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Prosperity Of Life Review – Can It Make Money Or Not? [Unexpected Findings!]

Prosperity Of Life Network is a direct sales marketing program.

It has managed to change its name and branding several times in the last decade. People that get started with it will have to market personal development courses to other clients.

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Quick Prosperity Of Life Overview – What Is It Actually?

This digital income-generating solution was formerly known as the Prosperity Of Life Network, Liberty League, Polaris Media Group, and Polaris Global, before finally re-branding under its current name. In fact, Liberty League was uncovered as a full-blown pyramid scheme scam in 2009 which managed to extort $5 million from thousands of people.

And it looks as if it is back for more! This direct sales company was founded by the power couple, Shane & Rachel Krider. The latter is a former Herbalife speaker for the territory of Australia. It is based on a self-promotion principle. Representatives are supposed to engage in high-end up-sells in order to make a profit. The business opportunity is best-described as a network marketing program.

Creator Shane Krider and his wife present clients with personal development and wealth accumulation courses. They even urge them to take loans from banks so that they can enhance their entrepreneurship skills even further. This tactic is supposed to stimulate members to be high achievers but they will most likely be ridden with debts for the rest of their lives.

In order to present a completely authentic picture of what one can expect from this MLM company, it must be said that there also those who do manage to generate sufficient profits using the knowledge and materials that the online income company offers. But their numbers are very few and insufficient enough. This is evident from the Prosperity Of Life testimonials available on the Internet. This network marketing solution is similar to Vida Divina, Prime Time Profits, and Zilis.

Creators Personal & Professional Background:

It is time to pay more attention to the portfolio of all the main founders. Shane Krider started his career at the not so tender age of 26 when he was employed as a sales agent in the travel industry. It is often claimed that within the first two years, he became a self-made millionaire. But there are no fact sto support this. All of his subsequent endeavors include personal development projects. He is the co-author of the course. His wife – Rachel Krider is a high school dropout who went through many financial struggles. She allegedly managed to get out of this situation only by working on herself. Gregory Storm is Prosperity Of Life’s main Business Manager. He is also a famous Tv, film, and book producer. It is implied that he is the main source of financing for the multi-level marketing solution.

What Are The Prosperity Of Life Products?

This network marketing opportunity offers several different types of products. They are mainly personal development courses which are divided into several categories that go on as follows:

  1. Courses & Seminars: Master of Destinies 1 (Learning The 7 Stages Of Transformation), Master of Destinies 2 – Sovereignty Live, Master of Destinies 3 – Influence Live, Master Of Destinies 7 – Fast Track, and Master of Destinies 7 – Record Live Events;
  2. Life Transformation On A Higher Level: Join the Members Zone;
  3. Your Personal Growth: Attract recruits by becoming an affiliate.

What Is The Price For Joining Prosperity Of Life Australia?

Potential clients can get started by registering with the network marketing solutions, receiving Prosperity of Life login credentials, and purchasing one of their programs. They can train at home or visit the live seminars. The cost is a bit shockingly high. It goes as follows for the different personal development project’s levels:

  • M1 Price Tag – $2,285;
  • M2 Price Tag – $7,950;
  • M3 Price Tag – $12,950;
  • M7 Price Tag – $4,590;
  • M7 Fast Track Price Tag – $6,250;

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Prosperity Of Life Compensation Plans – Are They As High As The Costs?

As much as it is not advisable to register with this allegedly income-generating solution, there is also a limited number of people that have managed to achieve good profits. One should keep in mind that they are not always consistent.

The only way for people to achieve some kind of success with this network marketing tool is by trying to resell their overpriced personal growth courses. But there are very few individuals that can actually afford to get started with one of them.

Some might ask why. Well, the total price tag of all of their course (which one must complete if one wishes to engage in the MLM network) amounts to the shocking $30,000. My experience with different business opportunities has taught me that such an upscale investment is not worth it unless the user is going to invest in the stocks of companies like Apple or Google.

More details about the compensation plan can be found by getting in touch with a representative of the income-accumulating solutions. They can be found on the Facebook page of Prosperity Of Life and on their official website.

Is Prosperity Of Life Fake? – What Do The Success Stories Say?

All eligible facts point out that Prosperity Of Life Network is a direct sales scam which functions in a similar manner to the Prime Time Profits System. When a customer tries to purchase one of their live or digital personal growth and wealth accumulation courses, he or she has to make sure to read the small print very carefully.

Because it states that you will be sending your money to an unknown individual’s bank account and not to that of the licensed company. It does not get more scammier than this! These people have absolutely no shame! My advice to anyone who is considering to get started is to stay as far away as possible. There is a serious threat imposed on his or her savings!

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Prosperity Of Life Review Conclusion

We have already determined that this network marketing opportunity is a total scam.

Potential clients will end up wasting way too many finances on purchasing the personal development courses and there are close to no people that can actually afford to buy them back.

But there is still some hope.

Not every online business opportunity operates like this.

There are also the legit ones.

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Stella and Dot – Does It Really Work?

Stella and Dot is a popular and quite interesting MLM business opportunity that deals with home-made jewelry. I know that there are many online users who are wondering whether this solution is worth it or it is just the next scam platform that is available on the market.

Normally, most of you believe that while this could be real, there’s always a catch to it. So, I decided to offer you my full scam Stella and Dot review in order to help you make your decision.

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Stella and Dot – What Is It Actually?

As I already specified above, this is an MLM opportunity for increasing your income from home. I have to tell you that the Multi-Level Marketing industry is very fast-changing. Numerous firms come up, but only a few of them are truly legit, reliable, and genuine. So, you should only opt for this type of solutions.

Stella & Dot is a mainstream home jewelry MLM company. It was established back in 2007 by Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris. According to the given information, the founders conceptualized the idea while at an alumni event.

It supposedly helped these 2 women to achieve incredible results and global success. Maybe this is also thanks to the fact they both studied M.B.A at Stanford. And this has definitely prepared them for this type of online business.

My initial research also revealed that Stella and Dot is a favorite company among moms who are interested in making money online from their home. They are also interested in fashion and jewelry.

Basically, this company seems to be perfectly suitable for members who are stay-at-home moms with a good grasp to their relatives.

