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ProfitURL Review


Do you know that using ProfitURL on your Instagram can change your life and business?

Instagram is one of the social media platforms with millions of users and also the largest fun market place on social media?

However, with all this information, users on Instagram still find it difficult to generate the needed traffic from their bios, where the single active link you can place is located. Which can be annoying, especially if you have exceptionally good products and looking to enter the market in a big way.

Over the years people have come up with different apps for Instagram, but none has worked like ProfitURL.


Product name: ProfitURL
Skills Level Required: All levels
Price: $27
Niche: Social Media Marketing
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is ProfitURL?

ProfitURL is an app made for Instagram, to give marketers on Instagram a chance to propel themselves and make profitable use of their bio links.

This revolutionary innovation is a cloud-based application that will allow Instagram users to convert their bio links into income streams from a single link.

It will also allow the owners of this bio to sell their products on multiple platforms without any stress or imposition on you or any risk for your account.

How does ProfitURL work?

With three steps you are done:

Step 1: Login to your dashboard and set up a customized personal URL;

Step 2: When the URL is set, you can add all your affiliate links, sales page links, and social media profiles that are also used as a connection to your Instagram bio link. This way you are able to develop highly mobile-optimized page within minutes;

Step 3: Add the ProfitURL to your Instagram bio link and see your sales double with more profits in your bank by creating a tree of links.


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Who is ProfitURL for?

Those that sell on Instagram but don’t know how to start or improve their operations:

  • Anyone on the Internet that want to monetize their bio
  • Blogger
  • E-commerce websites
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Influencers that want to keep their status
  • Owners of websites that need leads and money.

How much is the Profit URL

The regular price for the app is $97, but you can have it at a discount for $27. It will be nice to get this to break the limitations and marketing challenges on Instagram.

Can refunds be made?

Yes, you can get a 100% refund within the first 30 days of purchase. If you think Instagram is the marketplace for you, try out this product with confidence. Knowing that you can retrieve your investment if you’re not satisfied with the results within the first month.

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Key Features

  • Allows you to adjust and modify your bio link to multiple links combined in a tree.
  • Monetize your bio link to make good revenue
  • Aside from adding multiple links, you also add clickable links, messenger, and other social media network to your Instagram bio
  • Ability to convert visiting customers to clients
  • No monthly charge
  • Ability to market more than one product or service using just one link
  • Ability to direct or redirect users to other online stores you have or websites and networks
  • Complete in-depth analysis of how your page is functioning including likes, comments, etc.
  • Generate more leads and traffic to promote your services and products with clickable links
  • Excellent customer service with instant response
  • Brand and rebrand your image with your own colors and themes
  • Can be used for multiple Instagram bios with great response from mobile users.


Is this ProfitURL a scam?

When it comes to monetizing your social media bio every app is worth a try, especially the ProfitURL. The creators have gone all out to test the product before deciding to put it up for the public to also benefit hugely from it. So, I can confirm that ProfitURL is not a scam after the product went up.

Final verdict

I am not telling you to blindly believe the ProfitURL, but this app has been tried, tested, and certified legit by many Instagram users who have managed to feature multiple links in a single-link world, to market multiple products or services.

The price and multiple features are just as important when validating a product and ProfitURL has reliability and efficiency written all over it which is a good thing for plenty of online users.


DesignBundle Review


For a design artist, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you can have all your design tool in one place and make twice the amount from your clients with efficiency and unique designs that you will save you money, time and relieve stress.

DesignBundle is one of such apps that allow you to work at your pace but delivers excellent quality showcasing your skills and prowess in the art of designing. This DesignBundles allows you to make money while you work; if that doesn’t please you then what.

It is time to stop wasting time with a design app that never satisfies your level of understanding and use the DesignBundle to reveal your eye for design and creativity now.

DesignBundle OVERVIEW

Product name: DesignBundle
Skills Level Required: All levels
Price: Personal and Commercial priced at $47 & $48.50 respectively
Niche: Graphic Design
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is DesignBundle?

DesignBundle is design software with all the basic graphics and design apps in a collection for whatever artistic direction you choose. It is an app that contains 10 different apps and a bonus app making it 11; all for the price of one.

The apps are:

  1. The Landing Page Builder
  2. The Pixa Graphic design
  3. The Ecover Creator
  4. The Logo Creator
  5. The Mockup Creators
  6. The Scene Creator
  7. The Stock Explorer
  8. The Flexible Images
  9. The E-Book Creator
  10. The Video to GIF Creator
  11. The bonus bundle – the viral quote creator and over 6,000 templates to choose from.

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How to Get DesignBundle to Work for You?

The process is easy; you log in to the website and follow the instructions listed there. Once you have completed all the steps as stated on the site, you will receive an email that the product is live and you can use it now.

Who is the DesignBundle For?

The DesignBundle suite is for everyone, but especially for people in the graphic design world or that need design incorporated into their job or as part of their work layouts.

