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Prosperity Of Life Review – Can It Make Money Or Not? [Unexpected Findings!]

Prosperity Of Life Network is a direct sales marketing program.

It has managed to change its name and branding several times in the last decade. People that get started with it will have to market personal development courses to other clients.

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Quick Prosperity Of Life Overview – What Is It Actually?

This digital income-generating solution was formerly known as the Prosperity Of Life Network, Liberty League, Polaris Media Group, and Polaris Global, before finally re-branding under its current name. In fact, Liberty League was uncovered as a full-blown pyramid scheme scam in 2009 which managed to extort $5 million from thousands of people.

And it looks as if it is back for more! This direct sales company was founded by the power couple, Shane & Rachel Krider. The latter is a former Herbalife speaker for the territory of Australia. It is based on a self-promotion principle. Representatives are supposed to engage in high-end up-sells in order to make a profit. The business opportunity is best-described as a network marketing program.

Creator Shane Krider and his wife present clients with personal development and wealth accumulation courses. They even urge them to take loans from banks so that they can enhance their entrepreneurship skills even further. This tactic is supposed to stimulate members to be high achievers but they will most likely be ridden with debts for the rest of their lives.

In order to present a completely authentic picture of what one can expect from this MLM company, it must be said that there also those who do manage to generate sufficient profits using the knowledge and materials that the online income company offers. But their numbers are very few and insufficient enough. This is evident from the Prosperity Of Life testimonials available on the Internet. This network marketing solution is similar to Vida Divina, Prime Time Profits, and Zilis.

Creators Personal & Professional Background:

It is time to pay more attention to the portfolio of all the main founders. Shane Krider started his career at the not so tender age of 26 when he was employed as a sales agent in the travel industry. It is often claimed that within the first two years, he became a self-made millionaire. But there are no fact sto support this. All of his subsequent endeavors include personal development projects. He is the co-author of the course. His wife – Rachel Krider is a high school dropout who went through many financial struggles. She allegedly managed to get out of this situation only by working on herself. Gregory Storm is Prosperity Of Life’s main Business Manager. He is also a famous Tv, film, and book producer. It is implied that he is the main source of financing for the multi-level marketing solution.

What Are The Prosperity Of Life Products?

This network marketing opportunity offers several different types of products. They are mainly personal development courses which are divided into several categories that go on as follows:

  1. Courses & Seminars: Master of Destinies 1 (Learning The 7 Stages Of Transformation), Master of Destinies 2 – Sovereignty Live, Master of Destinies 3 – Influence Live, Master Of Destinies 7 – Fast Track, and Master of Destinies 7 – Record Live Events;
  2. Life Transformation On A Higher Level: Join the Members Zone;
  3. Your Personal Growth: Attract recruits by becoming an affiliate.

What Is The Price For Joining Prosperity Of Life Australia?

Potential clients can get started by registering with the network marketing solutions, receiving Prosperity of Life login credentials, and purchasing one of their programs. They can train at home or visit the live seminars. The cost is a bit shockingly high. It goes as follows for the different personal development project’s levels:

  • M1 Price Tag – $2,285;
  • M2 Price Tag – $7,950;
  • M3 Price Tag – $12,950;
  • M7 Price Tag – $4,590;
  • M7 Fast Track Price Tag – $6,250;

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Prosperity Of Life Compensation Plans – Are They As High As The Costs?

As much as it is not advisable to register with this allegedly income-generating solution, there is also a limited number of people that have managed to achieve good profits. One should keep in mind that they are not always consistent.

The only way for people to achieve some kind of success with this network marketing tool is by trying to resell their overpriced personal growth courses. But there are very few individuals that can actually afford to get started with one of them.

Some might ask why. Well, the total price tag of all of their course (which one must complete if one wishes to engage in the MLM network) amounts to the shocking $30,000. My experience with different business opportunities has taught me that such an upscale investment is not worth it unless the user is going to invest in the stocks of companies like Apple or Google.

More details about the compensation plan can be found by getting in touch with a representative of the income-accumulating solutions. They can be found on the Facebook page of Prosperity Of Life and on their official website.

Is Prosperity Of Life Fake? – What Do The Success Stories Say?

All eligible facts point out that Prosperity Of Life Network is a direct sales scam which functions in a similar manner to the Prime Time Profits System. When a customer tries to purchase one of their live or digital personal growth and wealth accumulation courses, he or she has to make sure to read the small print very carefully.

