Aegea Review – Does It Make Money Or Not? [The Truth!]

Aegea Quantum Body Energy is a multi-level network marketing opportunity.

It has been gaining more and more popularity in the last couple of months and lots of people have been writing to me, wondering if this is a legit business opportunity.

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Aegea MLM Company – What Exactly Is Quantum Energy For The Body?

This digital money-making opportunity operates in the beauty and wellness sector and states that it wishes to ‘elevate the human spirit’ by providing the body with increased energy. Some people might ask themselves, how exactly do they manage to do this? Well, they sell wearable quantum body chips. They are committed to improving lives.

Its structure is described as an entire ecosystem of business opportunities to acquire a stable income from the private comfort of one’s home. People who decide to opt for their network marketing solution will be independent sales representatives and entrepreneurs that would have to travel around the world very frequently.

This MLM solution offers a holistic approach to achieving a better lifestyle and enjoying the meaningful moments to the fullest. The products can be described as being a blend of excellence and innovation. The wellness and energy company has developed the patented Quantum Resonance Technology.

It can be applied to both the human body and any other organic product that exists on the planet. Some even put it on fruit and vegetables to keep them fresh. Some dispute the legitimacy of the technology and its genuine ability to boost average health and beauty. The main founder and creators are listed as John Prosser (Chairman Of The Board) and Jeff Cohen (Executive).

Prosser is said to have more than 30 years of investment and entrepreneurial experience, while Cohen’s professional biography includes CBS, NBC, Turner Broadcasting, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg’s. He was also the Chief Marketing Officer at MonaVie which ran into financial difficulties in 2014 and became part of Jeunesses (if you want to find more about them – read my Exclusive Jeunesses Review) in 2015. This MLM opportunity operates in a similar fashion to doTERRA and Vida Divina.

What Is Aegea International Destination?

Prosser and Cohen are also currently developing the Aegea Destination – a future city of the arts in the heart of South Central Florida. The project is dubbed ‘Entertainment Living™’ and is supposed to be a lifestyle getaway spot that offers romantic architecture and waterfront surroundings. It will include a theme park – ‘Entertainment Villages’ and a European guest estate – ‘Cultural Villages’. One of the main purposes for the building of this holiday hot spot is because the creators wish to show visitors the ancient crossroads of arts, beauty, and entertainment, on the basis of which the best blend of innovation and technology development.

What Are The Main Aegea Quantum Resonance Technology Products?

Knowing that the human body requires sufficient amounts of energy in order to sustain the natural flow of all of its processes. This source of power keeps the balance of all the vital substances in our body well-balanced and makes us feel in tune with the surrounding environment.

When this balance is disrupted, we become ill and depressed. This is because our so-called Meridian System’s electromagnetic fields have been upset by trauma, stress or bad lifestyle choices or habits. Aegea has developed the patented Quantum Resonance Technology and the Quantum Card – natural bio-fields that radiate positive vibrational frequencies from which every organic form of life can benefit.

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These chips are worn directly on the body or can be put on any water-based product, such as plants, fruits, and vegetables. They are said to be imported straight from the Earth. Their price is quite hefty – $399. It would be quite difficult to actually sell them.

The full list of natural energy-cleansing products includes:

  • Infinite Energy Quantum Card: Clear the electromagnetic fields of water, food, beverages, and consumable liquids like gasoline and cosmetics.
  • Nitro QuBIT Card: Influences and enhances the energetic frequencies of the human body. It is basically a bio-energy hologram for the boosting of Nitric Oxide*.
  • Energetics Relief QuBIT Card: Designed to promote healthy blood circulation and elevate the mood of the individual.
  • EMF Shield Card: Minimizes the negative effect that EMFs have on the human organism.
  • Freshness Card: Keeps every organic product (from food to flowers) fresh.

Are The Aegea Compensation Plans Worth It?

This network marketing company has a product portfolio that people who deal with MLM opportunities might have a hard time reselling to third parties. Nevertheless, they do provide access to stable bonuses. Potential sales representatives have to be prepared to invest a great deal in traveling and for starter packs.

They must also aim at attracting the attention of more wealthy customers that could afford to buy these bio-field enhancing devices. If one wishes to make money by joining the business opportunity, then one can do so by making new recruits join the MLM solution.

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The price of the Aegea starter packs is the following:

  • Basic Starter Pack – $99;
  • Freshness Pack – $199;
  • Executive Pack – $399;
  • Quantum Builder Pack – $999;

Depending on one’s monthly performance, sales representatives can achieve one of the following ranks:

  • Affiliate: Most basic level for newcomers.
  • Bronze: Users must maintain a monthly BV of 40 and sponsor two affiliates.
  • Bronze Elite: The same as above but one has to sponsor four affiliates.
  • Silver: A monthly BV of 40 auto-ship and sponsor six affiliates.
  • Silver Elite: A 40 BV per month auto-ship and the recruitment of eight new affiliates.
  • Gold: A 40 BV a month autoship and the sponsoring of ten fresh affiliates.
  • Gold Elite: An, at least, 40 BV a month auto-ship and recruitment of twelve new affiliates.
  • Platinum: A 40 BV every month in auto-ship and sponsoring of sixteen new affiliates.
  • Platinum Elite: Maintain 40 BV a month auto-ship and sponsorship twenty fresh affiliates.

Is This A Legit MLM Opportunity Or Not?

There is much heat surrounding the matter of this network marketing solution’s legitimacy status. Most Aegea reviews state that the products do tend to improve one’s general well-being but mainly as a placebo effect. But they are intended for people who acquire good returns on an annual basis. They cannot be purchased by Average Janes and Joes.

The starter packs are also not the most pocket-friendly ones available in the market. Reselling them would require additional investments on part of the sales representative. The travel bills will also be big. So the MLM company is legit but not for everyone. Especially, not for people who prefer to work from the comfort of their home.

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Aegea Network Marketing Solution Conclusion

The MLM opportunity might be good for people who come from a financially stable background and wish to have some sort of activity that fills up their free time.

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