You can be a regular designer, a graphic artist, a writer, a freelancer, an online marketing expert or an upcoming artist that needs an affordable design app without breaking the bank.

Or you just wish to keep graphic design in-house and not to employ a specialist.

How much does the DesignBundle cost?

The DesignBundle has gone from thousands of dollars to less than 100 dollars. You can enjoy the current promo prices, respectively:

  • Personal Bundle for $47;
  • Commercial Bundle for $48.5.


Can refunds be made?

Yes, 30 days from the point of purchase, you can return this product. The creator of this software will disable your account and refund your money no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the products. However, do give it a try within the 30 days.

Key Features

  • 10 different design tools with a bonus for any design you want
  • An easy learning curve
  • Hustle designers in a matter of minutes
  • Make money while designing
  • Over 150 design blocks to choose from
  • 3,000 ready to use templates
  • A mini tutorial on each design tool for newbies
  • 30-day risk-free trial

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Is DesignBundles a scam?

With all these features and positive reviews, one will think there’s no need to ask that question. But I’ll answer it for you – the DesignBundle is far from a scam. Yes, the number of tools and the cost might have you doubting, but it is legit and does exactly what the creator said it would do.

A final verdict on The DesignBundle

What can I say – a design tool that can whip magical designs in minutes, easy to use, great for professionals and novices and you can make money as a designer; then this is the tool to get. DesignBundle is your 11 in 1 go-to design suite you must have.


Traffic Jeet 4 Review


Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown tremendously, and it is now the 3rd largest website on the Internet. With millions of unique viewers every single day – it’s no wonder marketers are turning to it to endorse their products. However, with the intense competition, how will you get the traffic you need? Traffic Jeet 4 could be the answer to that.

Traffic Jeet 4 OVERVIEW

Product Name: Traffic Jeet 4
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $9.95 monthly or $67 one-time payment
Niche: Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is Traffic Jeet 4?

Since it seems like more and more visitors are leaving social media sites like Facebook and turning to YouTube, marketers are adapting to reach their potential customers, making the competition for traffic from YouTube viewers extra fierce.

Traffic Jeet 4 is a suite of applications designed to give your videos the traffic needed to make them rank. You may have all the equipment needed for video marketing but simply having a video posted online isn’t enough. You have got to reach the right viewers.traffic-jeet-4-rank

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How does Traffic Jeet 4 work?

It works by using several applications, bundled in one suite, to first target all main and related keywords that will help you analyze which ones will help direct more traffic to your videos. This feature also allows the user to see which videos are ranking and why they are so.

Traffic Jeet 4 also allows for daily tracking on both international and local levels to see where your videos are mostly being viewed. The competition analysis feature also compares your videos with your competitors to see what’s working for them, so you can learn why and how they get so many viewers. This can be done video by video.

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The next application helps you get data about the best YouTube ads keywords. You can select the criteria you have in mind to match the keywords you want.

Another thing that Traffic Jeet 4 does is it lets you find which keywords get the most traffic so that you may use them as well. The niche finder is a good way to give you new video ideas and target new markets which you never thought of before.

Traffic Jeet 4 also allows for its users to find keywords targeted by their competitors and target them as well so they can rank on their sidebar.

Who is it for?

Anyone who’s looking to boost traffic to their YouTube videos can rely on Traffic Jeet 4 – be it bloggers, video marketers, and even local businesses. If you’re on YouTube, Traffic Jeet 4 can help you generate that much-needed traffic.


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How much does Traffic Jeet 4 cost?

You can choose to pay monthly for $9.95 or choose a one-time payment of $67.


Can refunds be made?

That’s the good thing about Traffic Jeet 4! They know how difficult it could be for you to shell out money for a technology you haven’t even tried. This is why they offer a 100% money back guarantee if, within 30 days after purchasing, you decide that it’s just not for you.

Just let them know through a support ticket and they will refund you 100%.

Pros & Cons


  • Helps you rank highly on YouTube
  • Easy to use
  • Track your traffic daily on international and local levels
  • Helps you find all the best YouTube ads keywords
  • Locates and compares what works for your competitors and use it to your advantage
  • Researches and helps you find new markets to target
  • A complete system to ensure the best way to direct organic traffic to your videos
  • 30-day money back guarantee should you decide it’s not for you
  • Assurance of good quality customer support
  • Constantly upgrading to ensure the best quality and features possible


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  • There is no option to buy just the application you need as it comes as a complete suite.

Is Traffic Jeet 4 a scam?

It’s completely legit. It not only delivers on its promise to boost your YouTube traffic, as many users have testified, but it also gives you the best value for your money.

Traffic Jeet 4 final verdict & conclusion

Traffic Jeet 4 is a very good investment if you’re looking to boost your videos’ traffic.

Furthermore, it’s easy to use that even those who have difficulty with technology will have no problem operating it. It’s also good value for money and many who have tried can attest to it.

Making videos is hard work, so don’t let your efforts go to waste. Traffic Jeet 4 is the best way to increase your viewers and reach a wider audience.