Because it states that you will be sending your money to an unknown individual’s bank account and not to that of the licensed company. It does not get more scammier than this! These people have absolutely no shame! My advice to anyone who is considering to get started is to stay as far away as possible. There is a serious threat imposed on his or her savings!

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Prosperity Of Life Review Conclusion

We have already determined that this network marketing opportunity is a total scam.

Potential clients will end up wasting way too many finances on purchasing the personal development courses and there are close to no people that can actually afford to buy them back.

But there is still some hope.

Not every online business opportunity operates like this.

There are also the legit ones.

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Stella and Dot – Does It Really Work?

Stella and Dot is a popular and quite interesting MLM business opportunity that deals with home-made jewelry. I know that there are many online users who are wondering whether this solution is worth it or it is just the next scam platform that is available on the market.

Normally, most of you believe that while this could be real, there’s always a catch to it. So, I decided to offer you my full scam Stella and Dot review in order to help you make your decision.

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Stella and Dot – What Is It Actually?

As I already specified above, this is an MLM opportunity for increasing your income from home. I have to tell you that the Multi-Level Marketing industry is very fast-changing. Numerous firms come up, but only a few of them are truly legit, reliable, and genuine. So, you should only opt for this type of solutions.

Stella & Dot is a mainstream home jewelry MLM company. It was established back in 2007 by Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris. According to the given information, the founders conceptualized the idea while at an alumni event.

It supposedly helped these 2 women to achieve incredible results and global success. Maybe this is also thanks to the fact they both studied M.B.A at Stanford. And this has definitely prepared them for this type of online business.

My initial research also revealed that Stella and Dot is a favorite company among moms who are interested in making money online from their home. They are also interested in fashion and jewelry.

Basically, this company seems to be perfectly suitable for members who are stay-at-home moms with a good grasp to their relatives.

Stella and Dot review – Product Packages

I can tell you that you won’t need much money to get started with the MLM opportunity. There are actually 3 different options you can choose from:

  • Ultimate Kit – the price of this exclusive kit is $699. In return, you will be able to select jewelry and accessories that worth $1,500.
  • More Love Kit – it costs $499 and it includes access to products with a total cost of $1,000.
  • Essentials Kit – this is the most basic package. Its price is as little as $199 and you can select $350 worth of jewelry.

You should also be aware of the fact that all these packages include an unlimited amount of various and valuable marketing materials. They can give you the needed skills and strategies to start selling more products thus making more money on a regular basis.

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Is There A Compensation Plan?

Yes, there is a very attractive compensation plat here at Stella and Dot. As soon as you become one of their stylists you will get a 25% commission on the items you manage to sell. This commission can actually go to 35% depending on the worth of the sold items for a given period of time.

Another great strategy you can apply to increase your income is to recruit other stylists to the company. This is quite important as if you manage to build a solid downline of stylists, you can earn up to 18% in commission from their sales.

What Is The Cost of Becoming A Member Of Stella and Dot?

Joining Stella&Dot is 100% free of charge. You only need to fill in the provided online form to become a member of the Multi-Level Marketing firm. Of course, you will need to invest some of your funds to purchase retail products in order to start selling them to the end customers. And this is the way every MLM company works.

An Important Note: Why More Than 90% Of The Stylists Fail?

I know that the level of hype surrounding the popular MLM opportunities is very high, however, there are few things that you should watch out for once you become a distributor.

Remember, that soon enough, you will start facing different challenges. For example, the sale process is not as smooth and simple as it seems in the beginning. You will need to constantly struggle if you want to make the best out of your opportunity.

Let me show you the main points that you should be really careful about when you become one of the Stella and Dot stylists:

1. Poor Prospects

2. Low-Quality Training

3. Lack of Selling Skills

4. Competitive Industry

5. Expensive Business Cost

Keep in mind these to be prepared for what it is about to come. Achieving success is not impossible, however, you will need hard work to start making the desired profits.

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Stella & Dot – Pros And Cons

Here, I would like to share with you my personal list that includes all the main pros and cons of the MLM solution.


  • Support
  • Managing inventory
  • Transparency
  • Trendy and Fashionable jewelry
  • Responsible customer care
  • No sales restrictions


  • Products are too expensive

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Stella And Dot – Is It a Scam or Legit?