Stella and Dot review – Product Packages

I can tell you that you won’t need much money to get started with the MLM opportunity. There are actually 3 different options you can choose from:

  • Ultimate Kit – the price of this exclusive kit is $699. In return, you will be able to select jewelry and accessories that worth $1,500.
  • More Love Kit – it costs $499 and it includes access to products with a total cost of $1,000.
  • Essentials Kit – this is the most basic package. Its price is as little as $199 and you can select $350 worth of jewelry.

You should also be aware of the fact that all these packages include an unlimited amount of various and valuable marketing materials. They can give you the needed skills and strategies to start selling more products thus making more money on a regular basis.

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Is There A Compensation Plan?

Yes, there is a very attractive compensation plat here at Stella and Dot. As soon as you become one of their stylists you will get a 25% commission on the items you manage to sell. This commission can actually go to 35% depending on the worth of the sold items for a given period of time.

Another great strategy you can apply to increase your income is to recruit other stylists to the company. This is quite important as if you manage to build a solid downline of stylists, you can earn up to 18% in commission from their sales.

What Is The Cost of Becoming A Member Of Stella and Dot?

Joining Stella&Dot is 100% free of charge. You only need to fill in the provided online form to become a member of the Multi-Level Marketing firm. Of course, you will need to invest some of your funds to purchase retail products in order to start selling them to the end customers. And this is the way every MLM company works.

An Important Note: Why More Than 90% Of The Stylists Fail?

I know that the level of hype surrounding the popular MLM opportunities is very high, however, there are few things that you should watch out for once you become a distributor.

Remember, that soon enough, you will start facing different challenges. For example, the sale process is not as smooth and simple as it seems in the beginning. You will need to constantly struggle if you want to make the best out of your opportunity.

Let me show you the main points that you should be really careful about when you become one of the Stella and Dot stylists:

1. Poor Prospects

2. Low-Quality Training

3. Lack of Selling Skills

4. Competitive Industry

5. Expensive Business Cost

Keep in mind these to be prepared for what it is about to come. Achieving success is not impossible, however, you will need hard work to start making the desired profits.

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Stella & Dot – Pros And Cons

Here, I would like to share with you my personal list that includes all the main pros and cons of the MLM solution.


  • Support
  • Managing inventory
  • Transparency
  • Trendy and Fashionable jewelry
  • Responsible customer care
  • No sales restrictions


  • Products are too expensive

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Stella And Dot – Is It a Scam or Legit?

This online business opportunity is definitely not a scam. It is stable, solid, and reliable. The best part of its portfolio is the fact that it has real products to offer to its stylists. This means that you will actually receive something for your membership to work with. It is up to you to start earning good profits, after all. For this, you will need some skills and experience. Hopefully, the training materials that are included will walk you through the basics of the field.

I also dig on the Internet for some honest and first-hand testimonials. Most of the gathered reviews were positive which means that the company is definitely real. This is why I would like to recommend it to my readers as an income-increasing option that deserves attention.

What Is My Final Advice To You?

You should work hard to achieve the desired success even if it is about online opportunities. Nothing should be taken for granted. And I believe that Stella and Dot is an MLM company that can definitely provide you with valuable tools that you can turn into real profits.

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Revital U Review – What Is The Truth About It?

Revital U is one of those online business opportunities that have been getting a lot of hype recently. The Internet space is full of various reviews and feedback about this product. In addition, I have noticed that has also been making the rounds on social media.

In the following article, I am going to share with you my honest opinion about this money-making solution. Read on to learn whether it is a scam or not.

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What Is Actually Revital U?

To start with, I should tell you that I made a thorough inspection of the features and the products offered by this income-generating solution. First of all, lets say that the product is actually an MLM opportunity that offers interesting services to its members. Still, there wasn’t any relevant information about the owners of the company, so I had to do some extra digging to find more details.

As a result, I revealed that Revital U is the brain child of Andrew McWilliam. The CEO launched the company in the second half of 2016. The curious thing here is that if you check the domain you will see that the listed owner is Pay Johnston. I am not sure how he comes into play here. It seems that both men are involved with the firm as the one is pointed as a President while the other is listed as a CEO.

Revital U – What Kind Of Products Does It Have?

The types of products that you can find here are both coffee and “Smart Caps.” The official information that is available about this coffee claims that it has been designed to energize you with only one scoop per day. In addition, the drink is supposed to help you experience better mental focus and control your weight.

On the other hand, the Smart Caps are described as something that is going to support your daily routine by activating the best version of you. The capsule is also able to help you experience increased mental and physical potential as well as uplifted mood.

To be honest, I believe that having real products to sell is a good sign when it comes to an MLM opportunity, so I am satisfied with what I found about the catalog of Revital U. It seems that the coffee products it sells are interesting and with some good potential for making solid profits.

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How Much Do The Products Cost?

The price of the coffee is set to $49.99. In return, you will receive a 30-days supply in a tub-form. In case you prefer to get the product in single-serve packets, the price will be $54.99. When it comes to the Smart Caps their price is $49.99 for a similar 30-day supply.

Revital U – Compensation Plan?

The available compensation plan of the company focuses on both retail customers with residuals through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

This means that you will receive a commission each time you sell a product to a retail customer.

The total profit you can generate depends on the number of customers you have. The scheme is as follows:

  • 2 to 9 customers – 5% commission rate
  • 10-14 customers – 10% commission rate
  • 15-24 customers – 15% commission rate
  • 25 + customers – 25% commission rate

In addition, there is a Customer Bonus that rewards the affiliates of the firm for generating retail sales:

  • 5 retail customers – $50
  • 10 retail customers – $100
  • 15 retail customers – $200
  • 25 + retail customers – $500

In case you manage to recruit some new affiliates for the company, you will receive a residual commission, too.

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How To Become An Affiliate of Revital U?

It is easy to become a member of this MLM company, as the only thing you need is to sign up for the program. In addition, you have to know that there is a membership fee that you will need to pay. Its cost is $49.99.

So, Is Revital U A Scam Or Legit Online Business Opportunity?

My final verdict on this MLM solution is positive. I don’t think that it is a scam, so you should take a close look at it. Of course, you should know that there are many scam money-making opportunities in the online market so you should be careful when choosing your preferred company and sector.

I would also like to tell you that you will need to work hard in order to start earning satisfying profits. If you don’t, you won’t remained pleased. This is why you should seriously consider the advantages and disadvantages of the solution before signing up for it.

