you wish to work on getting a better rank for your site effectively, SyndBuddy can be of great help.

Developed by Joshua Zamora, SyndBuddy makes content syndication simpler. This tool makes it easy to improve social media reach, and this traffic coming from social media helps you increase the ranking of the website on Google.

How does SyndBuddy work?

To begin with, understand that this is a straightforward tool. If you do not have an expertise in SEO or content syndication, you would still be able to use the tool as it has excellent explainer videos to help you understand this tool.

Once you create your account in SyndBuddy, you would be able to customize the type of social interactions that you wish to get with the help of the tool.


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Who is it for?

Digital marketing is in such a state that you wake up to a new trend every day. Merely 6% of website clicks reach the second page of the search results in Google.

Getting your website ranked high on the first page should be your focus, and SyndBuddy is a tool for anyone who wants to achieve that.

How much does SyndBuddy cost?

There are three basic options to choose from:

  • The ‘Fully loaded plan’ is currently offered for a one-time price of $197.
  • The ‘Lite plan’ is offered at $147
  • The ‘Plus Plan’ is available at $167

The monthly fee is waived off for a short period, and these plans can all be availed with a one-time payment. Each of these plans comes with free active URLs, starting credits and the feature to unlock unlimited credits. The credit-based system makes it a very economical option in the long run.


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Can refunds be made?

Yes. In case you are not satisfied with the tool you can drop an email to the team and initiate a full refund.

Key features of SyndBuddy

  • AGENCY Licensing – Syndbuddy has a white-labeling option for Digital Agencies.
  • Universal Campaigns – It can be used conveniently for e-commerce websites as well as to raise the ranks of local and affiliate websites.
  • Awesome Support – The users who purchase the product are entitled to attend the live QnA session to clear any doubts. This complements the plenty of tutorials available that explain the software.
  • Credit-Based System – It is a rewarding experience to use a credit system that helps you build your credits and purchase more options in the tool.
  • Quality Engagement – Engagement in social media is achieved by real people and not through bots. So there is no risk of being banned due to robot generated likes and views as with other similar tools.
  • Strong Backlinks – As the engagement is real, the backlinks acquired through this tool are really strong.

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Is SyndBuddy a scam?

No. This is a genuine social engagement tool with a high success rate.

SyndBuddy final verdict

It can be a game changer if you are looking to strengthen your marketing strategy with the help of social media. By leveraging this tool, you would be able to see results that count.

The quick delivery of the difference in ranking is what makes it a favorite among many bloggers and SEOers.

Whether you would like to focus only on a few social media channels or all of them, you will get to choose the list of interactions.

The simplicity of this tool and the ease in which you can make its features work to your advantage is what makes this a great tool.


Blox Review


Making money online can’t be much easier with the BLOX system. How do you feel as an affiliate marketer if you can make money without actually promoting the product? The BLOX system works exactly that way. Much like on autopilot, you can generate income using BLOX without needing to promote the product yourself.

If you’re keen about creating an ongoing business for yourself, imagine you getting that going just by posting contents for the chain reaction to begin with BLOX.


Product Name: BLOX
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $27
Niche: Make Money Online
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30 days Money Back Guarantee

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Who is Mark Bishop?

Mark Bishop is the creator of BLOX. Mark is an Internet marketer who has made a lot of success with the affiliate business model. Coming from a humble background working as a plumber in the UK, his drive to discover how to make money online doing things differently has earned him a lot of success including creating BLOX, which he had been earning from since November 2017.

blox creator

BLOX is an automated system that helps you generate affiliate income without you doing any form of promotion. Once set up in about one to two hours, affiliate marketers can begin to generate income within 24 hours period. The newbie-friendly system not only builds you a passive income but help you build a real business you can continue to profit from consistently.

How does BLOX work?



It takes about two hours to setup BLOX for you to start making money. First, you need to have a blog running or simply set up one if you don’t. There are four steps to follow thereafter.

Step 1: Selection of Product

Choose a product you’ll pre-sell. Mark calls this Magnet. Note that when using BLOX, you are not going to promote or pre-sell affiliate products. The magnet can be your own product or someone else. Mark provides information on how to access 1000s of magnets inside BLOX.

Step 2: Create pre-sell for your chosen Magnet

This process leads to you posting a distinct content on your own blog. The pre-sell serves as a channel to build a sort of value, anticipation, and engagement.

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Step 3: The secret page

Persons who read the BLOX pre-sell post turns into a buyer when they find this page. You’ll make an affiliate commission from any offer you make here. It is expected that about 20% to 30% of those who get to this page will generate an affiliate commission for you.

Step 4: Paid traffic ($0.04/view)

BLOX is a hub system with many traffic sources including paid and free sources. To get instant result, BLOX system provides very cheap paid traffic sources ($0.04) for the make money online niche. The total cost observed from some case studies costs between $5 and $10. You’ll select any of the traffic sources to drive the BLOX posts.

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Who is it for?

BLOX is designed for affiliate marketers in diverse niches.

How much does BLOX cost?

The regular price to gain access to BLOX is $27. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the promotion period which offers the product at just $13 and sometimes $17.

Can Refunds be made?

Yes, there is 30 days money-back guarantee provided. The creator states that if you apply the procedures and unable to make money, they’ll help by offering how to make the system working for your business. In the event that no result was achieved, you’ll be refunded.