This online business opportunity is definitely not a scam. It is stable, solid, and reliable. The best part of its portfolio is the fact that it has real products to offer to its stylists. This means that you will actually receive something for your membership to work with. It is up to you to start earning good profits, after all. For this, you will need some skills and experience. Hopefully, the training materials that are included will walk you through the basics of the field.

I also dig on the Internet for some honest and first-hand testimonials. Most of the gathered reviews were positive which means that the company is definitely real. This is why I would like to recommend it to my readers as an income-increasing option that deserves attention.

What Is My Final Advice To You?

You should work hard to achieve the desired success even if it is about online opportunities. Nothing should be taken for granted. And I believe that Stella and Dot is an MLM company that can definitely provide you with valuable tools that you can turn into real profits.

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Revital U Review – What Is The Truth About It?

Revital U is one of those online business opportunities that have been getting a lot of hype recently. The Internet space is full of various reviews and feedback about this product. In addition, I have noticed that has also been making the rounds on social media.

In the following article, I am going to share with you my honest opinion about this money-making solution. Read on to learn whether it is a scam or not.

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What Is Actually Revital U?

To start with, I should tell you that I made a thorough inspection of the features and the products offered by this income-generating solution. First of all, lets say that the product is actually an MLM opportunity that offers interesting services to its members. Still, there wasn’t any relevant information about the owners of the company, so I had to do some extra digging to find more details.

As a result, I revealed that Revital U is the brain child of Andrew McWilliam. The CEO launched the company in the second half of 2016. The curious thing here is that if you check the domain you will see that the listed owner is Pay Johnston. I am not sure how he comes into play here. It seems that both men are involved with the firm as the one is pointed as a President while the other is listed as a CEO.

Revital U – What Kind Of Products Does It Have?

The types of products that you can find here are both coffee and “Smart Caps.” The official information that is available about this coffee claims that it has been designed to energize you with only one scoop per day. In addition, the drink is supposed to help you experience better mental focus and control your weight.

On the other hand, the Smart Caps are described as something that is going to support your daily routine by activating the best version of you. The capsule is also able to help you experience increased mental and physical potential as well as uplifted mood.

To be honest, I believe that having real products to sell is a good sign when it comes to an MLM opportunity, so I am satisfied with what I found about the catalog of Revital U. It seems that the coffee products it sells are interesting and with some good potential for making solid profits.

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How Much Do The Products Cost?

The price of the coffee is set to $49.99. In return, you will receive a 30-days supply in a tub-form. In case you prefer to get the product in single-serve packets, the price will be $54.99. When it comes to the Smart Caps their price is $49.99 for a similar 30-day supply.

Revital U – Compensation Plan?

The available compensation plan of the company focuses on both retail customers with residuals through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

This means that you will receive a commission each time you sell a product to a retail customer.

The total profit you can generate depends on the number of customers you have. The scheme is as follows:

  • 2 to 9 customers – 5% commission rate
  • 10-14 customers – 10% commission rate
  • 15-24 customers – 15% commission rate
  • 25 + customers – 25% commission rate

In addition, there is a Customer Bonus that rewards the affiliates of the firm for generating retail sales:

  • 5 retail customers – $50
  • 10 retail customers – $100
  • 15 retail customers – $200
  • 25 + retail customers – $500

In case you manage to recruit some new affiliates for the company, you will receive a residual commission, too.

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How To Become An Affiliate of Revital U?

It is easy to become a member of this MLM company, as the only thing you need is to sign up for the program. In addition, you have to know that there is a membership fee that you will need to pay. Its cost is $49.99.

So, Is Revital U A Scam Or Legit Online Business Opportunity?

My final verdict on this MLM solution is positive. I don’t think that it is a scam, so you should take a close look at it. Of course, you should know that there are many scam money-making opportunities in the online market so you should be careful when choosing your preferred company and sector.

I would also like to tell you that you will need to work hard in order to start earning satisfying profits. If you don’t, you won’t remained pleased. This is why you should seriously consider the advantages and disadvantages of the solution before signing up for it.

To conclude, I gathered some feedback from the Internet space and most of it was positive. And this proves that the company is not fake and fraudulent. It also offers some really useful and popular products that can easily be marketed. You just need to be active and devoted to this business in order to achieve a good level of success. Take your time and make your final decision.

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My Final Words About Revital U!

Although the coffee and caffeine pills may limit the demographic of potential customers, I think that this MLM opportunity deserves serious consideration. It may actually help you start increasing your income online.

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