To conclude, I gathered some feedback from the Internet space and most of it was positive. And this proves that the company is not fake and fraudulent. It also offers some really useful and popular products that can easily be marketed. You just need to be active and devoted to this business in order to achieve a good level of success. Take your time and make your final decision.

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My Final Words About Revital U!

Although the coffee and caffeine pills may limit the demographic of potential customers, I think that this MLM opportunity deserves serious consideration. It may actually help you start increasing your income online.

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Prime Time Profits Review – The Next MLM Scam Or Not? [A Quick Overview]

Prime Time Profits is a multi-level marketing company.

It has a very aggressive online advertising campaign and users have been sharing information about it on social networks like crazy.

I decided to look into it and here is My Shocking Prime Time Profits Review!

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Prime Time Profits Overview – What’s The MLM Solution About?

Let us begin by describing this money-making system as an online income-generating solution. The digital app’s website claims that anyone can make $500 and more every day if they follow the simple steps and guidelines explained in the promotional video. All of this is supposed to be made available to the client for free.

It operates in a similar way to other network marketing and digital income sources like Fisher Investments, Survey Junkie, and Yoonla. The latter is probably the one that is closest in operational principles. But while those network marketing solutions are actually legit and authentic, this one does not appear to be anything than the regular MLM scam that we are tired of seeing.

The advertising clip on the official website states that the client who has landed there has received a personal recommendation or invitation from a close friend or the creator himself. This makes you one the very fortunate few who can secure a costless spot for the digital investment solution.

What not many people know about it is that there are no limits. Anyone can register at any given moment. This is just one of those marketing tricks that founders of such money-making systems use in a desperate attempt to attract more clients into registering.

The narrator of the video does his best to convince the viewer that he or she is extremely lucky and will learn a lot of allegedly secret techniques of how to capitalize and squeeze cash out of nowhere. But a closer look at the facts displayed in most legit Prime Time Profits reviews that the online income solution requires an initial deposit and is not actually free.

One of the techniques that the creators use is to make the potential client feel special and be prompted to sign-up. Afterward, they ask for a small sum to get him or her started. In the end, only the founders get some kind of earnings and the user is left to pick up whatever is left of his or her dignity and try another digital money-making system, hoping that it’s going to be trustworthy.

The Prime Time Profits Black Box:

One of the things that visitors should always try and stay wary when approaching such affiliate marketing solutions is when they promise that the client will get paid for doing nothing. As much as it would have been wonderful for such a money-making system to exist, there are none. Users will always have to get some kind of work done if they wish to accumulate something in return. This is just how the world works. The people behind Prime Time Profits System state that their MLM program is like a virtual ‘black box’. One just has to click on it and one will get $500 (or 180,000 annually) in return. But this is not true.

Are There Any Prime Time Profits Products To Sell?

This multi-level marketing company does not have any products that clients can purchase. If one decides to opt for it and registers, he or she will just have to click on a button from time to time. This is the above-mentioned ‘switch’ of the black box that accumulates earnings on a daily basis.

There is no further explanation as to its proper functionality, nor what does it do exactly. The best guess in such a scenario would be that profits are generated via the spreading of Internet traffic and online advertisements. Since the creators of the income-generating system refuse to explain exactly how it functions, this is a shot in the dark.

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How Is The Prime Time Profits Compensation Plan?

The online income-accumulating solution is not like other popular MLM solutions. Not only are there no products to sell and the only job for the user is to click a button from time to time. There is also no compensation plan.

Clients can exceed further up the company’s ladder by becoming active affiliates. Meaning that they will have to scout for digital traffic sources that lead more and more clients towards the home income solution. But this suggests that they have to have good connections among popular virtual marketing websites.

What Is The Price Of Joining Prime Time Profits?

The cost for signing up for this affiliate marketing program varies, depending on what the client’s intentions are. It can be anywhere between $47 and $97 for those who wish to click a button all day and those who wish to search for alternative Internet traffic sources. While the price tag is not as hefty as for the starter kits of some other digital income solutions, it is definitely not free as is suggested in the promotional clip. Which means that actual founders use false claims in order to attract more clients. This is never a good sign regarding the scam or legit status of any MLM program that claims it can achieve a good primary or secondary income for anyone.

Are The Rumors True? – Is Prime Time Profits System a Scam Or Not?

Most online traffic solutions that fall under my radar happen to be legitimate and reliable income-generating programs. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything positive to say about the present one. Nobody hands out money in exchange for nothing.

Even other Prime Time Profits reviews that I’ve stumbled upon on the Internet are not very impressed with the results it gives. Not to mention that I couldn’t find any positive user testimonials and feedback. All of them were dissatisfied and complaining about how they wasted their earnings for nothing.

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Affiliate Marketing Solution Conclusion

The ongoing rumors that this online money-making program is a scam are the truth.

It is best for potential clients to stay as far away from it as is possible.

There are practically no chances that it will achieve anything.

The best thing that I can do is tell you that not every digital income source is like this.

I opted for the best possible one and I am currently making about 100K every 6 months.

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Aegea Review – Does It Make Money Or Not? [The Truth!]

Aegea Quantum Body Energy is a multi-level network marketing opportunity.

It has been gaining more and more popularity in the last couple of months and lots of people have been writing to me, wondering if this is a legit business opportunity.

Make sure to read My Exclusive Aegea Review if you want to know the truth!

But before I explain what it’s about …

I want you to ask yourself if you are satisfied with how life’s been going on for you? How’s the closed circle 9-to-5 job? Is it worth the time and efforts?

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Aegea MLM Company – What Exactly Is Quantum Energy For The Body?

This digital money-making opportunity operates in the beauty and wellness sector and states that it wishes to ‘elevate the human spirit’ by providing the body with increased energy. Some people might ask themselves, how exactly do they manage to do this? Well, they sell wearable quantum body chips. They are committed to improving lives.

Its structure is described as an entire ecosystem of business opportunities to acquire a stable income from the private comfort of one’s home. People who decide to opt for their network marketing solution will be independent sales representatives and entrepreneurs that would have to travel around the world very frequently.

This MLM solution offers a holistic approach to achieving a better lifestyle and enjoying the meaningful moments to the fullest. The products can be described as being a blend of excellence and innovation. The wellness and energy company has developed the patented Quantum Resonance Technology.

