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Daily Cash Siphon Review


Daily Cash Siphon is a brand-new service, which has been launched into the market a few weeks back to help you learn an unexplored method to generate passive income.


Daily Cash Siphon OVERVIEW

Product Name: Daily Cash Siphon
Skill Level Required: All Levels – Beginners to Advanced
Price: $37
Niche: Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
Recommend: Highly Recommended
Guarantee: Risk-free 7-day trial and 60-day money-back guarantee

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Who is Chris Parker?

Chris Parker is the marketing prodigy behind this software and is also the brain behind numerous other bestselling software solutions for marketing optimization. He’s made a name for himself, offering quality tools and services for clients all over the world.

What is Daily Cash Siphon?

Daily Cash Siphon is a service, an online system which promises to help you find high converting products for quicker and sustainable income. It is a completely legitimate system despite the controversy around the affiliate marketing field.

It teaches you to capitalize on affiliate marketing and blogging by showing how to find products that could earn you maximum profits. It also shows you where to find new products in the market, which are otherwise difficult to find, more so without experience.

How does Daily Cash Siphon work?

To start with it, you need to get accepted by the system. For this, you have to fulfill these conditions:

1. You must be committed to using such a system.
2. You must be a citizen of one of the countries where this system is available.
3. You must be 18 years of age.

To work under this system, you must have a computer or a smartphone and an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie, have no prior experience and have no technical knowledge.

The training video of Daily Cash Siphon is short, concise and clear. It shows everything in a simple and easy to understand manner. You simply must follow the instructions meticulously.


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Daily Cash Siphon’s compact tutorials provide you with training on:

  • The basics of building a WordPress website;
  • Creating and maintaining blog posts;
  • Editing a website;
  • Setting up the structure for an affiliate website.

This extensive training on creating your blog settings, adjusting your plug-ins and themes together with your email address is sufficient for a complete novice to derive sure-shot benefits.

You can also learn how to generate traffic through paid methods such as solo ads, PPC as well as free traffic methods such as SEO and content marketing.

The system will show you how to find the products with explosive product potential, that will earn you daily stable returns for the rest of your life. As it’s a member, your job will only be to find a customer and earn a commission on every successful sale.

The Daily Cash Siphon platform will handle the rest, like selling and product delivery. You are not required to deal with the customers.

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Who can take advantage of the solution?

  • It is for people who are strangers to the world of affiliate marketing and its nitty-gritty;
  • For bold people who are ready to join a profitable industry that requires efforts and commitment.


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How much does the Daily Cash Siphon tool cost?

The original price of the software has been discounted to $37. You can add additional features and capabilities if you think they will be of use to you. Or you can stick to the basic version and give it your best shot.

Are Refunds available?

Yes, it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee and offers a risk-free trial for 7 days. If you eventually decide affiliate marketing and content strategies are not your thing, simply request a refund, with no risk for your investment.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s an easy to use model
  • It could be useful if you are new to making use of online opportunities and are in need of someone to help you learn the ropes of affiliate marketing
  • It uses the Clickbank network, which is widely used in the world of affiliate marketing
  • Refund of money within 60 days of purchase


  • Daily results might be totally subjective


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Is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam?

It’s not a scam as it talks about the pitfalls of this market right from the beginning. The creators are straightforward about it not being a miracle-worker and you will have to put efforts to succeed. But it is definitely one of the useful solutions for taking your affiliate marketing career off the ground.

Daily Cash Siphon Final Verdict

Daily Cash Siphon is controversial in the sense that you won’t see any of the products targeted by this program being advertised on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay and on other major platforms like Facebook and Google.

However, I cannot take away the fact that it’s a good system for total beginners to start earning some money, though generating a perennial and sustainable income takes persistence, patience and time. As long as you’re ready to invest in that, the optimized Daily Cash Siphon will discover the top trending popular products for you.


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ProfitURL Review


Interested in ProfitURL? Is it a good opportunity or a scam?

Been contacted by a “guru” offering you this new product?

I received a couple of emails advertising ProfitURL and decided to find out if it is legit.

Below you will find my honest ProfitURL review

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Do you know that using ProfitURL on your Instagram can change your life and business?

Instagram is one of the social media platforms with millions of users and also the largest fun market place on social media?

However, with all this information, users on Instagram still find it difficult to generate the needed traffic from their bios, where the single active link you can place is located. Which can be annoying, especially if you have exceptionally good products and looking to enter the market in a big way.

Over the years people have come up with different apps for Instagram, but none has worked like ProfitURL.

What is ProfitURL?

ProfitURL is an app made for Instagram, to give marketers on Instagram a chance to propel themselves and make profitable use of their bio links.

This revolutionary innovation is a cloud-based application that will allow Instagram users to convert their bio links into income streams from a single link.

It will also allow the owners of this bio to sell their products on multiple platforms without any stress or imposition on you or any risk for your account.

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How does ProfitURL work?

With three steps you are done:

Step 1: Login to your dashboard and set up a customized personal URL;

Step 2: When the URL is set, you can add all your affiliate links, sales page links, and social media profiles that are also used as a connection to your Instagram bio link. This way you are able to develop highly mobile-optimized page within minutes;

Step 3: Add the ProfitURL to your Instagram bio link and see your sales double with more profits in your bank by creating a tree of links.


