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Reaching your potential customers via a mailing list provider like Sendiio can be very useful. Making additional income consistently online is possible if you have a reliable autoresponder to serve your purpose.

Email marketing still is and will remain a viable solution to help marketers reach their target audience and keep them for much longer. Text messaging and Facebook Messenger are other entrants with strong promises.

Sendiio combines the power of these three effectively. What autoresponder offers you the best solution that won’t put a hole in your pocket? Heard of Sendiio? If not, here is a bit of information about this awesome marketing solution.


Product Name: Sendiio
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $62-$67
Niche: Email Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is SENDIIO?

Sendiio is an autoresponder. The email marketing system allows you to take advantage of the benefits of email marketing. It further leverages the power of FB Messenger and texts to give a complete solution in a central dashboard with no monthly fees attached. It puts the power of marketing on the three most viable platforms within your control.

Take a look at the dashboard of Sendiio and you’ll agree it is one simple interface to use for your marketing drive.

Among the many capabilities of in Sendiio, it allows you:

  • Generate an unlimited number of email campaigns
  • Generate unlimited SMS campaigns
  • Generate unlimited Facebook messenger campaigns
  • Swiftly import unlimited phone numbers and emails
  • Zero monthly charges

How does SENDIIO work?

Combining the strength of Facebook Messenger, Text Messaging, and Email marketing, Sendiio makes it easy to get to your target audience in three easy to follow steps.

1. Import your list & generate your campaign;
2. Schedule or send your campaign;
3. Generate returns from the three most lucrative marketing platforms.

Will you rather go for only one of the three strongest marketing forces ever? You shouldn’t, instead, harness the combined potential of the three for maximum profit.


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Who is this program for?

Sendiio is for all online marketers in any niche area. If you’re an affiliate marketer, a blogger, or business owner who has an audience to reach constantly, you’ll find this autoresponder an effective way to drive your campaigns.

Sendiio also works for e-commerce stores, affiliate marketing, digital product vendors, and local marketers.
As long as you want to carry out email marketing, Sendiio got you covered.

How much does SENDIIO cost?

Sendiio is sold in two different packages. Here is how much each cost:

  • Sendiio Personal: $62
  • Sendiio Pro: $67

The above is not the regular price but the promotional one. It might increase slightly when the promotion ends.

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Can Refunds be made?

Yes, you’ll get a refund in case you request one! The 30-Day guarantee is just awesome. The company is very confident with their product that they’ll pay back your investment if it doesn’t work. All you need do is to show you’ve implemented the system on your business but failed to get results, to get your money doubled when getting a refund.


Key Features

Sendiio comes with a lot of functional features to help marketers maximize their campaigns’ returns.

1. Ability to send unlimited email campaigns

  • Create an unlimited mailing list
  • Ability to create Optin Forms unlimitedly
  • Create unlimited-sequence follow-up campaigns
  • Create an unlimited number of one-time broadcast campaign
  • Link unlimited domain names
  • Have a fully non-rigid scheduling system for broadcasts
  • Connect to premium SMTP providers in just minutes
  • See detailed stats for all email campaigns
  • Increases your profit by resending your email campaigns based on your activities.

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2. Originate and send an unlimited number of text messages without paying a monthly fee

3. Originate and send an unlimited number of Facebook Messenger texts without paying any monthly fee

Is SENDIIO a scam?

No, there is no form of scam in this autoresponder software. With a convincing money back guarantee in place, the creators are difficult to doubt for any reason. People who used the solution are happy they found it.

SENDIIO final verdict & conclusion

Sendiio is indeed an effective autoresponder that has given many marketers the solution they need to reach their audience. It is backed by a strong technology that the marketing world will find a lot to benefit from. Going for this product for your business should be a positive experience for you, to make more sales and profits.


Xmails Review

xmails review

XMails is a tool right for those who wonder if their email marketing strategy is a success?

Are you already tired of spending so much money on a mailing system that has not yielded any significant result? Imagine taking advantage of a mailing system that offers you great potential to convert visitors!

How about sending an unlimited number of emails to your subscribers at an affordable and reasonable price? All these are loaded in XMails.




Product Name: XMails
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Price: $47 – $97 depending on the plan
Niche: Email Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

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(No Hidden Fees or Taxes)

What is XMails?

XMails is an innovative cloud-based easy to use email marketing suite. With a built-in SMTP, it offers customers the privilege to send unlimited emails to equally unlimited subscribers. It is a fully secure email system for effective email campaigns.

The reliable email auto-responder allows you to send personalized emails to your numerous subscribers in a matter of minutes. It gives you full control, allowing you to send as many emails as you want to all your subscribers.

With over 100 high converting and quality email templates, a choice in one is sure to help your email marketing drive to the next level.

How does XMails work?

Using XMails is as simple as ABC. It’s thrilling to have a system that allows you to send emails with only 3 steps that anyone can implement. You don’t need to be a techie before you can use XMails effectively.

xmail how it works

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Make your pick by clicking any of the over 100 high converting email templates. Select from your niche area.

Step 2

Modify and edit the content to suit your email requirements. It takes you only a few minutes to do this.

Step 3

Send the emails to your unlimited subscribers. You can take the option of scheduling the emails to the time you want it sent if not immediately.

Who is XMails Suitable for?

XMails is designed for online marketers. If you’re an affiliate marketer, a blogger or involved in the sales department of a company, XMails is not a solution to ignore. Perhaps, you’re an entrepreneur and want a boost in your marketing drive, get a taste of the possibilities in XMails to get the desired results.

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How much does XMails cost?

