Amazing Selling Machine 9 Review [Amazon Course]

Online money making has been the dream of millions of people. If you are reading this Amazing Selling Machine review it is probably your dream, too.

According to the available information and my own expertize, AMS 9 is one of the best opportunities to launch your own business online. More details you can learn below.

But before we start…

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The Amazing Selling Machine Course Explained

As you have probably heard already because this is one of the most popular online money making solutions, the AS Machine 9 was released recently. It is an updated version of the previous intensive courses. In its essence, this is a step-by-step program that can help you set up your own online business and become a seller on Amazon.

The Heaven of E-Commerce

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce digital markets where you can buy and sell virtually anything. Ever since it was created it has provided the users with the some of the best opportunities to develop their own businesses either as sellers or as affiliates.

It is no surprise that the ASM is focused on helping you establish your business on Amazon. If you purchase the course, you will be guided through every step of the way to becoming an online entrepreneur.

What Does the Guide Contain?

This is an 8-module program with various resources and guidance, both personal and community. Here are the 4 components that helped the Amazing Selling Machine became such a hit in the field of online business opportunities:

  • Online Web Class – it contains 8 modules that will guide you carefully and in-depth through the online business world. The modules will help you launch and scale a business of your preference, leveraging all the opportunities that the billion dollar market of Amazon has to offer.
  • ASM Mentor Program – as a client of the program, you will have direct access to the people that have established it, being enabled to gain from their own personal experience and learn with their coaching.
  • Lifetime Access to the Private ASM Community – there you can meet people who have decided to establish their own Amazon business, just like you – either from ground zero or applying already available knowledge. You can network and expand your horizons with them.
  • Private Resource Vault – the full database of resources with an estimated value of $10k alone. It has been used by the creators and all the members of ASM to achieve success and the quality of the resources is recognized by the global community.

These four components of the program have made it one of the most advantageous ways of growing and scaling your Amazon business.

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What Does the Web Class Contain?

Like I mentioned already, this is a course containing 8 modules. But don’t think of them as something simple you can read through in a few hours. They are thorough, it’s like getting a whole university degree, learning to apply knowledge to practice. Here’s what you get when you buy the Amazing Selling Machine 9:

  1. Module 1 – the introductory module will help you get acquainted with the best and worst Amazon niches. Learn the criteria to select the best products to establish your business around.
  2. Module 2 – this module will introduce you to the business basics, including how to make easier sales, how to contact and communicate with suppliers like a pro, and how to acquire samples.
  3. Module 3 – these are the first steps you are going to make towards generating profit margins, list building, how to ship by sea and air, and so on.
  4. Module 4 – you will discover the basic, ins and outs of brand building, getting access to a 5-Part Brand Building blueprint that will prepare you for a massive launch.
  5. Module 5 – you will learn about product placement, product page creation, and most importantly, product Pricing, in order to maximize your sales and profits.
  6. Module 6 – this module will introduce you to the ways in which to advertise on Amazon, how to generate convertible traffic to your products, and how to climb the Amazon rankings.
  7. Module 7 – the advanced 7th module will help you build a marketing strategy and learn how to operate with powerful traffic tools. At this point, you will know to measure and scale your business.
  8. Module 8 – the sort of graduation module will teach you how to scale and how to leverage your brand to the best advantage.

All of these modules combined provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to start your own Amazon business. This way, you become a part of a billion-dollar industry and make it work for you.

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The Amazing Selling Machine – Free or Expensive?

The total value of the whole course and all of its 4 main components has been estimated to the staggering $28,585. But this is not the price you are going to pay to own the program.

The AMS 9 is offered for $3,997 and it can be paid in several installments of $997 each. This is one of the most expensive online business opportunities and people expect to receive great value in return.

Is that All?

The payment for the program itself is not the only expense you will have. Setting aside fixed costs necessary to maintain your business, like paying utility bills and Internet fees, you also need a starting capital investment for inventory. The suggested amount is $500.

In other words, the Amazing Selling Machine course and business establishment might turn out to be quite expensive. That is why you need to invest a lot of efforts to make it work and generate returns. The good news is that there is a refund policy in place. If you decide that establishing an Amazon business is not right for you, you can receive a 100% return during the 30-day refund period.

Are You Convinced AMS is not a Scam?

My experience with the online business opportunity and the feedback from users along with the other Amazing Selling Machine reviews, have shown me that it is a legit offer.

Its only disadvantage is probably the high price you will have to pay in order to acquire the product. Otherwise, in terms of legality and authenticity, it has no problems.

Before we part…

If you’ve watched Amazing Selling Machine videos, you know what you are in for if you choose it as your way of making money online. I still think there are better, cheaper alternatives like my no.1 Recommendation you can consider. It made me over $100K in under 6 months without efforts, without big capital investments, and with no hassle.

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