Who is ProfitURL for?

Those that sell on Instagram but don’t know how to start or improve their operations:

  • Anyone on the Internet that want to monetize their bio
  • Blogger
  • E-commerce websites
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Influencers that want to keep their status
  • Owners of websites that need leads and money.

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How much is the Profit URL

The regular price for the app is $97, but you can have it at a discount for $27. It will be nice to get this to break the limitations and marketing challenges on Instagram.

Can refunds be made?

Yes, you can get a 100% refund within the first 30 days of purchase. If you think Instagram is the marketplace for you, try out this product with confidence. Knowing that you can retrieve your investment if you’re not satisfied with the results within the first month.

Key Features

  • Allows you to adjust and modify your bio link to multiple links combined in a tree.
  • Monetize your bio link to make good revenue
  • Aside from adding multiple links, you also add clickable links, messenger, and other social media network to your Instagram bio
  • Ability to convert visiting customers to clients
  • No monthly charge
  • Ability to market more than one product or service using just one link
  • Ability to direct or redirect users to other online stores you have or websites and networks
  • Complete in-depth analysis of how your page is functioning including likes, comments, etc.
  • Generate more leads and traffic to promote your services and products with clickable links
  • Excellent customer service with instant response
  • Brand and rebrand your image with your own colors and themes
  • Can be used for multiple Instagram bios with great response from mobile users.


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Is this ProfitURL a scam?

When it comes to monetizing your social media bio every app is worth a try, especially the ProfitURL. The creators have gone all out to test the product before deciding to put it up for the public to also benefit hugely from it. So, I can confirm that ProfitURL is not a scam after the product went up.

Final verdict

I am not telling you to blindly believe the ProfitURL, but this app has been tried, tested, and certified legit by many Instagram users who have managed to feature multiple links in a single-link world, to market multiple products or services.

The price and multiple features are just as important when validating a product and ProfitURL has reliability and efficiency written all over it which is a good thing for plenty of online users.

Before You Go..

  • If you really want to earn money online
  • If you are tired of scams and want a real solution for making money online
  • And have a lifestyle you deserve

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Membership Method Review


Membership Method has satisfied the demand for thorough training on how to build Membership sites. Why do so many people like to build Membership sites? Having a secondary source of income is always handy.

There are plenty of ways such as affiliate marketing, lead generation, etc. to make passive income online. One of the few successful methods to earn money online is Membership sites and the better way to do that is by using the Membership method training.

The creator of this course offers live training sessions to educate about the method. With its recent surge in popularity would you like to know whether this method is legit? Is the training offered by Membership Method worth enrolling?


Membership Method OVERVIEW

Product Name: Membership Method
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: Full-course one-time fee of $1,497
Niche: Online Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

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Membership Method and training

Membership sites can easily be built when you have the right guidance. A well-structured membership site is a constant revenue generator. The method taught by Chris Luck is different because of the income predictability formula which he reveals in his course. This is the reason why I highly recommended this course if you are looking to start a passive income source.

This is a training program for everyone. You may or may not have technical or marketing skills but it wouldn’t stop you from learning from this course. The training modules are live sessions offered at scheduled time slots. Once you signup for a free session you would get information about the course itself and You would also get to learn a little history behind the method.

The free trial of the membership method is a great place to start with. This would help you to decide whether you should proceed with the payment. There is also 12-month money back guarantee offered.

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Who is the creator?

The globally acclaimed Membership Method is the result of decades of research by Chris Luck. A digital marketing expert, he tried and tested plenty of online income generation methods.

He then finally tapped into the potential of membership sites. From his learnings, he has curated this detailed training program. Anyone with no prior marketing experience would be able to benefit from the training.



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How does Membership Method training program work?

On the payment of the one-time fee, you would gain access to training modules. From live sessions by Chris Luck to training materials, there is a lot of information for you to get started. You would get detailed instructions that would help you build your membership sites from scratch. You would then learn how to monetize the membership site.

You also learn about the automation strategies that will help you master the passive income generation.

There are easy to use templates if you are struggling to build your membership sites. Chris Luck keeps updating the training modules often, so it includes the latest marketing trends and hacks. There are other mentors who answer questions that get posted on the forums.

Simply put, this is not just a course but a continuous learning process within a community that will help you make and sustain your online income.

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Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking for ways to earn additional income online can make use of this training. You do not have to be a tech-expert to understand the training materials provided.

How much does the Membership Method training cost?

There is a one-time fee of $1,497 to be paid for complete access to all the learning materials.

Can refunds be made?

Chris Luck offers 12-month money back guarantee if you are not finding results from the program.

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Key Features

The simplicity of the content makes the training easy to interpret and get benefits out of it. Evolving with the market changes, Chris keeps giving new insights every now and then.

The price of the module might be a turn off for a few but the fact that it can significantly improve the money generated from your membership site makes the cost worth every penny.


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Is Membership Method a scam?

No, this is a legitimate training course, extensive and comprehensive, that makes no false promises of the money you can earn actually. Chris Luck simply promises to help you learn how to effectively use membership sites, but the efforts to achieve results come on your part.

Membership Method training – the final verdict

The concept of membership sites is not new to me. But the new dimensions that Chris Luck presents makes it easy for you to monetize this method effectively. This helps you to consistently increase the subscribers’ count and therefore the revenue as well.


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