Note that BLOX member subscription/access is linked to your payment via IPN. Refund will immediately cancel access.

blox review

Key Features

The key features of BLOX include:

  • Ability to generate passive and pro-active income after setup
  • Utilizes highly targeted, risk-free traffic
  • Can be run 100% on a part-time basis
  • Most BLOX posts get to Google, Yahoo and Bing first page
  • Easily scalable
  • No technical skills are required
  • It is newbie friendly and very simple to set up and follow
  • Has strong potential to generate income consistently working almost on autopilot principle


BLOX, though simple to use, is not a get-rich-quick system. Mark Bishop is a known face and he never hid his identity in the project. Plus, the fact that you can get your money back if it doesn’t meet your expectation shows that the creator is genuine. Many Internet users have attested to the innovation behind the system to help them with their businesses. Karren Corey, Perry V Ford, Steven Bells, and Dana Mills all gave their approval of the project after trying it out.

BLOX final Verdict & Conclusion

BLOX can be the solution many affiliate marketers have long awaited for. It is easy to set up, making it a tool that everyone can lay their hands on to drive their affiliate business to the next level. For such an affordable price, it is an innovative design that has helped may attain their affiliate sales goals. It is worth giving a try.


One Minute Free Traffic Review


One Minute Free Traffic is a system that addresses one of the marketers and online entrepreneurs main concerns. How to get traffic, quickly, cheaply, and easily? But also – how to get traffic that converts. Brother Matt Rhodes and John S. Rhodes have created a step-by-step guide backed by software that can help you get those craved clicks if you emulate their strategy.

And it helps you do that in a comprehensive and easy kind of way, providing you with a full guide of the whole scope of generating traffic.


Product Name: One Minute FREE Traffic
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $9
Niche: Across All
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Who are Matt & John S. Rhodes?

The One Minute Free Traffic system has been developed by The Rhodes Brothers – professional marketers with years of experience behind their backs when it comes to generating good traffic that leads to sales. They have taught and crash-coursed thousands of people in the art of tapping into the 300-million-click pool generated each month.

Their goal with developing the system is to give beginners and pros alike access to a method that surely generates buyer clicks. And for that purpose, they’ve created a user-friendly and comprehensive training system.


How Does One Minute FREE Traffic Work?

As mentioned, this is a method you will have to study and emulate in order to start gaining buyers’ clicks. It will help you set up a machine that will generate those clicks. Here’s what you get by purchasing the method:

  • 14 over-the-shoulder videos – a full walkthrough on how to set up the machine and start getting the generated monthly traffic clicks;
  • Real case studies – see how others did it and emulate their strategies to achieve success;
  • Additional insights – learn how is traffic generated in an organic way, and scale up fast;
  • Step-by-Step guide – learn how to build your one One Minute FREE Traffic Machine and copyright it.

Among others. The list of resources is extensive and everything has been featured on the official website of the method. In addition to all that, you will also get 3 bonus elements:

  1.  8 additional over-the-shoulder videos – to get the best and most juicy secrets in the industry;
  2.  Free traffic software – to add speed and automation to your operations;
  3. Professional workshop – learn from the best how to generate organically more than 100 clicks each day

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Who is One Minute FREE Traffic Suitable For?

This method is suitable for virtually anyone. It will work for people from every niche, every market, and every industry, regardless of the targeted audience. It teaches you how to avoid email lists, paid ads, and all the hassle of actually converting the people who visit your offers.


And to top it all off – this simple method can show you how to get relevant traffic that converts. Setting it up is easy as 1-2-3 and requires no additional technological knowledge. A dream come true, especially for beginners.

Price & Refunds

Currently, the One Minute FREE Traffic system is available at a stunning discount and sells for just $9. NINE dollars for something that can change your business overnight. For those of you who are skeptical of such almost miraculous solutions, there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to keep your mind at ease.

If you’re unable to drive highly converting traffic to your business using this method, you can get back these sacred $9 if you email their support team within 30 days of purchasing it. So that you are confident in your decisions.

Pros & Cons of One Minute FREE Traffic System

I tried my best to find a downside to empowering your strategy with this method, but could not really find one. Especially with the low price and the Money Back Guarantee set in place. But also because of the Pros it has.


  • Low price;
  • Works in multiple languages;
  • Valid for any niche on a global scale;
  • Takes no more than a minute to set up the system;
  • Crash-courses you through everything important about getting relevant traffic;
  • Requires no previous knowledge or expertise;
  • No videos, no SEO, no paid advertising is required to complete the method.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • None that I know of.

Isn’t One Minute FREE Traffic a Scam?

Why? Because it’s cheap or because it offers an intuitive way to learn and start earning red hot buying clicks for your business? In either case, you would be wrong to think that. It is a set-and-forget method that allows you to generate sales without juggling with everything marketing related all at once.

And there is no limit to the free traffic. Thousands of people have already benefited from utilizing the method. Now you can too, for the lowest price possible and with safety guarantees. So, no, the One Minute FREE Traffic system is not a scam.

Overall Verdict

There are so many tools out there that can enhance your marketing efforts, it is hard to make a safe and right choice. I hope my review on the One Minute FREE Traffic system was able to help you in terms of making an informed decision. It is one of those nifty little resources that can bring a huge positive change into your business model. And is definitely worth it, especially given its discounted price and additional free bonuses.