It can be applied to both the human body and any other organic product that exists on the planet. Some even put it on fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh. Some dispute the legitimacy of the technology and its genuine ability to boost average health and beauty. The main founder and creators are listed as John Prosser (Chairman Of The Board) and Jeff Cohen (Executive).

Prosser is said to have more than 30 years of investment and entrepreneurial experience, while Cohen’s professional biography includes CBS, NBC, Turner Broadcasting, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg’s. He was also the Chief Marketing Officer at MonaVie which ran into financial difficulties in 2014 and became part of Jeunesses (if you want to find more about them – read my Exclusive Jeunesses Review) in 2015. This MLM opportunity operates in a similar fashion to doTERRA and Vida Divina.

What Is Aegea International Destination?

Prosser and Cohen are also currently developing the Aegea Destination – a future city of the arts in the heart of South Central Florida. The project is dubbed ‘Entertainment Living™’ and is supposed to be a lifestyle getaway spot that offers romantic architecture and waterfront surroundings. It will include a theme park – ‘Entertainment Villages’ and a European guest estate – ‘Cultural Villages’. One of the main purposes for the building of this holiday hot spot is because the creators wish to show visitors the ancient crossroads of arts, beauty, and entertainment, on the basis of which the best blend of innovation and technology development.

What Are The Main Aegea Quantum Resonance Technology Products?

Knowing that the human body requires sufficient amounts of energy in order to sustain the natural flow of all of its processes. This source of power keeps the balance of all the vital substances in our body well-balanced and makes us feel in tune with the surrounding environment.

When this balance is disrupted, we become ill and depressed. This is because our so-called Meridian System’s electromagnetic fields have been upset by trauma, stress or bad lifestyle choices or habits. Aegea has developed the patented Quantum Resonance Technology and the Quantum Card – natural bio-fields that radiate positive vibrational frequencies from which every organic form of life can benefit.

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These chips are worn directly on the body or can be put on any water-based product, such as plants, fruits, and vegetables. They are said to be imported straight from the Earth. Their price is quite hefty – $399. It would be quite difficult to actually sell them.

The full list of natural energy-cleansing products includes:

  • Infinite Energy Quantum Card: Clear the electromagnetic fields of water, food, beverages, and consumable liquids like gasoline and cosmetics.
  • Nitro QuBIT Card: Influences and enhances the energetic frequencies of the human body. It is basically a bio-energy hologram for the boosting of Nitric Oxide*.
  • Energetics Relief QuBIT Card: Designed to promote healthy blood circulation and elevate the mood of the individual.
  • EMF Shield Card: Minimizes the negative effect that EMFs have on the human organism.
  • Freshness Card: Keeps every organic product (from food to flowers) fresh.

Are The Aegea Compensation Plans Worth It?

This network marketing company has a product portfolio that people who deal with MLM opportunities might have a hard time reselling to third parties. Nevertheless, they do provide access to stable bonuses. Potential sales representatives have to be prepared to invest a great deal in traveling and for starter packs.

They must also aim at attracting the attention of more wealthy customers that could afford to buy these bio-field enhancing devices. If one wishes to make money by joining the business opportunity, then one can do so by making new recruits join the MLM solution.

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The price of the Aegea starter packs is the following:

  • Basic Starter Pack – $99;
  • Freshness Pack – $199;
  • Executive Pack – $399;
  • Quantum Builder Pack – $999;

Depending on one’s monthly performance, sales representatives can achieve one of the following ranks:

  • Affiliate: Most basic level for newcomers.
  • Bronze: Users must maintain a monthly BV of 40 and sponsor two affiliates.
  • Bronze Elite: The same as above but one has to sponsor four affiliates.
  • Silver: A monthly BV of 40 auto-ship and sponsor six affiliates.
  • Silver Elite: A 40 BV per month auto-ship and the recruitment of eight new affiliates.
  • Gold: A 40 BV a month autoship and the sponsoring of ten fresh affiliates.
  • Gold Elite: An, at least, 40 BV a month auto-ship and recruitment of twelve new affiliates.
  • Platinum: A 40 BV every month in auto-ship and sponsoring of sixteen new affiliates.
  • Platinum Elite: Maintain 40 BV a month auto-ship and sponsorship twenty fresh affiliates.

Is This A Legit MLM Opportunity Or Not?

There is much heat surrounding the matter of this network marketing solution’s legitimacy status. Most Aegea reviews state that the products do tend to improve one’s general well-being but mainly as a placebo effect. But they are intended for people who acquire good returns on an annual basis. They cannot be purchased by Average Janes and Joes.

The starter packs are also not the most pocket-friendly ones available in the market. Reselling them would require additional investments on part of the sales representative. The travel bills will also be big. So the MLM company is legit but not for everyone. Especially, not for people who prefer to work from the comfort of their home.

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Aegea Network Marketing Solution Conclusion

The MLM opportunity might be good for people who come from a financially stable background and wish to have some sort of activity that fills up their free time.

If you are a gal or gal who, just like me, like the sweet comfort of working from home, then you should turn to something else

A money-making opportunity that will help you achieve 100K in no more than 6 months

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An Honest Nerium Review – Is It a Scam?

Nerium is an online business opportunity that has attracted the attention of many regular users who are willing to start dealing with MLM activities. So, I decided to conduct my usual investigation to provide my readers with all the top information related to the company and the product it offers.

Read the review to see whether anyone can make money with Nerium or it is just another scam that has been released on the market.

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Nerium – What Is It Actually?

Nerium is a popular and reputable company that has been dealing with skin-care products development and marketing. Jeff Olson is the man behind the company. He has obviously been involved with network marketing before. In addition, it seems that Mr. Olson has over 15 years of experience in the direct selling industry so he is a quite popular figure in the sector. He is also an author of a book called “The Slight Edge”. It quickly turned into a hit in the network marketing industry. And this comes to show that the founder and CEO of the firm is not just a random guy.

Furthermore, all the users who are interested in finding more information about the team behind Nerium, can easily do that as there is much information about each of the employees on the Internet. In my personal opinion this is a really good sign when it comes to the authenticity and reliability of a given business solution.

The main statement of the team behind this MLM firm is that the company culture of the workers drives everything they do – from the skincare products they develop, to the opportunities they offer to the regular users.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the fact that the available negative Nerium reviews are very few, which means that most of the people who have researched the company have remained satisfied with the results.