Many users of XMails services are amazed at the affordable cost of this service. XMails offer low price for high-quality service.
Two plans are available to choose from:

  • XMails starter plan offering 5000 subscribers: $47
  • XMails Pro Plan offering unlimited subscribers: $97

It is a great deal compared to other email service providers and even their basic plans. To get more value for your money, XMails offers a 20% discount to further cut down the price.

Can Refunds be Made?

Yes, a refund is available. Because the company is confident about the quality of their product, they are offering a special refund package called the 180 Days Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee. If you’re absolutely not satisfied with what you’re getting from this service, you can request for a refund and you’ll have 100% of your money returned to you.

xmails 180 days money back guarantee

Key Features

  • XMails is packed with one of the best features the industry can boast of. Some are:
  • Fully automated and newbie friendly
  • Offers automatic pixel placement
  • Allows you to send unlimited emails immediately or schedule a later delivery with the system
  • Provides enhanced email delivery with high open rates
  • Offers unlimited services including unlimited campaigns, infinite subscribers, unlimited broadcasts, unlimited leads, and captures unlimited contacts.
  • Provides over 100 email templates that are high converting.
  • SMT, Hosting or Domain is not required.

xmails advantages

The system allows the use of smart tags to subdivide subscribers and send emails to an exclusive list, which has a lot of implications.

  • Lower bounce rates are assured
  • Enables personalization to enhance opening rates
  • Provides inbuilt editor and text to help you create high converting emails
  • It is GDPR CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Provides detailed analytics and reports to let you know who opens, clicks and impressions that are made.

Is XMails a scam?

The word scam has no connection with XMails services and the creator of the software. From experience, the software does exactly as it is claimed by the creator. A lot of success has been observed. Other marketers attest to the quality of the product and how satisfied they are.

XMails Final Verdict & Conclusion

XMails has proven to be a good email marketing tool. If you’re just getting started with building your email list, this email suite will start you off on budget. The strong and highly innovative features stand this platform out among others of its kind.

Those who used it recently won’t find it hard recommending it to their friends and other Internet marketers. It is indeed a game changer in the email marketing industry ensuring high converting rate. Money spent on a plan is money well spent!



FreshMails Review

freshmails review


FreshMails is a digital solution for optimizing your online marketing campaigns. Despite all techniques developed from marketers, emails are still the biggest source of conversions to this day. Until things change, this is something you need to incorporate int your marketing strategy if you want to achieve conversions.

But the problem with email marketing is that email providers have started to filter out a huge percent of sent emails due to potential spam triggers. It has become extremely hard to land in your subscribers’ inboxes, even as a promotion.

That’s why solutions and tools like FreshMails have been created. To optimize your emails and increase deliverability, along with open rates. And from there – conversion.

Freshmails Overview

Product Name: FreshMails
Skill Level Required: All Levels
Discounted Price: $27
Niche: Email Marketing
Recommend: Highly recommended
Guarantee: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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(No Hidden Fees or Taxes)

What is FreshMails?

This is a tool that has been made to help you reach the majority of your subscribers. Its main goals to achieve are:

• land outside the spam box;
• appear at the top of promotional emails;
• increase open and click-through rates.

The priority position in your subscribers’ inboxes combines with visible CTAs and scarcity alerts, embedded in the preview. All in order to increase click-through rates.

How does the FreshMails Tool work?

This solution aims to provide you with the power to showcase your brand and products via your email marketing strategy. You will have at your disposal:

• a real-time editor;
• more than 50 templates to use;
• user-friendly and completely customizable solution.

When you’re done customizing how your email preview will look like, you can use the generated code and add it to the autoresponder of your preference. FreshMails can be applied to emails coming from the most major email platforms out there.

Using the tool requires of you to enter a subject, CTA or incentive to open your email like a discount code for example. Also, feature your company or brand logo. And that’s it. The solution works in these two steps – fill in the template and add the generated code to your emails when setting them up in your autoresponder.

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Who would Benefit from FreshMails?

The solution has been specifically developed for people who give a lot of attention to their email marketing strategy. It is easy to use and apply, so you don’t really need any level of expertise.

But if you are a marketer who wants to drive conversions from his email marketing strategies, this is a tool that can definitely optimize your efforts.

By providing more details and context to your emails, they will be more engaging for your subscribers and potential customers. That would increase click-through rates and further down the line – returns on your investments.

So, if you’re a beginner in the world of online marketing, or a pro looking to improve your content, this tool will serve you well.

Price & Money-Back Guarantee

At the moment, the email marketing solution is offered at a significant discount, for just $27 for all of its capabilities. In the off chance that you’re not satisfied with the results generated by optimizing your emails with FreshMails, you can rely on a Money-Back Guarantee. You have 30 days to request your money back and continue with your email marketing strategy without this handy solution.

Freshmails features:
– easy to use features;
– user-friendly interface;
– compatible with major email marketing platforms;
– numerous resources for email optimization;
– complete customization toolkit;
– increased deliverability & open rates;
– higher conversions;
– money-back guarantee.

Is FreshMails a Scam?

I have been quite thorough in my research and to my satisfaction – didn’t find complaints or scam accusations. This is a nifty little tool that might be simple but it is also efficient. Thanks to the money-back guarantee that has been set in place, you can use it with confidence and get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Final Verdict & Overview

FreshMails is not a scam solution. It is a tool for email optimization, better presentation of content and product and promotions showcasing. The solution gives you the means necessary to make your email marketing strategy more engaging, leading to better conversion. Stand out and present your brand in the best way possible.

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