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What Kind of Products Does Nerium Offer?

As I already mentioned above in the article, the multi-level marketing firm develops and sells a great variety of high-quality skincare products. Most of them are offered in the form of creams. You maybe know how hard it is to develop a really effective and properly working cosmetic product so I decided to check the Internet space for some genuine feedback of people who have already tried the brand’s available solutions.

I found many positive reviews about the products as most of the people claim that they do actually work so this is always a good thing to see. Remember, it is very important for every company that deals with direct selling to offer really effective and working products.

This means that Nerium is not one of those fraudulent companies that offer fake products just to make their MLM legal. It actually provides people with high-quality care for their skin.

Apart from the cosmetic creams, the company also offers a solid range of wellness products that are designed to help people feel better during the day and the night.

Here is a short list of the top skincare and wellness products that you can get:


  • AgeIQ Day Cream
  • AgeIQ Night Cream
  • Double-Cleansing Botanical Face Wash
  • Age-Defying Eye Serum
  • Firming Body Contour Cream


  • Wellness Chews
  • Prolistic Skin-Balancing Lotion with Probiotic Technology
  • Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins
  • EHTBrain Formula
  • Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex (Tablet)
  • Youth Factor Superfood & Antioxidant Boost (Powder)

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How to Make Money With Nerium?

As a Nerium Brand Partner you are provided with a road map to success. In addition, you will get all the support if and when you need it. The resources that you will get access to include:

  • Business in a Box
  • Personalized E-Commerce Website
  • Marketing Materials
  • Digital Tools
  • 24/7 Online Training
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Support

All you need to get started is to sign up for the platform and then buy one of its product packages.

  • Premier Builder Pack $999.95 Retail Value: $1,754.95
  • Builder Pack $749.95 Retail Value: $1,279.95
  • Starter Pack $499.95 Retail Value: $844.99
  • Basic Kit $49.95 $0 Retail Value

As you go through the initial training and complete the first steps that you will be guided through, you will be able to easily start selling the high-quality products. In case you manage to recruit new partners for the platform, you will get more commissions and bonuses. All you need is to carefully follow the instructions that you will be given when you get accepted in the MLM company.

Bonuses & Benefits Offered By Nerium?

The Nerium firm provides its members with the possibility to earn a number of benefits as it even has a car program. If you earn enough commissions you qualify for your very own Lexus. In addition, you can receive a personal tablet and even win a luxury trip tickets.

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Nerium – Is It Good or Bad?

Maybe there are some people that are still not convinced that Nerium is legit, therefore, I need to make it clear – this online business opportunity is definitely worth it. Not only a scam will never offer you a Lexus, but it is obvious that the offered skincare and wellness products are of high quality. This means that they are effective enough to satisfy the needs of all the customers that buy them.

Another great advantage of this company over the other similar platforms is the fact that it provides its new members with much valuable information, support, and training. The included marketing tools will definitely guarantee a successful business experience to the affiliates of the firm. And this is the main goal after all. Everyone wants to find a legit and properly-working way to make money and Nerium will absolutely make sure that you will manage to achieve that.

To sum it up, I believe that you should seriously consider the possibility to sign up for this money-making program in order to significantly increase your income on a regular base.

My Final Thoughts On Nerium!

It is always a good news to find out that a given online business opportunity is authentic and able to offer stable results. This is why I strongly advise my regular readers to take a close look at Nerium as it is a great example of a professional multi-level marketing company.

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doTerra Business Review – Is The MLM Worth It?

doTERRA is said to be one of the hottest MLM solutions.

Many have been writing to me in order to find out whether the essential oils manufacturer is a legit business opportunity or not.

If you are one of them, make sure to check out My Unbiased doTERRA Review to learn the truth.

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A Short Overview Of The doTERRA Business

The MLM company was launched in early 2008 with the sole purpose of enriching the modern cosmetics sphere with all-natural essential oils. It is stated on the official website that the main purpose of the business solution was to develop and establish standards in an industry, in which it is extremely hard to trace the true origins of a product.

It is actually quite similar to Vida Divina, Hempworkx, Total Life Changes, and Pure Haven Essentials – some other money-making solutions that I’ve reviewed. The only difference is that the doTERRA founders actually managed to create a new standard of ‘therapeutic quality’ – CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. The founding executives are David Stirling, Corey B. Lindley, Emily Wright, Gregory P. Cook, Dr. David Hill, Robert J. Young, and Mark A. Wolfert.

One of the peculiar things about it is that the firm managed to expand quite quickly. They like to say about themselves that their main driving force is hidden in four key principles – hard work, passion, vision, and commitment. The business venture is all about supplying people who may or may not have an idea about essential oils with natural body care products that can be used safely on family and friends.

The main business opportunity that doTERRA presents to users involves the direct selling of their organic goods. It is stated that the sales model is unique, replacing the traditional mass marketing with a more personal approach. This also involves the active testing of the products so that the clients can convince themselves of the quality of the goods.

This allows them to experience the benefits first-hand and develop a trust-based relationship with the Wellness Advocates, as the sales representatives of the company are called. There are actually more than 2 million consultants around the world which proves that the body maintenance goods corporation is expanding.

doTerra Pro Fact:

Many people wonder why the wellness products company is called the way it is. The word is actually a play of words with the Latin phrase ‘Donum de terra’, meaning ‘a gift of the Earth’. It is supposed to represent the entire idea behind the organic essential oils – that if one relies on the power of natural goods, then he or she can achieve much more lifestyle advantages than with anything else.

Main Product Line – Organic Essential Oils

The product line of this natural body care manufacturer encompasses more than three pages, filled with single essential oils. They have literally extracted everything from lavender through Siberian fir to myrrh. Most doTERRA product reviews speak quite fondly of the good availability. It is actually quite hard to find a dissatisfied customer.

It has expanded quite rapidly since its humble beginnings about a decade ago. There are also different types of proprietary blends, as well as personal body care, nutritional supplements, body-sculpting solutions, different collections, and diffusers.

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Their main product categories can be defined as belonging to the following categories:

  • Essential Oils: Single oils, proprietary blends, On Guard, Breathe, DeepBlue, and DigestZen.
  • Lifestyle: Personal body care and maintenance, nutritional supplements, body-shaping solutions, collections, and diffusers.
  • Other: Healing Hands creams, literature, accessories, special offers, storage, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) accessories.

The only thing that could raise a bit of suspicion as to the actual effectiveness and usefulness of the cosmetic goods is the fact that their labels lack a country of origin. But the essentials oils have been exhaustively examined and tested by experts and are determined to be legit and authentic.

How to Sell doTERRA Products?

As was already mentioned, this MLM business opportunity is all about direct selling. There are not many details as to how exactly one can become a Wellness Advocate but the job involves a lot of traveling and the ability to communicate freely with new people. It’s all about the charms, as they say in the sphere!

The first thing that sales representatives are supposed to do is pay the $35 registration fee. This is quite the minuscule sum, considering what most beautifying product manufacturers want. In exchange, one gets to purchase the natural product line with a 25% discount off the original price.

The main task here is to market them via direct contact or the online shopping portal. Most doTERRA reviews reveal that people get a 25% commission just from selling alone. One of the more important things to keep in mind is to stack up on a broader product range so that you can supply a customer with anything that he or she wants.

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This could be a potential downside as the initial investment could turn into a great financial burden. Wellness Advocates have to attract new clients which can easily turn to another representative if you don’t happen to have the exact thing that they want. But purchasing the entire cosmetic line is not very pocket-friendly, even though it is good to keep a full inventory.

Global Botanical Network:

The wellness products manufacturer states that the business opportunity grows their own plants, out of which they distill and formulate the essential oils. Most doTERRA company reviews confirm that this is true. The firm has gardens, farms, and greenhouses in over 40 different countries around the world. Co-Impact Sourcing® and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ are the names of two of the main charity organizations that the natural beautifying goods firm has founded. They seek to improve the lives of people in the impoverished areas of the countries where their partners are located.

Is The MLM Company A Legit Business Venture?

All available evidence suggests that doTERRA is the real deal. Their essential oils and other goods truly do have the chance to improve the lifestyle of clients. Their multi-level marketing career opportunity is also legit and authentic. But visitors have to keep in mind that it might be best-tailored for people that like traveling and communicating with new people a lot.

Keeping a full inventory to keep clients satisfied and catered to can also be tricky. The essential oils company does present viable chances for one to achieve a good secondary income. It is genuine and reliable. People who prefer to get started with a true online money-making solution can simply Go & Take a Look at My #1 Money-Making Recommendation Here!

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doTERRA Review Conclusion

There are two types of people. Some prefer to go out and sell random people cosmetic products. Some like the cozy comfort of their home and prefer digital money-making solutions.

DoTERRA is a good business opportunity for the former. But if you are my type of person and belong to the second category, then maybe it is time for you to try something different.

Do you like the sweet sound that money makes when you spend it?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, don’t waste your time on business ventures that aren’t meant for you.

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Profitable Morrows – An Honest Review! Is It a Scam Or Legit?

Are you willing to find an objective and detailed scam review on Profitable Morrows? If so, you are in the right place as I am going to fully inspect the characteristics and features of this multi-level marketing money-making solution.

This platform has been a hot topic lately so I decided to offer my regular readers some more information about it.

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What Is The Heck Profitable Morrows?

As I mentioned above this is one of the popular and successful MLM online opportunities that are available on the market. In addition, it is recently released as my investigation revealed that the project was started in 2017. The platform is focused on the finance niche and it is situated in Australia. In fact, its physical address is in Canberra and it is registered with ASIC on July 15, 2017.

I also managed to find some information about the owner of the company. It seems that the Chief Executive Officer is called Aaron Cooper and there are some photos of him that you can check online. Still, I couldn’t learn any more information about this businessman as his professional bio is not available in the Internet space.

According to the official information provided by the team behind Profitable Morrows it specializes in private investments and wealth management. This comes to show that it should be able to provide its members with some advanced strategic benefits like limited regulation, speed, transaction, and flexibility. So, you can invest part of your finds on the platform in order to get regular returns. I am going to explain the procedure with more details below.

What Are The Products Offered By Profitable Morrows?

My thorough research revealed that users will not be able to find any products that are offered by Profitable Morrows as the business opportunity doesn’t seem to deal with retail activities. This means that there is nothing that it is marketing or selling to retail customers.

In other words, it only provides you with the chance to become a part of their affiliate membership program. Lately, this is a hot trend for the companies that have been working under the multi-level marketing.

In case you decide to join this money-making solution, you will have other options, too. I am going to explain what is all about in a while so that you can make your final decision.

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Profitable Morrows – Do They Have a Compensation Plan or Not?

If you want to deal with something else but recruiting new members to the platform, you can do so by making a small initial investment. So, you have to invest some of your money in order to start earning a return on investment. This is also known as ROI. With regard to investment plans, Profitable Morrows offers 2 different options – a Daily Plan as well as a Fixed Plan.

If you choose to opt for the Daily Plan you will need to invest as little as 0.005BTC or $25. As a result, you will start accumulating 4.5% as daily ROI for a period of 34 days which makes 153% as the total payout.

In case you decide to take the Fixed Plan your investment amount will be almost the same but the generated ROI will be 112%. It is paid after twelve days.

Finally, if you also decide to opt for referral commissions than you should know that affiliates of level 1 are going to earn a commission of 10% while level 2 earn 2% and level 3 earn 1%.

Important Note: What Is The Difference Between MLM And a Pyramid Scheme?

Knowing the difference between the Pyramid Schemes and the legit Multi-Level Marketing business is of utmost importance for all the people who are willing to start making money online. The big difference between these two terms comes from the main principle of operation of the given company. For example, the sole purpose of a typical pyramid scheme firm is to get your membership deposit and then to use you to recruit other members for it. On the other hand, the main goal of an MLM company is to not only recruit new members but to provide them with access to various products and services.

One should be really careful when deciding to opt for any particular online solution, otherwise, they can lose all their invested funds.

How Much Does Profitable Morrows Membership Cost?

To be honest, I couldn’t find any information related to any fees or costs that you need to cover when signing up for this income-generating opportunity. On the contrary, it seems that the access to it is completely free, however, you will need to invest a small amount of deposit if you want to deal with the ROI program of the platform. In my personal opinion, it is worthed to give it a try.

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Profitable Morrows – a Scam or Authentic Income-Generating Solution?

I can say that my investigation generated results that are relatively positive. This means that the Profitable Morrows solution is not a scam. All the provided information looks impressive and very interesting, however, there is no solid evidence to confirm the profitability of the income-generating opportunity.

I checked the Internet space to gather some first-hand feedback and most of it was positive. Obviously, some users have actually managed to start earning extra income by working with the MLM program. The other reviews I found are with mixed attitude as some of them claim that Profitable Morrows is a scam, while others state that it is reliable and trustworthy.

My Final Thoughts on Profitable Morrows

For the past several years I have come across many scam business opportunities that are doing their best to attract the attention of users and make them sign up for them. Of course, their real nature has been of pyramid scheme type so I figured out that something must be done. I started to investigate the newly released money-making solutions to provide users with authentic information.

When it comes to the Profitable Morrows platform it is definitely not the best MLM company on the market, however, you should maybe try its services in order to check its performance on practice.


I want to advise my readers to be careful and thoughtful when searching for a legit online business opportunity as this will help them achieve the desired success in this field.

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My Daily Choice Review – Will It Make Your Profits Grow?

My Daily Choice is a multi-level marketing solution which handles beauty and wellness products.

The official website of the business opportunity does not make it clear for how many years it has been in operation.

But I did manage to dig up a couple of details about it.

So read My Honest & Unbiased My Daily Choice (MDC) Review to learn it all.

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My Daily Choice Company – What Is It All About?

The MLM solution is the official business partner of Hempworx – a bizopp that I review some time ago. It advertises and sells its own natural wellness product line and that of their affiliate. The network marketing opportunity functions much in the same manner as Total Life Changes (TLC) and Pure Haven Essentials – two similar companies that I have already reviewed some time ago.

Their own beauty solutions feature the exclusive Deer Antler Velvet extract which is an organic immune booster and anti-aging agent. My Daily Choice’s business partnership with Hempworx grants it the right to resell their CBD oil goods at reasonable prices.

The affiliate marketing opportunities that it presents are quite solid. Wellness goods have always enjoyed increased interest on part of the customers. There are many lucrative possibilities. The creators are actually the same people that established Hempworx – Josh and Jenna Zwagil. People who wish to work with them can also act as independent distributors.

One of the more positive things about it is that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor a pyramid. There are many individuals who manage to acquire clients and earn good profits. Both of the founders have stated that they wish for their affiliates to think of the company as a home and not just a business endeavor.

Cloud-Based Business Technology:

The business model of this multi-level marketing company applies and relies heavily on the power of modern technology. The MyDailyChoice Cloud Technology and Management System platforms were designed specifically to address the needs of the independent partners and one can log in at any time of the day. They offer low overheads and rewarding compensation plans. The product lines that one has to market, advertise, and resell are all-natural and their popularity in the market is growing slowly but steadily. The affiliate support operates 24/7 and one can get in touch with them from every point of the globe during every hour of the day.

My Daily Choice Products – Their Characteristics & Prices

The private product line of this wellness and lifestyle-improving multi-level marketing opportunity is manufactured in facilities that have been cleared and approved by the FDA and the cGMP. They are constantly monitored and the climate inside is strictly controlled All of the featured ingredients are purchased from some of the most reputable suppliers in the world.

They are completely organic. The company itself employs hundreds of chemists, formulators, and product experts, and raw material providers. The whole focus of the My Daily Choice sprays is to make people ‘live better, feel better, and look better’, as is stated on their official website.

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Creators Josh and Jenna Zwagil do not rely solely on the power of words and clever advertising. All of their goods come with the necessary legal documentation. This means that they have issued Certificates of Analyses, Free Trade Certificates, Gas Chromatography Tests, Antimicrobial Tests, and Potency Tests that both clients and affiliates can access at any time.

Let’s take a look at the high-quality life-changing sprays:

  • Peak: Its formula consists of Deer Antler Velvet and a mixture of superfruits. Boosts the metabolism and immune system, supports anti-aging, and enhances the performance.
  • Shield: Features coral calcium. Improves alkalinity, balances pH levels, gives more energy and vitality, and allegedly reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • Boost: Includes Vitamin B12 derivatives and a natural caffeine extract from coffee beans. It is intended to be a natural energy-inducing spray.
  • Trim365: Body-shaping solution whose formula focuses on the fruit of the Garcinia Cambogia plant. Supposed to suppress the appetite and make the body burn calories and fatty tissue faster.
  • Sleep: This wellness product is designed to help solve sleep issues. It features melatonin and a valerian root extract. Made to help regulate the circadian clock, support a peaceful sleep and rest time, and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Brain: Created to enhance the human memory’s capacity. Features Cognizin and Sensoril. Regulates the mood and tackles depression and anxiety. Improves the cognitive functions and the memory.

The wellness and beauty product company also sells the goods manufactured by the other business endeavor of its creators – Hempworx. Affiliates can sell and market the 500 mg and 750 mg packages of the Full Spectrum CBD Oil, the Topical Pain Rub with Emu Oil, the Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells, the Revive spray, the HempWorx Dog Treats with 2.5mg of CBD per cookie, and 250 mg package of Doggy Hemp Oil.

All of the My Daily Choice prices, even the CBD Oil ones, are very reasonable.

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My Daily Choice Compensation Plans – Can They Accumulate Profits?

While the business niche that the MDC multi-level marketing opportunity operates in might be a bit questionable, as there is no solid proof that their products actually work, the compensation plans are solid but the payment scheme is a bit complicated.

There are a total of 9 different starter kits. Every consultant has the change to acquire a stable commission of up to 25% of a given good’s price. New recruitments also make one earn more money. The main task is to build two teams of affiliates which are nicknamed ‘Left Leg’ and ‘Right Leg’.

They have to reach a certain amount of returns for the wellness company in order for you to make profits. Affiliates are also entitled to receive Jump Start Bonuses, Leadership Check Matching Bonuses, Global Bonus Pool Contribution, Rank Incentives, Elite Expense Accounts, and VIP Auto Club Bonuses.

Here is a short overview of the My Daily Choice starter kits and their average cost:

  1. Spray Builder Pack – $69
  2. Spray Director Pack – $149
  3. Spray Executive Pack – $299
  4. Brain Bears Builder Pack – $59
  5. Brain Bears Director Pack – $129
  6. Brain Bears Executive Pack – $199
  7. Travel Builder Membership – $69
  8. Travel Director Membership – $199
  9. Travel Executive Membership – $599

Is The MLM Company a Scam or Legit?

All the My Daily Choice hemp oil reviews that I managed to look through on the Internet speak very fondly of the affiliate marketing network. They sell high-quality goods that do have a chance of improving one’s wellness status and lifestyle. Their organic product line, as well as that of the couple’s other business venture – Hempworx, is legit and quite popular.

But this does not mean that it is suitable for every person. The business opportunity involves a lot of traveling and initial investments. Some people might not be willing to dedicate their whole day to this. I, for sure, won’t. There are better opportunities for those who wish to make their money digitally.

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MDC Affiliate Program Conclusion

This income stream solution can make stable and consistent profits. On one condition. You have to be willing to give it all the necessary time and attention. Affiliates are expected to travel across continents not only to sell wellness products and recruit new members but also to attend conferences.

As I already mentioned, this would bore the hell out of me

Also, there are very slim chances that it will be financially rewarding from day one …

Users have to keep in mind that the world wide web has a lot more to offer …

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What Is Thrive? [Scam or Safe Business Opportunity]

The Thrive products are one of the most popular MLM business opportunities online and it is wise to read through this review.

I have presented you with all of its advantages and disadvantages, you can discover useful insights and commentaries on what is Thrive for and how it can be helpful to you.

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What Is Thrive About?

Le-Vel is the name of the health and wellness brand you will be partnering with if you decide to promote the so-called Thrive Experience. In its essence, this is a three-step 8-week premium plan that tries to promote a healthier lifestyle through physical and state-of-mind improvement.

Their main selling point revolves around the following aspects:

  • Weight Management
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Immune System Enhancement
  • Improved Digestions
  • Joint & Muscle Care
  • Anti-Aging Products.

These are the fields in which you are going to have to focus in order to promote their products in the best way possible. Of course, they say that the best products are the ones that work for themselves but you will have to invest some efforts in order to make a compelling presentation.

Thrive Products Variety – a Hard Sell for a Good Life

As a partner of Le-Vel and promoter of their products, you need to get to know what you will be promoting. There is a significant variety of products that combine vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics in their formula. You get a Lifestyle Shake Mix and capsules to promote, that comes with different applications:

  • THRIVE|m – the mix has been formulated for men, specifically. It is a combination of vitamins and minerals, extracts, amino acids, and anti-oxidants that can help improve the daily lifestyle, overall health, and digestions of the gentlemen.
  • THRIVE|w – the capsules have been carefully crafted to answer the specific metabolic and hormonal predispositions of the ladies. Its gentle formula caters to the needs of the female organism and helps it tackle every challenge.
  • THRIVE Lifestyle Mix – the mix is ultra-micronized, comes in the form of a vanilla shake. It is gluten-free so that it is accessible to more people. The purpose of the shake is to support the everyday efforts of fitness goers and people who want to manage their weight more efficiently.
  • THRIVE Lifestyle DFT – DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology, this is part of the skin-care product line of Le-Vel.

People are advised to combine their gender-respective capsules with the other three products in order to achieve efficient results. This will be your part – in the best case scenario, to get them to buy a package of the products.

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Thrive Packages & Promotions

There are 3 established packages you are going to promote:

  • Lifestyle Pack – it costs a minimum of $100 and has enough quantity for 4 weeks of the recommended 8-week minimum experience. It is recommended for people who join the experience for the first time.
  • Tone Pack – it costs a minimum of $140 and is for those who want more efficient weight management and to be enabled to build lean muscles.
  • Couples Pack – starts at $200 and is enough for 4 weeks of the experience for both the ladies and the gents.

All the products are subscribed on auto-ship. Meaning that if your customers don’t refuse a shipment for the next month, they will receive another product.

Compensation Plan & Rewards

This is probably the most important part you need to get acquainted with upon deciding to partner with Le-Vel. Do it in order to see if their business opportunity as a representative of the Thrive products is suitable for you and your financial goals.

There are 5 main aspects of the rewards plan, each building on the rest and on your profits.

  • Retail Sales

When you become a Brand Promoter, you can earn 20% of the price of the products bought by your personal customers. As you recruit other Promoters, you build a Sponsorship Tree and you can earn a percentage of the sales from your first three levels of that tree, respectively 12%, 4%, and 4%.

  • Vanishing Autoship – 2 For FREE

This type of compensation happens when you have 2 Personal Customers enrolled on Autoship. For the highest two, you will receive the corresponding amount of their purchase as a Thrive credit for buying products. You can refer people even if you are simply a Customer, not a Promoter. This will get you free Thrive as well.

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  • Infinity Fast Start

These are specified bonuses from the products or Promoter upgrades made from the people in your Sponsorship Tree. The bonuses are four types – Basic, Starter, Promoter, VIP, respectively $15, $30, $80, $140 on the first level of your tree. You can have four levels with unlimited width.

  • Infinity Fast Start Match

This type of bonus comes with something additional. There is a variation of it (the Match), that represents a 10% bonus on the Infinity Fast Start commissions received from the people you have personally enrolled as Promoters, those in your first level of the Sponsorship Tree.

  • Accelerator Bonus

If you have reached a rank of 4K VIP and above, you can earn a Match of 20% on your 1st level Promoters instead of 10%. If you have enrolled at least 8 Qualified and Active Promoters.

There are 5 more ways in which you can receive additional bonuses and promotions. These include exotic getaways for loyal partners and even automobile prizes.

Joining & Qualifying Volume

In order to participate in this online business opportunity, you have to enroll as a Brand Promoter. Once you reach a Personal Volume (PV) of 100 sold units, you become an Active Qualified Promoter.

These units can be accumulated by you personally or through selling them to personal Customers. Once you reach the 100 PV mark, you can start receiving commissions and you become eligible for the various bonuses and promotions.

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Isn’t This a Scam and is It Worth Partnering with Thrive?

Actually, the Le-Vel Thrive products are completely authentic. The compensation and rewards plan has been carefully explained and I have not found legitimacy complaints about it. This makes me think that it is truly a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity you can take advantage of.

I am of the opinion that such initiatives require too many efforts. With Thrive you will have to:

1. Accumulate significant sales volumes;

2. Learn a lot about the products since these are food supplements and skin-care products with various ingredients;

3. Spend a significant amount of time promoting and explaining the uses of the products.

All of this shows me that even though it is a good alternative, there are better ones.

Before we part…

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